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Acknowledging the performance discussion. Completing your own appraisal. Completing your self-appraisal. Forwarding to 2 nd reviewer and completing the process. Requesting colleague input . Conducting the performance appraisal. Preparing the employees appraisal. Table of Contents. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Preparing the employees appraisal

Conducting the performance appraisalRequesting colleague input Forwarding to 2nd reviewer and completing the processAcknowledging the performance discussionCompletingyour own appraisalCompleting your self-appraisal

1Table of ContentsWork Flow & Access ............ 3-4

ePerformance Module 1 ..... 5-11

Chapter 1 ......................................................................... 5-9 Completing your self-appraisal

Chapter2 ............................... 10-11 Acknowledging the performance discussion

ePerformance Module 2 .................................. 12-26

Chapter 1 ....................................................................... 12-14 Requesting colleague input

Chapter 2 ....................................................................... 15-21 Preparing the employees appraisal

Chapter 3 ....................................................................... 22-26 Forwarding to 2nd reviewer and completing the process

NoYesEmployee completes self-appraisalManager may request colleague inputManager reviews self-appraisal and colleague input documents, then prepares performance appraisalSecond Reviewer approves appraisalManager and employee meet to discuss performance appraisalManager makes performance appraisal available for employee review onlineEmployee reviews and acknowledges appraisalManager completes appraisalManager completes appraisal via overrideManager revises appraisalYesNoLeadership ePerformance FlowchartDue Date: August 31stBegin Date: July 1stAccessing the Training

You can access the training modules two different ways. Through KnowledgeLink via the Learning & Organizational Development homepage or through NetLearning.From the Learning and Organizational Development homepage click Online Education and then Performance Appraisal-Leader

From NetLearning click Enroll in CBL. The title of the CBL is: ePerformance Conducting the Leadership Performance Appraisal. You can search for the module by typing a portion of the title into the search bar. ePerformanceModule 1 - Chapter 1. Completing your self-appraisal

There are three steps to completing your performance appraisal:Completing the self-appraisal Reviewing , discussing and acknowledging receipt of your performance appraisal with your managerSetting accountabilities for the coming year This module will assist you in completing step 1. After you have logged into the PeopleSoft system, the example below uses the left menu to navigate to the document area.

5Select your performance appraisal.

Your goals from the previous year are available for review and are also accessible from your self-appraisal.

Begin your Self-Appraisal by selecting Start.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 456

Save your work at any time. Saving does not exit you from the document. Save allows you to exit the document and return at a later point.

When finished, select Complete. This makes the document available to your manager/reviewer.Selecting Cancel will delete any work not yet saved and exit you from the document.

You have the option to print your self-appraisal, if you would like.With the appraisal open, you will find an overview and seven sections. The following pages will describe each component and your role in completing that portion of the appraisal.

Section 1: Organizational GoalsRatings for the Organizational Goals will be done by your manager once the ratings have been determined. They will not be available for rating when completing your self-appraisal.

You do not have any tasks to complete in this section.

Section 2 Accountabilities / Key Results View the accountabilities/key results that you have worked on for the past year.

Edit information that you wish to update. However, this will not change the master appraisal . Only your manager can change your accountabilities/ key results.

Select the rating from the dropdown that you feel accurately describes your results.

You may add comments to support your rating in the comments box.

Add accountabilities that may have been included during the past year but were not yet recorded.

7Section 3 Management Behaviors - Read the short description of each behavior and then use the dropdown to rate your performance in the five behaviors listed.

Section 4 Values & Leadership Principles Read the short description under each Value/Principle and then use the dropdown to rate your performance in organizational values.8

Section 5 Overall Summary

If you choose to calculate your overall rating at this point, understand that the calculation does not include Section 1 Organizational Goals. This will decrease the actual score until those ratings are entered.

Section 6 Strengths (Optional)

Briefly describe 3-5 strengths that you possess and how you use those strengths to achieve desired outcomes.Section 7 Development Areas (Optional)

Briefly describe 2-3 areas that need improvement or are necessary for you to progress in the organization.

Final Steps

The last step forwards your self-appraisal to your manager. When you select Complete, the final step, your manager will be automatically notified that you have completed your self-appraisal.Save your work. IMPORTANT: Select Complete to forward your self-appraisal to your manager. 9

Final Steps

Select Complete a second time.

Final Steps

Select OK.

Final Steps

The system has recorded that your self-appraisal has been completed. A completed self-appraisal can be reviewed but it can not be edited.


Select your performance appraisal.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4ePerformanceModule 1 - Chapter 2. Acknowledging the performance discussion

The performance appraisal discussion between the manager and employee has occurred. The manager has electronically forwarded the appraisal document to the employee for review and the employee will now review, acknowledge and return.This module will assist you in completing step 1. After you have logged into the PeopleSoft system, the example below uses the left menu to navigate to the document area.Prior to acknowledging the performance appraisal, select View on the Review Manager Appraisal line.10

11After viewing the performance appraisal document, the employee has the opportunity to submit final comment to the manager.

Select Acknowledge Review to return the appraisal document to the manager.

Select OK.

The appraisal will then be returned to your manager.

11ePerformanceModule 2 Chapter 1. Requesting colleague input

The manager may begin preparing the employees appraisal prior to receiving colleague input and/or the employees self-appraisal.

This module will teach you how to request colleague input. After you have logged into the PeopleSoft system, the example below uses the left menu to navigate to the document area.12Select the employee for which you are seeking colleague input.Select Start from the Request Colleague Input area.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 412

13Select Add Colleague.Search for a colleague by typing in their last name and selecting the Search button.

Instructions are available by selecting the triangle next to the word Instructions.Check the box to the left of the employees name and then select OK.

If there are multiple employees with the same name, select the information icon for employee specific information.14

On the Appraisal Status Summary page, you will see confirmation that your request has been forwarded to the colleague.

Select Save.

Select Submit.

Upon submission, an automated email will be sent to the colleague. It will contain a link that will take them directly to the feedback area.

The colleague can elect not to give feedback, and the manager will be notified of this decision.

ePerformanceModule 2 Chapter 2. Preparing the employees appraisal

For this training:The employee has submitted his/her self-appraisal. Colleagues have completed your request for feedback.You are now ready to complete the performance appraisal for your leadership employee.15Select the employee for appraisal completion.Before clicking Start, note the information now available to you for review.

Previous FY Employees Accountabilities/Key Results were entered at the beginning of the performance cycle.

Input, requested by you, from colleagues

The employees self-appraisal

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 415

16Note the instructions on the workflow of the appraisal prior to meeting with the employee.Cancel takes you out of the document and deletes all entries for that session.

Print provides a copy of the document.

Return to Appraisal Status Summary backs you out of the appraisal but keeps you in the employee record.Organizational Goals ratings for leaders will be disseminated and then populated by you, the employees manager. Do not submit for second reviewer approval or share the appraisal with the employee until Section 1 is completed.

Save allows you to exit the document and return at a later point.

Submit for Approval routes the appraisal to the second reviewer.Section 1 Organizational Goals

17Before entering a rating you may want to update the employees accountabilities/key result or view the employees self-appraisal and colleagues input.

View colleague input and self-appraisal by selecting View Other Input.

There is the ability to add employee comments and colleague feedback to the document. Access this link and follow t


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