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Preserving Our Collective Digital History. Mark Phillips March 11, 2009. University of North Texas Libraries Mission:. The mission of the University of North Texas Libraries is to acquire, preserve, provide access to, and disseminate recorded knowledge in all its forms. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Preserving Our Collective Digital HistoryMark PhillipsMarch 11, 2009

  • University of North Texas LibrariesMission:The mission of the University of North Texas Libraries is to acquire, preserve, provide access to, and disseminate recorded knowledge in all its forms.Access will be provided increasingly through electronic networks and consortial arrangements.The Libraries, through traditional methods and through digital information resources, provide bibliographic, reference, and instructional support to assist the university's programs of teaching, research, scholarly and creative production, and public service.

  • Digital Initiatives at the UNT Libraries

    Government DocumentsMusic LibraryRarebooks and Texana CollectionUniversity ArchivesMedia LibraryIntellectual output of the UNT faculty, staff and students.

  • Information Technology ServicesLAN/PCHardwareNetworkSecure StorageSecure Computing EnvironmentMMDLWeb DevelopmentInformation ArchitectureUsability TestingDPUDigital Library Infrastructure

  • Digital Projects Unit: Infrastructure

    Digitization Services

    Metadata Infrastructure

    Repository Infrastructure

    Web Archive Services

  • Digitization ServicesHigh speed scanningPhotographic scanningNegative scanningBook scanningLarge format digitizationAudio digitization (limited)Video digitization (limited)

  • Metadata InfrastructureDescriptive metadata schemeImplementation guide for projectsControlled vocabulariesMetadata workflowMetadata creation toolsMetadata editing toolsMetadata analysis tools

  • Repository InfrastructurePersistent identifiersIngest toolsAccess systemsSearch systemsPreservation/Archival systems

  • Web ArchivingURL nomination toolCrawlingIndexingAccess to Web Archives

  • DPU Staffing2 Metadata Librarians3 Programmers1 Digitization Lab Manager1 Digital Imaging Technician2 Grant Project Managers1 Department Administration2 Graduate Assistants12-15 Student Assistants

    2 Grant/Writing Development

  • What does this look like to people?Portal to Texas History

    UNT Libraries Digital Collections

    CRS Report Archive

  • Interesting CollaborationsTexas Secretary of State's OfficeTexas RegisterTexas Laws and Resolutions ArchiveOpen Meetings Mirror

    Government Printing OfficeCyberCemetery

    National Archives and Records AdministrationCyberCemetery

  • Tools of the trade...Open Source ToolsPythonDjangoSubVersionTracImagemagickHeritrixOpen-WaybackNutch/WAXSolrMySQLUbuntuOpenLayers

  • More ToolsProprietary ToolsPhotoshopScanFixPrizm GrayPrime RecognitionPrime OCRACDSee

    Many custom scripts for all sorts of things, some to be open sourced...

  • Next Steps...Creating usable collections out of web archivesExtracting Topical collections from web archivesScale systems to meet growing demandContinue to enhance systems that make use of the content we collect

  • Research ProjectsNDNP Texas Newspaper Digitization ProjectIOGENE Optimizing Interfaces for GenealogistsNDIIPP Web-At-RiskEnd of Term Presidential Harvest 2008

  • Thank You...