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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p> Presentation on MAT FOUNDATION Department of Civil Engineering1</p> <p>AHSANULLAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE &amp; TECHNOLOGY Presented ByVisited Sites</p> <p>Arham Tower, UttaraPallabi, Mirpur-11</p> <p>Euro Bangla Real Estate, Mouchak</p> <p>MAT FoundationPrimary shallow foundation;</p> <p>Also known as Raft;</p> <p>Large footing extended over the whole construction area;</p> <p>Supports many columns;</p> <p>Foundation for high rise buildings with basement;</p> <p>Depth 1~20 feet.PCC BEDR C C SLABCCSectional View Plan ViewCOLUMNMAIN BEAMSECONDARY BEAMMAIN BEAM When we construct MaT foundation?</p> <p>When the area of individual column footings cover more then 50% area of total land;</p> <p>When the bearing capacity of soil is too weak to support a structure;</p> <p>When the cost of deep foundation is higher then Raft foundation.</p> <p>When the structural load is too high.</p> <p> Types of MAT</p> <p>Flat Plate MatTwo-way Beam &amp; SlabFlat Plate Thickened Under ColumnFlat Plate with Pedestals</p> <p>Pile Mat</p> <p>Rigid Frame mat construction ProceduresSoil TestBearing capacity of soil;Soil classification;Ground water level;Moisture content;Appropriation &amp; depth of MAT.</p> <p> ShoringShoring is commonly used when installing the foundation;</p> <p>Shoring support the surrounding loads until the underground levels of the building are constructed.</p> <p>Can be of 3 types: Pile shore, steel sheet shore and timber shore.</p> <p>Log ShorePile Shore</p> <p>Steel Shoring Water proofingA layer provided over shoring to prevent moisture;Cement mortar or steel sheet layer over shoring;Cement mortar layer is extended over wire mesh.</p> <p>BracingA horizontal support for the boundary shores during excavation and foundation;</p> <p>Depends on the depth of foundation;</p> <p>Also known as horizontal shores.</p> <p>Other factors</p> <p>Shotcrete leveling layer with steel meshRetaining Wall</p> <p>King Post BFS and CC</p> <p>Layer of bricks on the earth</p> <p>Layer of cement concrete over BFS.</p> <p> Reinforcement placingA batch of horizontal reinforcement placing;</p> <p>Another batch of reinforcement placement to complete the bottom mesh;</p> <p>Column rod placement;</p> <p>Vertical rod (chair) placement over bottom mesh to hold the upper mesh;</p> <p>Upper mesh placement.</p> <p> Important factors Important factorsShutteringSteel plate shutter;Timber shutter.</p> <p> Cast MaterialMixture ratio 1:2:4;Sylhet sand is used over 50%;Stone chips that are used normally is ~ in size;Stone chips are preferred than brick chips.</p> <p> CastingStart from one end;Layer basis casting;Side basis casting.</p> <p> CompactionBy vibrator machine;</p> <p>Compaction and casting both are done simultaneously;</p> <p> Precautions for castingMaterials like piece of wood, polythene etc. must be removed before casting from that area;</p> <p>Shuttering must be leak proof;</p> <p>Cast pouring height is less than 5 feet ;</p> <p>Pouring and compaction both are done simultaneously.</p> <p> Curing</p>


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