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To make Family ship based on fish. It is one of the oldest concepts in the world to replicate nature so i’ve chosen Killer Whele.


  • 1. Task: DESIGN OFA SHIP one day trip Name: SvetlozarDimitrov Neykov Date: 22.09.2011 Killer Whale ver. 1 EMSHIP

2. Concept

  • To make Family ship based on fish. It is one of the oldest concepts in the world to replicate nature so ive chosenKiller Whele:

3. Concept 4. Concept 5. Sketch 6. Drawings: 7. Drawings: 8. Drawings: 9. Drawings: 10. Drawings: 11. Scantling: JUST KIDDING 12. Calculations (First Try): First try: Second try of HULL: Project: Killer Whale Designer: Svetlozar Neykov Created by: Svetlozar Neykov Comment: Filename: D:EMSHIPfreeshipkiller whale10.fbm Design length:7.000 [m] Length over all:9.667 [m] Design beam:3.500 [m] Beam over all:4.675 [m] Design draft:0.500 [m] Midship location:3.500 [m] Water density:1.025 [t/m3] Appendage coefficient :1.0000 13. Calculations (First Try): Volume properties: Displaced volume:0.848 [m3] Displacement:0.870 [tonnes] Total length of submerged body:6.731 [m] Total beam of submerged body:1.276 [m] Block coefficient:0.1976 Prismatic coefficient:0.0000 Vert. prismatic coefficient:0.3176 Wetted surface area:6.923 [m2] Longitudinal center of buoyancy:8.039 [m] Longitudinal center of buoyancy:75.127 [%] Vertical center of buoyancy:0.396 [m] Midship properties: Midship section area:0.000 [m2] Midship coefficient:0.0000 14. Calculations (First Try): Waterplane properties: Length on waterline:6.042 [m] Beam on waterline:1.276 [m] Waterplane area:5.342 [m2] Waterplane coefficient:0.6220 Waterplane center of floatation:8.412 [m] Entrance angle:11.864 [degr.] Transverse moment of inertia:0.504 [m4] Longitudinal moment of inertia:10.723 [m4] Initial stability: Transverse metacentric height:0.990 [m] Longitudinal metacentric height:13.034 [m] Lateral plane: Lateral area:1.458 [m2] Longitudinal center of effort:7.653 [m] Vertical center of effort:0.355 [m] 15. Calculations (First Try): The following layer properties are calculated for both sides of the ship: |Layer| Area| Thickness | Weight|COG X|COG Y|COG Z| || [m2]|| [tonnes] | [m]| [m]| [m]| |-------------------------|--------|-----------|----------|---------|---------|---------| | Layer 0| 49.612 |3.000 |0.116 |8.141 |0.000 |1.264 | | Semi ellipse rudder 65- |0.819 |4.000 |0.003 |5.508 |0.000 |0.283 | |-------------------------|--------|-----------|----------|---------|---------|---------| Total50.4320.1198.0690.0001.237 Sectional areas: | Location| Area| |[m]|[m2]| |-----------+----------| |4.900 |0.000 ||5.600 |0.036 ||6.300 |0.108 ||7.000 |0.264 ||7.700 |0.268 ||8.400 |0.218 ||9.100 |0.160 ||9.800 |0.107 ||10.500 |0.059 ||11.200 |0.011 ||11.900 |0.000 ||-----------+----------| 16. Calculations (First Try): NOTE 1: Draft (and all other vertical heights) is measured above the lowest point of the hull! (Z= -0.169) NOTE 2: All calculated coefficients based on actual dimensions of submerged body. 17. Calculations (First Try): 18. Hull Surface concept (First Try): 19. Hull Surface concept (First Try): 20. Hull Surface concept (First Try): 21. SECOND TRY:TOO HEAVY 22. SECOND TRY:TOO HEAVY 23. SECOND TRY:TOO HEAVY 24. FINAL: PRODUCTION: Materials:Composite Fibreglass Thickness:3-5mm Density:2.6 g/cm3 Weight:depends around 200 kg depends of the type construction. Stability:Wings Strength:Scantling Construction:Two main points. First Propeler is mechanical-elastic wing which moves verticaly. Rudder are two upper is mechanical-elastic, down is type ofNASAprofile. ENGINE:SHOULD BE EXAMINED MORE IT MUST DO A LOT OF JOB FOR MOVING THE WINGS AND RUDDER. MAYBE ENGINE OF CAR VOLVO. PLACEMENT IN THE BACK OF THE HULL. 25. FINAL: It can be constructed because SEE MOVIE ABOUT DOPLHIN BOAT!;) Transport:Can be attached 4wheels and can be pulled from two ropes attached to the front of hull and back of the car. Conclusion: Heavy, Nice hull design, can be used on roads also. 26. FINAL: 27. FINAL: 28. FINAL: 29. FINAL: 30. FINAL: 31. FINAL: 32. FINAL: 33. FINAL: 34. FINAL: 35. FINAL: SO:L=6-7m B=3-4mD=1.5-2m d=0.7-1.3m 36. GOOD BYE!;-)


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