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  • 1. Linoleum PrintslinocutLee Bennett

2. REDUCTION LINOLEUM PRINTThis print is called Bachelor. It actually consists of 3 prints in a row. One is turquoise and purple and the others are blackwhite and gray. The point was to make a first print and then carve away more and then make a second print. We wanted toexpress a mood and to also have a light and dark effect. I like the seriousness of the face and the shadowing in the hair andon the check bone. 3. Linoleumprint8" X 10" $75.00To order this print and/or to request a catalog please e-mail:Diamantis Cassis 4. "Taming the Wildfires" linoleum cut print by Richard MockUncontrolled nature creates terror in the West during the summer of 2001 .Richard Mocks illustrations have appearedon the Op/Ed pages of The New York Timesand The Wall Street Journal.Edition: 80 Price: $1800 Size: 22" X 30"6 5. Miho Nakanishis Benten, the goddess of images/linocut.JPG 6. images/linocut.jpg 7. Art/town1.jpg 8. STaylor/undertable.jpg 9. sun-wu-kung.jpg 10. p12%20tiger.jpg 11. Self-Portrait in Flames, 1999.Linocut by Flix Angel. 12. Tempe, ArizonaSelf LinocutLinocut18 X 13" 13. MIP2003images/... 14. Simon Jameson> men in a boatlinocut15 x 16cmPrints for sale signed and numbered by the artist:16.00 eachThis is a linocut based on a carving on a medieval font. It will one day be an illustration for a medieval story Im w 15. Linocut by Richard MockThe New York Times June 19, 1982 Section 1, Page 24On the Incidence of Alligators and Hard Times 16. Summer, 1975, linocut 18" x 24"Corrie McCallum 17. linocutLee Bennett 18. Fox and SnailHarelinocutlinocut 15x15cm13x15cmss20012001 akroyd/ hare(linocut).jpg 19. Jim Denomie, Shooting Star, 2001, dimensions, linocut, #10/50next | back | home 20. printclass/10big.gif 21. The Siblings" by Carrie Moore, Block Print (linocut) 23" x 17", 2003 22. JamesLesesne WellsPrimitive Girl,1929Linocutonpaper7.5" x7" 23. Title: Sergey SingsArtist: Peter DurandSeries: Pilgrimage toCzestochowa (Poland)Medium: LinocutDescription: Russian and Polishpilgrims make a joyful noise onthe long, hot walk toCzestochowa in August. 24. Chile ILinocut - 1982, by Elizabeth Catlett. 25. Paul Weissmans untitled linocut 2002