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    Professional Cook (6 Months Certificate)

    Code: VH70S003

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    Professional Cook





    1 Module 1

    18 66 84

    2 Module 2

    28 156 184

    3 Module 3

    26 128 154

    4 Module 4

    24 50 74

    5 Module 5

    16 96 112

    6 Module 6

    24 6 30

    7 Module 7

    10 40 50

    8 Module 8

    8 80 88

    9 Module 9

    6 18 24

    TOTAL HOURS 160 640 800

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    Curriculum Template

    1. Introduction Template

    2. Summary Template Curriculum Development for (Trade name)

    3. ( Trade Name)Curriculum Contents (Teaching and Learning Guide) - Module One: (Name of Module)

    - Objective of the Module - Duration of the Module / Theory Hours/ Practice Hours

    - Learning Unit / Learning Outcomes/ Learning Element/ Duration/ Materials Required/ Learning Place

    4. Assessment Template

    5. List of Tools, Machinery & Equipment

    6. List of Consumable Supplies

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    1. Introduction Template - Name of course


    - Overall objective of course

    This course aims to prepare a skilled workforce for hospitality industry for the

    position of cook (commi1-commi3)

    - Competencies gained after completion of course

    Adapt ting of personal, work place and food hygiene

    Skills for mis en place

    Use of health and safety practices.

    Attaining highest standard of kitchen cleaning and sanitation skills

    Attaining all skills involved in cutting and cooking

    Achieving food decoration ,garnishing, presentational skills

    Usage of kitchen tools and equipment

    Acquiring buffet placement and cleaning techniques

    Skills learns for

    Hot and cold preparation

    Record keeping

    Stock and storage

    Kitchen closing

    Report defects

    Soups,sauces,stock preparation

    Covering and labeling food

    - Job opportunities

    Hospitality industry, cooking institutes, training centers, entrepreneurship,catering industry

    - Trainee entry level Matric (S.S.C)

    - Minimum qualification of trainer

    BS Relevant field (Food technology, Culinary art) 2 years field experience

    - Medium of Instruction Urdu and English

    - Sequence of the modules Module4-module5- module 6-module7-module 1-module2-module3- module8-module9

    - Timeframe of assessment 4 weeks

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    2. Overview about the program Curriculum for (PROFESSIONAL COOK)

    Module Title and Aim Learning Units Theory1 Days/hours

    Workplace2 Days/hours

    Timeframe of modules

    Module 1: Kitchen preparation Aim: This module will impart the Knowledge and skills of basic start up settings for cooking

    LU1-Work place cleaning LU2 - Work table setting LU3 - Checking and start up activities

    6 hrs 6 hrs 6 hrs

    24 hrs 24 hrs 18 hrs

    Module 4,5,6,7 before module 1

    Module 2: Mis en place Aim: This module will enable the trainees to have skills of stock checking,Prepration , selection, cutting and pre- cooking.

    LU1- Par stock checking LU2- Soups, stocks and sauces preparation LU-3Vegetable and meat selection LU4- Vegetable and meat cutting LU5- Pre cooking

    6 hrs 6 hrs 4 hrs 6hrs 6 hrs

    24 hrs 40 hrs 20 hrs 32 hrs 40 hrs

    Module 1 before module 2

    Module 3 Basic cooking Aim: Trainees will attain the comprehensive knowledge and professional skills of basic cooking preparations.

    LU1- Cooking methods LU2- Side dishes preparation LU3- Garnish preparation LU4- Basic salad preparation

    8 hrs 8 hrs 4 hrs 6 hrs

    40 hrs 40 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs

    Module 1 & 2 before module 3

    Module 4 Cleanliness and Hygiene

    LU1- Personal hygiene

    6 hrs

    14 hrs

    1 Learning hours in training provider premises

    2 Training workshop, laboratory and on-the-job workplace

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    Aim: This module will impart the complete knowledge of hygiene and enable trainees to perform hygienic practices according to HACCP rules.

    LU2- Work place hygiene LU3- Food hygiene LU4- HACCP Rules

    6 hrs 6 hrs 6 hrs

    14 hrs 14 hrs 8 hrs


    Module 5 Storage and Stock Aim: This module will enable the students to have the all skills related to food stuff stock and storage.

    LU1- Setting of food stuff in fridge LU2- Stock rotation LU3- Labeling of food LU4- Covering of food stuff LU5- Damages of food stuff

    2 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs 2 hrs 4 hrs

    18 hrs 18 hrs 18 hrs 24 hrs 18 hrs


    Module 6 Record Keeping Aim: This module will impart the comprehensive knowledge and skills of record maintenance.

    LU1- Temperature record keeping LU2- Spoilage record keeping LU3- Maintenance of record

    8 hrs 8 hrs 8 hrs

    2 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs


    Module 7 Report Defects Aim: This module will prepare the trainee about how to report different defects.

    LU1- Equipment fault report LU2- Breakage report LU3- Spoilage report

    LU4- Food complain report

    LU5- Staff shortage/sickness report

    2 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs

    8 hrs 8 hrs 10 hrs 8 hrs 6 hrs


    Module 8 Buffet placement and Clearance Aim: This module will impart all

    LU1- Cleanliness of inserts LU2- Food placement in inserts

    2 hrs 2 hrs

    18 hrs 18 hrs


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    skills for buffet placement and clearance.

    LU3- Food presentation skills LU4- Refilling and clearing of buffet

    2 hrs 2 hrs

    24 hrs 20 hrs

    Module 9 Kitchen Closing Aim: This module will impart the knowledge of kitchen closing and prepare the trainee to perform all kitchen closing tasks.

    LU1- Clearance of food LU2- Switching off functions LU3- Checking the temperatures

    2 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs

    10 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs


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    3. PROFESSIONAL COOK Curriculum Contents ( Teaching and Learning Guide)

    Module 1: Title: KITCHEN PREPARATION Objective of the Module: Prepare trainees with the fair concept of work surface cleaning as well as make them achieve the skills of work table setting, surface cleaning and use of relevant utensils and tools. Duration: 84 hours Theory: 18 hours Practice: 66 hours

    Learning Unit

    Learning Outcomes

    Learning Elements

    Duration Materials Required

    Learning Place

    LU1- Work surface cleaning

    LO1-Understand the concept of surface cleaning LO2-Be able to apply safe cleaning agents in allowable limit.

    Knowledge of; Basic cleaning methods, importance of cleaning, role of cleaning in a food environment ,safe cleaning agents/sanitizers Ability to; Apply cleaning methods, check and ensure the cleaning.

    Th-6 hrs Pr-24 hrs

    Cleaning agents, cleaning cloths, personal protection items, stationary items

    Kitchen & Class room

    LU2- Work table setting

    LO1- Check the specification of the tasks LO2-Set the work table according to the tasks

    Knowledge of; Tools and utensils used in kitchen, daily schedule, staff position Ability to; organize the work table, ability to hygienic handling of tools

    Th-6 hrs Pr-24 hrs

    Tools used in cooking, work table, personal protection items, stationary items

    Kitchen& Class room

    LU3- Checking and start up activities

    LO1- Be able to check and perform all compulsory tasks for further proceedings.

    Knowledge of; Cook role in start up activities, kitchen sections,switiching on functions Ability to; Perform all switching on functions, plan for food production

    Th-6 hrs Pr-18 hrs

    Stationary items

    Kitchen+class room Visit of a work place during start up activities to clear the vision.

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    Module 2: Title: MIS EN PLACE Objective of the Module: Prepare the trainees to Re-organizes refrigerators, re-stocks used items up to par, re-organize section for next meal period.

    Duration: 184hours Theory: 28 hours Practice: 156 hours

    Learning Unit

    Learning Outcomes

    Learning Elements Duration Materials Required

    Learning Place

    LU1- Par stock checking

    LO1-Familiarize the importance of par stock. LO2-Ensure the availability of all items in time.

    Knowledge of; Par items, stocking issues Ability to; Re stock par, preparation for next meal period, make availability of items in time

    Th-6 hrs Pr-24 hrs

    Stationary items Par stock section of work place+ class room industrial visit

    LU2-Soups, stocks and sauces preparation

    LO1-Prepare the mention items according to the established standards. LO2-Minimize wastage and optimize leftovers.

    Knowledge of; Standard recipes, recipe yield, recipe balance recipe cost calculation, quality factors in soups, stocks and sauces. Ability to; Mixing ingredients, stirring, beating, blending Preparing clear soups, preparing thickened soups.

    Th-6 hrs Pr-40 hrs

    Raw material to prepare soups, stocks and sauces, stationary items

    Kitchen & clas


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