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Apple Stem Cells with Collagen dikembangkan dari bahan bahan alami yang berkualitas serta aman. Bahan tambahan seperti telur salmon, ekstrak kolagen dari salmon, dan ekstrak sari sarang burung walet, membuat produk ini sangat efektif dalam membuat anda awet muda, meningkatkan kesehatan dan kecantikan



2. Uttwiler Sptlauber-an Apple with anExcellent Storage Ability Storage ability of apples wasan important factor toguarantee fresh fruits overwinter in the 18th century Modern apple cultivars areselected for a sweet flavourand therefore the UttwilerSptlauber disappeared Today the Uttwiler Sptlauberapple is an endangered applevariety with only a few treesleft in the world 3. The Secret of Storage Ability Longevityof cells High acidand tanninconcentrations Undiscoveredmetabolites?Can we use thisapple for skincare? 4. Plant Cell Culture Technology (PCT) PCT makes it possible tocultivate cells of endangeredand rare species The technology is based ondedifferentiated plant cells These cells are plantstemcells and can becultivated in liquid systems 5. What are Stem Cells? Stemcells have twoproperties: Self-renewal the ability to gothrough numerous cycles ofcell division in anundifferentiated state Differentiation the capacityto differentiate into other celltypes Toti-, pluri-, multi-, unipotentstem cells 6. Plant StemCells Formation of CallusTissue If a plant is wounded, a callustissue is formed (woundhealing tissue) In the callus tissue thenormal differentiated cells goback into a dedifferentiatedform and become stem cells(not possible in humans) Mechanism is controlled bydifferent plant hormones(auxins) 7. PhytoCellTecTM by Mibelle Biochemistry 8. From Callus to Plants 9. PhytoCellTecTM 10. Advantages of PhytoCellTecTM Preservation of endangeredplants Use of rare plants for cosmeticapplications Growth of plant cells in-vitro Controllable and reproducibleproduction of metabolites No limitation of plant sourcesdue to seasonal restrictions 11. PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica 12. Stem Cells in Skin 13. Epithelial Stem Cells 14. Hair Bulge Stem Cells 15. Study Result 16. Umbilical Cord derived MSC 17. Protect Against UV (Umbilical Cord Stem Cells) 18. Growth of Hair Follicle 19. Length of Hair Follicle 20. PhytoCellTecTM Malus DomesticaEffecton Gene Expression in SenescentDermalFibroblasts 21. PhytoCellTecTM Malus DomesticaGene Profile (Microarray) 22. In-VivoStudy:Anti-WrinkleEffectof PhytoCellTecTM MalusDomestica 23. In-VivoStudy:Anti-WrinkleEffectof PhytoCellTecTM MalusDomestica 24. Properties of PhytoCellTecTM PhytoCellTecTMis a preparation of plant stemcells PhytoCellTecTMis produced in Switzerland by anovel plant cell culture technology PhytoCellTecTMcontains plant stem cells toprotect and maintain skin stem cells The protection of skin stem cells is abreakthrough approach in anti-aging cosmetics Studies showed that PhytoCellTecTMprotectshuman stem cells and rejuvenates them PhytoCellTecTMdelays chronological aging 25. Claims Delays senescence of essentialcells Protects longevity of skin stemcells Protectionof skinstemcells Rejuvenationof skin Maintainsthepowerofregeneration Decreasein wrinkles Combatschronologicalaging 26. Application of PhytoCellTecTM Face care of mature skin torejuvenate the basal layer and extendthe life span of basalv keratinocytes Face care of all age to protect themost important cells in the skinwhich are the stem cells Eye serum to improve firmness andrejuvenate the extracellularmatrix Pure PhytoCellTecTMproduct can beused as a fresh cell extract torejuvenate the skin extensively 27. Marketing Story for Costumers PhytoCellTecTMplant stem cells are abreakthrough in anti-aging therapy Skin stem cell treatment is arevolutionary new approach in cosmetics Plant stem cells are extremely efficientbut also safe to use PhytoCellTecTMis based on real plantstem cells to trigger the rejuvenation ofthe skin PhytoCellTecTMdelays the natural agingprocess by maintaining the activity ofskin stem cells 28. Billi Lim is the Author of No.1International Best Selling Book"Dare To Fail" Series & The World #1Billi Lim(chairman) 29. Billi Lim, the author of the No.1 best seller Dare To FailWas born into a large family of 14. His days as a teenager, student and later inbusiness have been checkered with lotsof failures. He failed to get into the local university in his first attempt.He would have been rejected again in his second attempt had he not held a statebursary.He has failed a few times in his love life and has gone through an emotional hell. 30. artikel tentang penggunaanStem Cellpernyataan dariDr. Mantra Nandini, drg., SpBM(K).,MARS & Artikel yang diambil dariOKEHEALTH 31. Fungsi Utama dari Sel IndukApel Kolagen adalah sebagaiberikut :1. Memperbaiki sel yang rusak2. Mengangtifkan sel yang tidur3. Meregenerasi selINFORMASI NILAI GIZI / NUTRITION FACTS :per serving 5g per serving 150gEnergi 37.3kcal 1119kcalLemak Total 0.04g 1.2gKarbohidrat Total 8.28g 248.4gProtein 0.95g 28.5gKalsium 0 mg 0 mg 32. APPLE STEAM CELL with COLLAGEN dikembangkandari bahan bahan alami yang berkualitas serta aman.bahan tambahan seperti telir salmon, ekstrak kolagendari salmon, dan ekstrak sari sarang burung walet,membuat produk ini sangat efektif dalam membuatanda awet muda dan meningkatkan kesehatan. 33. THE ENDTHANK YOU


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