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ACKNOWLEDGMENT The successful completion of this project is not just owed to one but it bears an imprint of the efforts of many people, actively involved with the project.

This project was prepared for Hindustan Unilever (HUL). My sincere thanks to Mr. Tanay Mishra, ASM, for giving me this opportunity to work with HUL. I would also like to thank Mr.Amit Thapa,AE, under whose guidance I completed my training. I also extend my gratitude to Mr. Atul Santosh Pandey,TSI, for his cooperation and guidance. I would also like to express my gratitude towards people from the industry who equally contributed in the accomplishment of my project.

My overriding debt continues to my family and friends who continuously provided me time, support, inspiration and friendly environment needed to prepare this report.

Vijay kumar


OBJECTIVES To understand the skin category of Hindustan Unilever Limited. To study various brands of HUL in skin category. To study the competitive brands in the market of skin category. To find the market share of the HUL brands and its competitive brands. To determine the key areas of strength and weakness for HUL brands. To develop a promotion plan for brand communication of the HUL skin category products.



Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's largest fast moving consumer goods company, with leadership in Home & Personal Care Products and Foods & Beverages. HUL's brands, spread across 20 distinct consumer categories, touch the lives of two out of three Indians. They endow the company with a scale of combined volumes of about 4 million tonnes and sales of nearly Rs.13,718 crores. The mission that inspires HUL's over 15,000 employees is to "add vitality to life". With 35 Power Brands, HUL meets everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene, and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. It is a mission HUL shares with its parent company, Unilever, which holds 51.55% of the equity. The rest of the shareholding is distributed among 360,675 individual shareholders and financial institutions. A Fortune 500 transnational, Unilever sells Foods and Home and Personal Care brands in about 100 countries worldwide.

HUL is also one of the country's largest exporters; it has been recognised as a Golden Super Star Trading House by the Government of India.

Over time HUL has developed into a viable & competitive sourcing base for Unilever world wide in Home and Personal Care & Foods & Beverages category of products. HUL is also a global marketing arm for select licensed Unilever brands and also works on building categories with core country advantage such as branded basmati rice.

HUL's brands - like Lifebuoy, Lux, Surf Excel, Rin, Wheel, Fair & Lovely, Pond's, Sunsilk, Clinic, Pepsodent, Close-up, Lakme, Brooke Bond, Kissan, Knorr-Annapurna, Kwality Wall's are household names across the country and span many categories soaps, detergents, personal products, tea, coffee, branded staples, ice cream and culinary products. They are manufactured over 40 factories across India. The operations involve over 2,000 suppliers and associates. HUL's distribution network, comprising about 4,000 redistribution stockists, covering 6.3 million retail outlets reaching the entire urban population, and about 250 million rural consumers.

HUL believes that an organisation's worth is also in the service it renders to the community. HUL is focusing on health & hygiene education, women empowerment, and water management. It is also involved in education and rehabilitation of special or underprivileged children, care for the destitute and HIV-positive, and rural development. HUL has also responded in case of national calamities / adversities and contributes through various welfare measures, most recent being the village built by HUL in earthquake affected Gujarat, and relief & rehabilitation after the Tsunami caused devastation in South India.

In 2001, the company embarked on an ambitious programme, Shakti. Through Shakti, HUL is creating micro-enterprise opportunities for rural women, thereby improving their livelihood and the standard of living in rural communities. Shakti also includes health and hygiene education through the Shakti Vani Programme, and creating access to relevant information through the iShakti community portal. The program now covers 15 states in

India and has over 45,000 women entrepreneurs in its fold, reaching out to 100,000 plus villages and directly reaching to 150 million rural consumers. By the end of 2010, Shakti aims to have 100,000 Shakti entrepreneurs covering 500,000 villages, touching the lives of over 600 million people.

HUL is also running a rural health programme Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetana. The programme endeavours to induce adoption of hygienic practices among rural Indians and aims to bring down the incidence of diarrhoea. It has already touched 84.6 million people in approximately 43890 villages of 8 states. The vision is to make a billion Indians feel safe and secure.

If Hindustan Unilever straddles the Indian corporate world, it is because of being singleminded in identifying itself with Indian aspirations and needs in every walk of life.




1888 1895 1902 1903 1905 1913 1914 1918 1922 1924 1925 1926 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1937 1939 1941 1942 1943 1944 1947

Sunlight soap introduced in India. Lifebuoy soap launched; Lever Brothers appoints agents in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Karachi. Pears soap introduced in India. Brooke Bond Red Label tea launched. Lux flakes introduced. Vim scouring powder introduced. Vinolia soap launched in India. Vanaspati introduced by Dutch margarine manufacturers like Van den Berghs, Jurgens, Verschure Creameries, and Hartogs. Rinso soap powder introduced. Gibbs dental preparations launched. Lever Brothers gets full control of North West Soap Company. Hartogs registers Dalda Trademark. Unilever is formed on January 1 through merger of Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie. Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company registered on November 27; Sewri factory site bought. Vanaspati manufacture starts at Sewri. Application made for setting up soap factory next to the Vanaspati factory at Sewri; Lever Brothers India Limited incorporated on October 17. Soap manufacture begins at Sewri factory in October; North West Soap Company's Garden Reach Factory, Kolkata rented and expanded to produce Lever brands. United Traders incorporated on May 11 to market Personal Products. Mr. Prakash Tandon, one of the first Indian covenanted managers, joins HVM. Garden Reach Factory purchased outright; concentration on building up Dalda Vanaspati as a brand. Agencies in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Karachi taken over; company acquires own sales force. Unilever takes firm decision to "train Indians to take over junior and senior management positions instead of Europeans". Personal Products manufacture begins in India at Garden Reach Factory. Reorganisation of the three companies with common management but separate marketing operations. Pond's Cold Cream launched.

1951 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1971 1973 1974

Mr. Prakash Tandon becomes first Indian Director. Shamnagar, Tiruchy, and Ghaziabad Vanaspati factories bought. 65% of managers are Indians. Three companies merge to form Hindustan Unilever Limited, with 10% Indian equity participation. Unilever Special Committee approves research activity by Hindustan Unilever. Research Unit starts functioning at Mumbai Factory. Surf launched. Mr. Prakash Tandon takes over as the first Indian Chairman; 191 of the 205 managers are Indians. Formal Exports Department starts. Head Office building at Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai, opened. Etah dairy set up, Anik ghee launched; Animal feeds plant at Ghaziabad; Sunsilk shampoo launched. Signal toothpaste launched; Indian shareholding increases to 14%. Lever's baby food, more new foods introduced; Nickel catalyst production begins; Indian shareholding increases to 15%. Statutory price control on Vanaspati; Taj Mahal tea launched. Hindustan Unilever Research Centre, opens in Mumbai. Mr. V. G. Rajadhyaksha takes over as Chairman from Mr. Prakash Tandon; Fine Chemicals Unit commissioned at Andheri; informal price control on soap begins. Rin bar launched; Fine Chemicals Unit starts production; Bru coffee launched Mr. V. G. Rajadhyaksha presents plan for diversification into chemicals to Unilever Special Committee - plan approved; Clinic shampoo launched. Mr. T. Thomas takes over as Chairman from Mr. V. G. Rajadhyaksha. Pilot plant for industrial chemicals at Taloja; informal price control on soaps withdrawn; Liril marketed. Ten-year modernisation plan for soaps and detergent plants; Jammu project work begins; statutory price control on Vanaspati and baby foods withdrawn; Close-up toothpaste launched. Construction work of Haldia chemicals complex begins; Taloja chemicals unit begins functioning. Jammu synthetic Detergents plant inaugurated; Indian shareholding increases to 18.57%. Indian shareholding increases to 34%; Fair & Lovely skin cream launched. Sodium Tripolyphospate plant at Haldia commissioned.


1976 1977 1978 1979

1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1991 1992

Dr. A. S. Ganguly takes over as Chairman from Mr. T. Thomas; Unilever shareholding in the company comes down to 51%. Government allows 51% Unilever shareholding. Foods, Animal Feeds businesses transferred to Lipton. Agri-products unit at Hyderabad starts functioning - first range of hybrid seeds comes out; Khamgaon Soaps unit and Yavatmal Personal Products unit start production. Launch of Lipton Taaza tea. Mr. S. M. Datta takes over as Chairman from Dr. A. S. Ganguly. Surf Ultra detergent launched. HUL recognised by Government of India as Star Trading House in Exports. HUL's largest competitor, Tata Oil Mills Company (TOMCO), merges with the company with effect from April 1, 1993, the biggest such in Indian industry till that time. Merger ultimately accomplished in December 1994; Launch of Vim bar; Kissan acquired from the UB Group. HUL forms Unilever Nepal Limited, HUL and US-based Kimberley-Clark Corporation form 50:50 joint venture - Kimberley-Clark Lever Ltd. - to market Huggies diapers and Kotex feminine care products. Factory set up at Pune in 1995; HUL acquires Kwality and Milkfood 100% brandnames and distribution assets. HUL introduces Wall's. HUL and Indian cosmetics major, Lakme Ltd., form 50:50 joint venture Lakme Lever Ltd.; HUL enters branded staples business with salt; HUL recognised as Super Star Trading House. Mr. K. B. Dadiseth takes over as Chairman from Mr. S. M. Datta; Merger of Group company, Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited, with HUL, with effect from January 1; HUL introduces branded atta; Surf Excel launched. Unilever sets up International Research Laboratory in Bangalore; new Regional Innovation Centres also come up. Group company, Pond's India Ltd., merges with HUL with effect from January 1, 1998. HUL acquires Lakme brand, factories and Lakme Ltd.'s 50% equity in Lakme Lever Ltd. Mr. M. S. Banga takes over as Chairman from Mr. K. B. Dadiseth, who joins the Unilever Board; HUL acquires 74% stake in Modern Food Industries Ltd., the first public sector company to be disinvested by the Government of India. HUL enters Ayurvedic health & beauty centre category with the Ayush range and Ayush Therapy Centres.Launch of Hindustan Lever Network; acquisition of the Amalgam Group





1997 1998


2002 2003 2005

Launch of "Pureit" water purifiers


Hindustan Unilever's distribution network is recognised as one of its key strengths. Its focus is not only to enable easy access to their brands, but also to touch consumers with a three-way convergence of product availability, brand communication, and higher levels of brand experience.

HUL's products, manufactured across the country, are distributed through a network of about 7,000 redistribution stockists covering about one million retail outlets. The distribution network directly covers the entire urban population.

The general trade comprises grocery stores, chemists, wholesale, kiosks and general stores. Hindustan Unilever services each with a tailor-made mix of services. The emphasis is equally on using stores for direct contact with consumers, as much as is possible through in-store facilitators.

The distribution network in general trade is as follows:-






The products that are manufactured are first brought to the JIT (Just In Time) Depot from the factory. Then these products are delivered to the Redistribution Stockiest according to the order placed by them, this is done through Permanent Despatch Plan.Then this stock is send to either retailers or wholesalers, according to the channel followed by them. From there it reaches to the consumers.

At the supermarkets

Self-service stores and supermarkets are fast emerging in metros and large towns. To service modern retailing outlets in the metros, HUL has set up a full-scale sales organisation, exclusively for this channel. The business system delivers excellent customer service, while driving growth for the company and the store. At the same time, innovative marketing initiatives are taken to provide consumers with experience of our brands at the store itself, through product tests and in-store sampling. This is termed as Modern Trade. It has got different distribution network and work differently. It is fast gaining pace as more and more people are turning to malls for shopping. Today shoppers dont just want to buy their daily groceries but they also want a shopping experience. They want to spend time in air conditioned store, no more they are ready to sweat for spending money. These big box retailers provide them a platform where they can roam around, pick, compare and choose their products. These stores provide them a whole new experience of shopping without shedding any drop of sweat.








Hindustan Unilever is biggest company in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector. Its products are divided into various categories. These are given as follows: Home and Personal Care: under this it is further divided into two parts: 1. Dets: all the detergents and dishwashers are covered in this. For example, Vim, Rin, Surf Exel. 2. Personal Products: this comprises of all the products related to personal care. these are as follows: Oral: toothpaste and toothbrush ( Pepsodent, Close Up) Skin: soaps, talcum powder, fairness cream, body lotion, winter cream ( Pears, Vaseline, Fair & Lovely, Ponds) Hair: Shampoos ( Sunsilk, Clinic All Clear)


PEARS Introduced in India in 1902, Pears soap has no equal. It is gentle enough, even for baby's skin. Pears is manufactured like any other soap, but unlike in conventional soaps, the glycerine is retained within the soap. That is the cause if its unique transparency. After manufacturing, the soap is mellowed under controlled conditions over weeks. At the end of this maturing process, it is individually polished and packed in cartons. Today Pears is available in three variants - the traditional amber variant, a green variant for oil control and a blue variant for germ protection.


125 GM 75 GM 45 GM 75 GM 75 GM


A woman's passion for beauty is universal and catering to this strong need is Fair & Lovely. Based on a revolutionary breakthrough in skin lightening technology, Fair & Lovely was launched in 1978. The Hindustan Lever Research Centre (it is among the largest research establishments in India's private sector, including pharmaceutical companies, with facilities in Mumbai and Bangalore) deployed technology, based on pioneering research in the science of skin lightening to develop Fair & Lovely. The formulation is patented. Its formulation acts safely and gently with the natural renewal process of the skin, making complexion fairer over a period of six weeks. Fair & Lovely is formulated with optimum levels of UV sunscreens and Niacinamide that is known to control dispersion of melanin in the skin. It is a patented and proprietary formulation, which has been in the market for 25 years. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a water-soluble vitamin and is widely distributed in cereals, fruits and vegetables - and its use in cosmetic formulations has been known for various end benefits. The UV components of the formulation are scientifically chosen and used at optimum levels to provide wide spectrum protection against UV rays of the sun. Specifically, this patented formulation offers a high UVA protection, which is more relevant to Asian skin than plain SPF protection creams sold in the West. All the active ingredients in the Fair & Lovely formulation function synergistically to lighten skin colour through a process that is natural, reversible and totally safe.


& & & & & & & & & & & & & &



80 GM 50 GM 25GM 9 GM 50 GM 25 GM 9 GM 50 GM 25 GM 50 GM 25 GM 50 GM 25 GM 9 GM


Pond's has been synonymous with skin care in India since 1947.

The impressive track record of Pond's began when Theron T Pond, a pharmacist from Utica New York, introduced 'Pond's Golden Treasure' in 1846, a witch-hazel based wonder product. In 1914, Pond's Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream marked the brand's evolution to a beauty icon. In 1955 Pond's Extract Company merged with Chesebrough Manufacturing and in 1987 Unilever purchased Chesebrough-Pond's. By this time the Pond's brand had built up a powerful international presence. From one man in a tiny home-made laboratory, to today's state of the art R&D facilities led from Bangkok, Mumbai, New York and Tokyo, the Pond's promise has remained the same across 58 countries - to deliver products that make a real difference to women's skin and the way they live their lives.


400 GM 200 GM 100 GM 50 GM 20 GM 400 GM 100 GM 50 GM 20 GM 300 GM 100 GM 50 GM 20 GM 400 GM 100 GM


Vaseline is a trusted brand worldwide associated with daily skin care and healthy skin for the entire family. Vaseline has been keeping skin healthy since 1870. The Vaseline Philosophy:

The need for Vaseline is based on real skin facts. We believe our skin is amazing. It protects us, heals itself, connects us to the world, transmits emotions. And this amazing skin needs to be looked after. Nobody knows skin, and how to keep it at its healthy best. This why HUL make products that maintain our skin condition at its best and enhances its natural health.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly I.P.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a mixture of Mineral oils, Paraffin and microcrystalline waxes, is that when blended together, create something remarkable- it literally melts into your body, protecting the skin from within.

Vaseline petroleum Jelly serves two functions. First it helps keep the outside world out it protects skin from effects of weather and exposure. Second it acts like a sealant to keep the inside world in, thereby acting as a barrier to the natural water loss from our skin. So Skin that is dry and chapped is protected from drying elements, enabling skin softening moisture to build up naturally from inside the skin itself.

Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion:

Beneath the surface, your skin is 90% water, enabling it to act as a moisture and nutrient reserve. So keeping your skin well hydrated is critical to your well-being.

Unfortunately however, our body tends to lose moisture throughout the day. Bathing, casual contact, washing, sitting in the AC for too long, seasonal changes, all robs the body of its moisture. Vaseline Total Moisture is a fast-absorbing lotion enriched with Soya and Oat protein that are known to nourish the skin from deep inside while Vitamin E feeds your skin with the nutrient that is essential to keep it glowing. Together they result in healthy looking skin.

Vaseline Aloe Cool and Fresh Body Lotion:

With the goodness of Cucumber and Aloe Vera, this light moisturising body lotion is especially made to meet your skin needs in summer. Cucumber is a surprising beauty secret for the skin with its hydrating, cooling and soothing properties. Aloe Vera on the other hand, is an unparalleled moisturiser and cell rejuvenator which is excellent for dry skin. Together, these two ingredients can keep your skin looking and feeling its healthiest best.


300 ML 100 ML 25 ML 300 ML 100 ML 100 GM 50 GM 25 GM 8 GM 10 GM 100 GM 55 GM 30 GM 8 GM 300 ML 100 ML

LAKME Half a century ago, as India took her steps into freedom, Lakme, India's first beauty brand was born. At a time when the beauty industry in India was at a nascent stage, Lakme tapped into what would grow to be amongst the leading, high consumer interest segments in the Indian Industry - that of skincare and cosmetic products. Armed with a potent combination of foresight, research and constant innovation, Lakme has grown to be the market leader in the cosmetics industry.

Lakme today has grown to have a wide variety of products and services that cover all facets of beauty care, and arm the consumer with products to pamper herself from head to toe. These include products for the lips, nails, eyes, face and skin, and services like the Lakme Beauty Salons. LAKME SUMMER COLLECTION

Lakme Sun Expert Ultra matte - SPF 20* Lakme presents a revolutionary light sunscreen, with insta

Lakme Sun Expert Ultra mattesuper light sunscreen insta oil absorb complex

oil absorb complex. This broad spectrum fluid instantly absorbs excess oil from the surface of the skin, leaving your face matte and shine-free. Finally sunscreen comfortable enough to become a daily habit. Enabling you to do what is right for your skin- no matter what the weather.Its UVA and UVB absorbers give you perfect protection for medium levels of sun exposure, defending your skin from harmful sun damage. How to Use: Apply on face, neck and other exposed areas atleast

SPF 20*(Medium Protection) & SPF 30*(High Protection)

20minutes before stepping out in the skin. Wait for a minute before applying makeup re-apply every 3 to 4 hours. Click Here for More Details

Lakme Sun Expertsun protection creme moisture intense sunscreen

Lakme Sun Expert Moisture Intense Sunscreen SPF 30* with UVA and UVB Protection controls sun related damage like skin darkening, sun spots, premature ageing With extracts of Aloe Vera and Sweet Orange, this intense creme has a deep moisturising action. Best suited for Dry and Dehydrated skin. This formulation is water and sweat resistant. To Use: Apply daily to face and other exposed areas. Re-apply

every 3 to 4 hours. Results: Moisturised skin that is protected from the harmful effects of the Sun. Key Ingredients: Aqua, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Cyclomethicone, Benzophenone-3, Titanium Dioxide, Perfume. SPF 30*(High Protection)

Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen Lotion

Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen Lotion SPF-15 For All Skin types A 100% oil-free formulation that protects normal skin from 70% of skin damage. Specially formulated for Indian skin that tans easily, new Lakme Sun Expert has SPF 15 to prevent tanning and block out harmful rays. How it Works Moisturises, nourishes and prevents tanning, wrinkling, spots and keeps skin soft. How to Use Massage gently onto face, neck, hands and other exposed parts of the body. Use daily, all year round, whether you are indoors or outdoors. .

SPF - 15 For All Skin types

Lakme Sun Expert SunBlock

Lakme Sun Expert Sun Block For Sensitive Skin An oil-free, water and sweat resistant formulation with enhanced protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Specially formulated for Indian skin that tans easily, new Lakme Sun Expert has SPF 25 to prevent tanning and block out harmful rays. How it Works Nourishes your skin and ensures long-lasting UV protection for sensitive skin.

How to Use Massage gently onto face, neck, hands and other exposed parts of the body. Use daily, all year round, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

For Sensitive Skin Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen Souffl For Oily Skin

Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen Souffl

A unique, water-based, lightweight sunscreen that's nongreasy and prevents 70% of skin damage. Specially formulated for Indian skin that tans easily, new Lakme Sun Expert has SPF 20 to prevent tanning and block out harmful rays. How it Works Prevents tanning and protects oily skin from sun damage. How to Use Massage gently onto face, neck, hands and other exposed parts of the body. Use daily, all year round, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Lakme Skin Brightening Gel

Lakme Skin Brightening Gel For After Sun Use Rehydrate and revive your skin with new 100% oil-

free Lakme Skin Brightening Gel. How it Works This light weight cooling formulation rehydrates and cools your skin. Specially formulated for Indian skin, it works naturally to lighten your tan restore your skin's original colour. Now go on, turn your skin into something divine. How to Use. Apply generously following exposure to the sun. For After Sun Use Results An immediate cooling and soothing sensation.

PONDS WHITE BEAUTY Part of the Unilever portfolio since 1986, Pond's recently announced the launch of 'Pond's White Beauty Detox' range that gives a visibly illuminated and nourished pink glow. Talking of luminous, Pond's White Beauty is not just about skin whitening for the consumer, but about a radiant healthy skin that gives a nourished pink glow. Pond's White Beauty has detoxifying vitamins B3, B6, E, and C, which neutralizes the effect of darkness-causing impurities found in the environment and reduces accumulated melanin, thus giving a smooth, pure and bright skin.

Pond's White Beauty represents the international expertise of Pond's in providing superlative skincare regimes. Increasingly, Indian women are looking for the complete skincare regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing and this product range provides all beauty regime requirements.

The range consists of White Beauty Detox Cleanser which cleans thoroughly, White Beauty Detox Toner, which tightens the open pores and smoothens out the rough appearance of the skin; White Beauty Skin Lightening Cream with Detox vitamins that nourish skin from within, and White Beauty Detox Lotion, which replenishes skin's natural moisture level and gives visibly glowing and smooth pinkish skin.


As a brand that understands women, around the world, Pond's recognizes that true beauty is derived from love and warmth as well as the credibility of an international skincare heavyweight. Pond's is offering a variety of ranges for women. Ponds Age Miracle is another example of that. Candlelight dinners, long drives and the sound of saxophones will be part of your lives, once again. The smell of love in the air, the feeling of your heart skipping a beat, once again. When Hindustan Lever threw a party to formally launch its premium Pond's Age Miracle range it used these words in invitation. . The FMCG major promised to bring romance back into the 35-plus woman's life with a new look courtesy Pond's Age Miracle.


FIAMA DI WILLS (ITC) The Fiama Di Wills range of soaps has been launched under the sub - brand SkinSense. The first variant to be introduced in this range is Soft Green. This is a gentle caring soap, which helps enhance retention of skin proteins making skin look beautiful and youthful. In February 2008, ITC launched two new ranges of soap - Vivel Di Wills and Vivel -to cater to the skincare needs of a wide range of consumers. Backed by consumer insights, the ranges offer a unique value proposition of bringing together ingredients that provide multiple benefits of Nourishment, Protection and Hydration in a single product. Hence providing the ever discerning consumer complete care.The packaging, reflecting the philosophy of the brand, fuses multiple benefits. The unique carton pack has been developed by ITCs design team to provide a novel consumer experience. The Vivel Di Wills range is available in two variants:

Vivel Di Wills Sheer Radiance is enriched with Olive Oil, to provide skin lustre to make it radiant. Vivel Di Wills Sheer Crme is enriched with Shea Butter, to moisturize skin to make it soft and supple.

The Vivel range is available in four variants

Vivel Young Glow is enriched with Vitamin E and Fruit Infusions which help in providing youthful glow to the skin. Vivel Satin Soft is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which help the skin feel beautifully soft. Vivel Sandal Sparkle is enriched with Sandalwood Oil and Active Clay which helps in providing clear skin. Vivel Ayurveda Essence is enriched with multiple Ayurvedic Ingredients which help protect skin from germs and harsh environment, keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Although the market trend shows that these ITC brands are no competition to Pears right now. But if ITC improves its distribution network then these brands can be a threat to HUL.

Fairness creams

FAIR ONE 'Fairone Fairness Cream' was launched jointly by Elder Pharmaceuticals and Shahnaz Husain. Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Shahnaz Husain, herbal beauty specialist, had entered into an agreement to launch four skin care products during 2006-2007. Elder undertakes the manufacturing and marketing of the products, while the conception and composition is done by Husain. Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the leading companies in India in the skin care sector. The company is a major manufacturer of aloe vera-based skin care products.


FAIR ONE cream has a unique blend of herbal ingredients like saffron, honey, apricot oil, rose, cucumber and lemon distillate. The formulation protects the skin from the darkening effects of the sun. Honey, a natural moisturizer, nourishes the skin, keeping it smooth and supple. FAIR ONE cream helps to make your skin look fairer and brighter.

Method of Use

Apply to face, neck and arms twice daily. See results in One fortnight.

FAIR AND HANDSOME A fair complexion has always been associated with success and popularity. Men and women alike desire fairness, it is believed to be the key to a successful life. Well for women the market is loaded with fairness cream but for men there are very few creams. Emami Fair and Handsome is one such cream for men. Emami herbalists and dermatologists from India along with Activor Corp USA, has created Fair & Handsome a fairness cream for Men with a breakthrough Five Power Fairness System to make skin fair and handsome in 4 weeks.

Emami - Fairness Cream for Men First time ever fairness cream for men Fair and HandsomeEmami in collaboration with Activor Corp, USA has created a unique fairness cream for men with a breakthrough Peptide complex patented in the USA. This wonder molecule peptide works on the collagen structure of male skin and dramatically improves skin texture and fairness in just 4 weeks. Its pleasant cooling gives an after-shave effect. How does it work? Active ingredients regulate production of melanin. Natural sunscreen protects against UV rays. Peptide in combination with Vetiver and Rose Water makes skin fair and fresh with a pleasant cooling sensation.

What it does: Improves fairness in 4 weeks. Protects against sun's UV rays. Moisturises skin even after shaving. Relieves stress and fatigue signs.

Key ingredients ============= Peptide, Liquorice, Vetiver & Aloe vera.

The efficiency of this cream has been dermatologically tested on Indian male skin 73% were found to be fairer 78% found it to be an effective after shavemoisturiser 75% found effective oil-control.

GARNIER Garnier is a division of L'Oral that produces hair care products, including the Fructis line, and most recently, skin care products under the name, Nutritioniste, that are sold around the world. One of their key ingredients is a fruit concentrate used in all their products. It is a combination of fruit acids, vitamin B3 and B6, fructose and glucose.

Fairness + dark spots prevention daily moisturiser Lightens skin Prevents dark spots from reappearing.

Anti-marks + fairness concentrate Enhances the skin's overall fairness Reduces the number & intensity of dark spots.

FAIREVER Natural Fairever was initially launched in A.P. in 1998, following that a national launch was made in 1999. Fairever is the brand of CavinKare Pvt Ltd(CKPL). This cream has a blend of saffron and milk. It claims to work from within to provide a distinctly fairer, glowing complexion much like that of Kashmiri beauties in just 4 weeks Triple sunscreens also retain your fairness and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays. It comes in a pack of 50g and 100g. The 50g pack costs Rs.55. The Fairever claims to have consumers as a woman who is the young and contemporary woman of today. She has strong values and believes in using a natural product that will help bring out her natural beauty from within.FaireverFairness Cream

Fairever Fairness Cream with Saffron, Milk and Fruit Vitalisers

Use twice every day.

TALCUM POWDERCINTHOL Cinthol talc is a product of GODREJ Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL). GCPL identifies Cinthol as its power brand. GCPL has launched new Cinthol range of soap, talc and deodorant with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan as its new brand ambassador. Cinthol offers a range of soaps, talc and deo sprays in three exciting fragrance - Classic, Cologne and Sport - in a new packaging. Cinthol has come out with a combi pack for this summer. It is in pack of 300g + 100g for M.R.P Rs.80.

SPINZ Spinz talc is CavinKare Pvt Ltd(CKPL) brand. Spinz Talc is packed in sizes of 20 g, 50 g, 100 g and 400 g and comes in three fragrances: Exotic Exchante Sandal The Spinz talcs target are girls of around 18 to 26 years old from SEC A and B. Easygoing and fun-loving, who loves to have a lot of friends with whom she spends time.


LOTUS Lotus sun care range is by Lotus Herbals. Lotus suncare has a wide range of variants available for all skin types. Their SPF(Sun Protection Formula) ranges from 15 to 60. This caters to the needs of all kind of people who need different type of SPF according to their exposure to the sun. Lotus is more priced than Lakme but gives a good margin to the retailers. This brand specializes in sunscreen manufacturing and it is very old in this field, due to this it has gained trust of people. It offers a wide range of facewash, creams and facepacks which provides protection against sun. The most sellind variant of Lotus are as follows:-

Block Cream (SPF30) This unique sun block cream has been specially made for Indian (Suits all skin types) Summer. It provides complete protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays of sun, reducing chances of skin tanning and ageing. Directions for use: Apply liberally and evenly on face, neck and any other exposed part of the body, atleast 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. The cream will not get wiped off with perspiration / water. Avoid contact with eyes. Active Ingredients: Octyle Methoxy Cinnamate Z-Cote, Titanium Dioxide and Benzophenone-3.

Safe Sun - Daily Sun Block (SPF 40)

3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sun Block Birch Extract SPF 40

(Suits all skin types)

Sun Protection Skin Lightening Mattifying Incredibly Light, Fast Absorbing, Non-Shiny, NonGreasy For all skin types. Daily sun block - water proof, Sweat proof Safe Sun 3-in 1 Daily Sunblock is a revolutionary sun protection formulation which combines Broad-Spectrum UVA / UVB protection with skin lightening ingredients to give a uniform matte finish to the skin. Its fast absorption and non-greasy formula ensures a shinefree, light & clean feel. Contains herbals extracts of Birch: Mattifying Mallow: Sun Protection Hops: Skin Lightening Directions for use: ============== Apply safe Sun 3-in 1 Daily Sun Block Cream liberally and evenly on face and exposed parts of the body (neck, arms, legs, etc.,) before exposure to Sun. Re-apply frequently. Caution ====== For external use only. In a rare case, if rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use.

PREMIUM CREAMS OLAY Olay is a Procter & Gamble brand. It was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1985. P&G greatly expanded Olay both in line up and in countries. Olay became one of P&Gs Billion dollar brands in 2003. In August 2007, Olay was launched in India. Olay has extended its heritage as a moisturizer to stay looking young, to formally creating the anti-aging category in mass stores with the launch of Total Effects in India.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGYRESEARCH DESIGNIn my project I have used various tools of Exploratory Research. This research will be done to gain background information of the problem. An initial research will be conducted to clarify and define the nature of the problem. The various tools used are experience surveys, in depth interviews, secondary data analysis. Descriptive research was done where questionnaires were given to the retailers and the wholesalers to find out the competition in HUL skin category.

QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGNThe questionnaire consists of predominantly closed ended and option based question in order to provide some ease to the respondents. In order to make the questionnaire more effective following points are covered: Uniformity in questions and ease of tabulation and analysis. Reduce subjectivity Easier to receive response Less time consuming. The questions tried to cover all aspects required to analyze the skin category of HUL and other competitive brands. The various variables are analyzed in the questions.

SAMPLING METHODOLOGYSAMPLE PLANThe project was conducted for the geographical region of Delhi. The sample size comprised of 10 Super Value Store (SVS), 5 exclusive wholesale, 10 Smart PP. The sample consists of both the retailers and wholesalers of the general trade.


The data collection exercise was carried over a period of 15 days, in the various markets of the region. Over the period of 15 days the data was collected and then all the data was very carefully studied and the results were found out.


FAIR & LOVELY Fair & lovely is the most successful fairness cream in the country. Based on a revolutionary breakthrough in skin lightening technology, Fair & Lovely is in market since 1978. The brand is very famous amongst the consumers because of the trust that they have developed with the company. People are satisfied with the quality and price. It is the mass product. The most selling variant of the FAL is multi-vitamin. The competitors of FAL and the margins provided by them are as follows:COMPETITORS Fair One Fair & Handsome Garnier MARGINS 20% 20% 15%

Although the sale of these brands are far behind FAL but these creams are a direct competition.

VASELINE Vaseline Aloe fresh is the variant for the summers and it is doing very well. It does not have any direct competition because there is no other cream in the market for the summers. The other variants are Vaseline Body lotion and Vaseline Petroleum jelly these are the winter creams and there sale in summers is slightly low. The competitors of Vaseline and their margins are as follows:-

COMPETITORS Emami (boroplus lotion) Nivea Ayur Garnier

MARGINS 20% 20% 18% 15%

The projection of market share of the skin creams in Delhi is as follows:MARKET SHARE OF HUL AND OTHER COMPANIES IN THE SKIN CREAMS SEGMENT:-


HUL 42%




The finding of the research shows that the estimated market share of HUL is 42%. The share of HUL skin category creams in this 42% share is as follows:-


Here we can see that the major portion is covered by Fair & Lovely. It covers 77%. Vaseline body lotion has a share of 10%. Ponds cold cream is 8% Ponds body lotion is 3%.

TALCUM POWDERPONDS Ponds came into being in 1947. Ponds talc is feminine talc. It is perfume talc and caters to the needs of the women. It has got a very strong hold in the market. The consumers prefer to buy at least two type of talc for their family, ponds talc form the part of the every basket. Its competitors and their margins are as follows:COMPETITORS Spinz Wipro (santoor & enchanteur) Nivea Cinthol 25% 20% 14% MARGINS

There are other competitors as well like Premiun and Emami which comes in the combi

pack of 400g + 400g. Cinthol comes in the combi pack of 300g +100g. These kinds of schemes affect the purchase pattern of people who are not brand loyal and are looking for some free gifts or scheme. A person from lower middle section of the society prefers to buy these talcs because of the value of money that they offer. Johnson & Johnson baby talc is not the direct competitor of Ponds but it is also a competition because women buy this talc because of the softness and fresh fragrance that it provides. The market share of these talc are as follows:-




The share of the variants of Ponds in this 45% is as follows:-

POC 11%


DFM 46%

The largest selling variant of Ponds is Dream Flower Magic which is 46%, next comes Dream Flower Talc which is 40%. Ponds Oil Control and Sandal Talc are 11% and 3% respectively.

PEARS ITC has launched Fiama Di Wills in competition of Pears. Pears comes in 3 variants Pears Amber, Oil Control, Germ Shield. The largest selling variant is Amber. The consumer pattern shows that those who are loyal to this brand do not switch it easily. The brand loyalty of this product is more than any other. The other soaps which are is competition of Pears are Dettol with moisturizers, Johnson & Johnson, Fiama Di Wills. Fiama Di Wills is a new product and is being liked by people. It is lagging behind in its distribution network as there is always stock out of this product. In the long run it can provide good competition to HUL. The present market share of pears and it competitors are as follows:-



The major competitor of Lakme Suncare range is Lotus herbals. Lotus comes in lots of variants which cater to the needs of all types of Indian skin and texture. The SPF (Sun Protection Formula) in Lakme is 15,20 and 30. but in Lotus it ranges from 15 to 60. Although if we compare the price, Lotus is more expensive than Lakme, but still people who are satisfied with this brand do not care about its high price. The market share of Lakme and Lotus is very close but still Lotus is ahead of Lakme. The competitors and their margins are as follows:COMPETITORS Lotus Garnier Shahnaz Husain MARGIN 35% 15% 25%

The market share of Lakme and its competitors is as follows:-






PONDS WHITE BEAUTY AND PONDS AGE MIRACLE Ponds white beauty and Ponds age miracle are in their initial stage of launch. These are premium brands, that is , they are high priced and their target customers are upper middle class and upper class. These 2 products face competition from premium creams like Olay, Loreal, and VLCC. The market of these creams is small but slowly these creams are doing well are doing well. People are liking the quality of Ponds and also the price that it is offering. The competition in this segment although is tough. This is because the consumer of these premium creams is very loyal to their brand and they do switch creams easily. They are not attracted by the schemes. Quality and brand name alone can attract their attention. A customer who is using Loreal will not easily switch Ponds. The estimated market share of Ponds and its competitors is as follows:-

Garneir 8%

Others 12%

Pond's 31%

Pond's Olay Loreal

Loreal 17% Olay 32%

Garneir Others


The company can launch a new variant of Ponds, which could be Ponds Fairness Body Lotion. This will cater to the fairness need of whole body and not just hands and face. The target customer of this variant can be the youth who are more boldly dressed and want the whole texture of the skin to be same. Most of the time the face looks fairer than the hands and the legs.

To launch a display scheme for Pears which can counter the competition from Fiama Di Wills that it may face in the future. HUL can buy windows from the retailers for the display of Pears soap and face wash. The youth of today is not much into the consumption of fairness cream because they think it to be harmful for the skin and they are very conscious about the health of their skin. To cater to this segment of population which is very huge, Fair & Lovely can initiate activities which makes the youth aware about the qualities of the brand and to make them understand that the cream is not harmful for their skin. The company can emphasize on the other qualities of Ponds talc and not just as perfume talc. It can highlight its medicinal value which is of very necessary for the summers. The can launch a new variant of Ponds talc with new fresh fragrance. This will be for the people who like the brand due to the good quality that it provides but are bored of the fragrance that has been provided for so long. This will counter the competition and satisfy the target customers. Lakme can come up with sunscreen which has more SPF so that it can counter the competition that it faces from its biggest competitor Lotus. As of now Lakme come in SPF 15 to SPF 30. It can also come up with sunscreen with higher SPF. Lotus ranges from SPF 15 to SPF 60. This way Lakme can cater to the needs of people who are more exposed in the sun and need more protection against it. Ponds White Beauty and Ponds Age Miracle are in their initial stage so these brands need to communicate more to their customers. The company can promote activities in the mall where they are sold the most as these are premium brands and their target customer comes in the malls only. This will help in brand communication of these brands. The company should emphasize more on mass retail than the wholesale as the whole sale is very price sensitive. The ideal ratio of wholesale is to retail is 30:70. The universal ratio is 40:70 and the HUL ratio is 50:50.

QUESTIONNAIRE1. Which kind of Outlet do you follow?

o o o o o o

Exclusive wholesale Semi wholesale Family grocer Mass retail Chemist Super Value Store

2. Which of the following HUL Skin product you keep in your store? o o o o o o o Fair & Lovely Ponds Dream Flower Vaseline Pears Soap Lakme Sunscreen Ponds White Beauty Ponds Age Miracle

3. What is the value of the monthly sales of the following products?

PRODUCT Fair & Lovely Ponds Talcum Vaseline Pears Soap Lakme Sunscreen Ponds White Beauty Ponds Age Miracle


4. Which products are in competition with the following range of products and their competitive share?

Fair &








Dream Flower



White Beauty

Age Miracle

5. What are the margins and inventory of competitors of HUL products? o Fair & Lovely COMPETITOR PRODUCT MARGIN INVENTORY













6. How much Inventory do you stock for the following HUL products?

PRODUCTS Fair & Lovely Ponds Dream Flower Vaseline Pears Soap Lakme Sunscreen Ponds White Beauty Ponds Age Miracle


7. What are your kind suggestions to increase the sale of HUL Skin category?

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