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DAVID. DRIVER AND VEHICLE INFORMATION DATABASE. DRIVER AND VEHICLE INFORMATION DATABASE. Presented by: Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Division of Motorist Services. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Course Objectives. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Presented by: Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Division of Motorist ServicesDRIVER AND VEHICLE INFORMATION DATABASEDAVIDDRIVER AND VEHICLE INFORMATION DATABASEDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles


    Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

    Recognize the types of system information available on DAVID.

    Explain the importance of securing Emergency Contact Information in DAVID.

    Determine legitimate use versus improper use of system data.

    Identify the penalties for misuse.

    Understand the quality control and audit expectations.



    The Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID) Contains:

    Driver License; Motor Vehicle; and Traffic Crash Information.

    To Access This Information: the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles(DHSMV) or Provider Agency and the Requesting Agency enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    The MOU Establishes: The purposes for and conditions of electronic access to DAVID.



    DAVID may provide access to:Driver InformationDriver HistoryDriver InsuranceTitle InformationMake/Model of VehiclesPrevious VehiclesLien HoldersVehicle Co-ownersCrash Reports*

  • Exchanged electronic data will be stored in a place physically secure from access by unauthorized persons.

    Access protected so that unauthorized persons cannot review or retrieve information.

    Personnel with access must be instructed on confidential nature of information.

    Personnel will acknowledge their understandingof confidentiality requirements.

    Requesting Agency will maintain currentacknowledgements.

    Information Security*

  • *

  • Per Florida Statutes, DAVID information can only be used:

    For Legitimate Business Purposes Only


  • Official Law Enforcement Purposes-ExamplesTraffic stops


    Missing persons


    Natural disaster


  • Legitimate Business Purposes-Examples

    Residency Verification

    Citizenship Status

    Crash Reports

    Driver History

    Motor Vehicle History



    Section 119.0712(2)(c), Florida Statutes, states:

    Without the express consent of the person to whom such emergency contact information applies, the emergency contact information contained in a motor vehicle record may be released only to law enforcement agencies for purposes of contacting those listed in the event of an emergency.*


  • Queries not related to official law enforcement or judicial purpose.

    Queries not related to official business purpose.

    Improper dissemination (sharing, copying, distributing) of information to unauthorized persons.

    Personal use. *

  • Examples of MisuseLooking up addresses for Christmas card mailing list.

    Checking a family members driving record.

    Checking out photos of friends, relatives or self.

    Looking up celebrities or politicians.

    Copying information to supply to friends, family, or public.

    Posting information on information boards or blogs where it is exposed to the public.


  • Violation of Public Records Chapter 119, F.S., and is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

    Violation of Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) subject to criminal sanctions and civil liability.

    Immediate termination of user access and/or Requesting Agency MOU and DAVID access by Providing Agency.

    Disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


  • *

  • Reason CodesTraffic Related Inquiry

    Verify Identity

    Court Purposes



    Response to Disturbance or Possible Criminal Activity

    Background Investigation

    Supervisory Review/AuditResponse to Calls for Assistance

    Criminal Investigation

    Emergency Notification

    Child or Adult Protective Services

    Red Light Camera Violations/ Parking or Code Enforcement

    Performance of Specific Agency Function


    OtherEffective 11/28/11 Users Are Required To: State a Reason for Making Inquiries in DAVID.

    This Will Assist Agencies in Monitoring Activity. *


    The user must choose an appropriate reason for making the inquiry and click on the Continue button. A user cannot proceed further if a reason is not chosen. *

  • *


    The MOU states, The Requesting Party must immediately notify the Providing Agency and the affected individual following the determination that personal information has been compromised by any unauthorized access, distribution, use, modification, or disclosure.

    The Requesting Agency will need to submit to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles the following information to stay in compliance:

    Brief summary of incident on agency letterhead.Outcome of review.Number of records compromised.Were the owners of the compromised information notified?If not, when will notification occur? What disciplinary action (if any) took place due to this misuse? How does your agency plan on DAVID misuse not occurring again?


  • All Agency Users

    Acknowledge his/her understanding of the confidentiality of information

    Acknowledge his/her understanding of criminalsanctions for unauthorized use


  • Requesting Agency Digital Certificate Coordinator (DCC) or Point of Contact (POC) is responsible for the following:

    Update user access within 5 working days of termination or reassignment of the user

    Update user access immediately for negligence, unauthorized use or dissemination

    Conduct quarterly quality controls on user accounts

    Regularly monitor access to information

    Conduct annual audit to ensure proper use and dissemination

    Present all documents and reports as requested by HSMV staff to ensure proper audit completionCompliance Requirements*

  • *


  • *

  • *


    What types of information does DAVID contain? (Select all that apply)

    Felony ArrestMotor VehicleDriver LicenseTraffic Crash

    In order for an agency to have access to DAVID, they must request access by entering into a(n)_____________with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

    Invitation to Bid (ITB)Request for Information (RI)Purchase Request (PR)Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)



    A user must secure the personal information contained in DAVID by all of the following means, EXCEPT:Storing access to DAVID in a physically secure locationProtecting access so that unauthorized persons cannot review or retrieve informationSending personnel acknowledgements to DHSMV for record retention and complianceEnsuring he/she acknowledges understanding of the confidentiality requirement

    Law Enforcement Officers may not use DAVID for which of the following?Personal ResearchMissing PersonsTraffic StopsInvestigations



    The penalties resulting from the misuse of DAVID access and/or information may include: (Select all that apply)Civil LiabilityDisciplinary ActionImmediate TerminationA Misdemeanor

    In order to comply with DAVID Memorandum of Understanding requirements, a user must acknowledge understanding of:How to renew DAVID accessDavid auditing toolsHow to access information in DAVIDCriminal Sanctions for unauthorized use



    All access to DAVID information must be monitored on a(n)____________________basis by the Requesting Agency. MonthlyOn-GoingSemi-AnnualAnnual

    Examples of misuse of DAVID include: (Select all that apply)Looking up the Governors address to send a cardViewing photographs of you, celebrities or other agency membersPosting information on a blog for public viewChecking the tag number of a family member or friend



    Please type a number into the box below:A requesting Agency has_____working days to remove a users access to DAVID after the user has been terminated.

    The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) will conduct audits for DAVID access in conjunction with their regularly scheduled CJIS audits.TrueFalse


  • *

    ***Driver InformationDriver HistoryDriver Insurance

    Title InformationMake/ model of VehiclesPrevious vehiclesLien HoldersCo-owners

    Crash ReportsAt faultParties involvedInjuries


    Natural disaster


    Natural disaster

    ****Using information to research friends, family, acquaintances For personal use, such as identifying someones birthday, address, etc. Looking up famous people, political figures, or supervisors *Roll Over: DA- Up to and including termination of employment

    Misdemeanor- A conviction for violating F.S.S. 119, Public Records, is a misdemeanor of the first degree

    Civil Liability- Violation of the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) subject to criminal sanctions and civil liability

    Immediate Termination- of user access and/or Agency MOU and DAVID access**Traffic Related InquiryVerify IdentityCourt PurposesCrashDispatchResponse to Calls for AssistanceResponse to Disturbance of Possibly Criminal ActivityCriminal InvestigationEmergency NotificationChild or Adult Protective ServicesRed Light Camera Violations/Parking or Code EnforcementSupervisory Review/AuditPerformance of Specific Agency FunctionBackground InvestigationTrainingOther



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