Prepared by Jordan ?· Prepared by Jordan Radke Last updated: 10/07/15 . ... Conrail CSX Transportation…

Download Prepared by Jordan ?· Prepared by Jordan Radke Last updated: 10/07/15 . ... Conrail CSX Transportation…

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<ul><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection </p><p>Finding Aid to the Collection at the Center for Railroad Photography &amp; Art </p><p>Prepared by Jordan Radke Last updated: 10/07/15 </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 2 </p><p>Collection Summary Title: Fred M. Springer Collection Span Dates: 1950 2006 Bulk Dates: 1985 2004 Creator: Springer, Fred M., 1928 2012 Extent: 15 archival boxes (Approximately 50,000 color slides); 15 linear feet Language: English Repository: Center for Railroad Photography &amp; Art, Madison, WI Abstract: Color slides by Fred M. Springer, from his collection of approximately 50,000 photographs, which he and his wife, Dale, donated to the Center in 2012. The collection spans more than fifty years, six continents, thirty countries, and forty states. Major areas of focus include steam in both regular service and on tourist and scenic railroads, structures including depots and engine terminals, and railroads in the landscape. </p><p>Selected Search Terms Country: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bolivia Brazil Canada Chile Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador France Germany Guatemala Italy Jordan </p><p>Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Paraguay Poland South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria United Kingdom United States Zambia Zimbabwe </p><p> State: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas </p><p>California Colorado Delaware Florida </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 3 </p><p>Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey </p><p>New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming </p><p> Railroad Name: Achensee Railway Agawa Canyon Tour Train Alfred County Railway American Orient Express Amtrak Angelina &amp; Neches River Railroad Arkansas &amp; Missouri Railroad Associacao Brasileira de Preservacao Ferroviaria Austrian Federal Railways Avontuur Railway Ballenberg-Dampfbahn Railway Bay Express Bernese Oberland Railway Bernina Express Railway Bex-Villars-Bretaye Railway Black River &amp; Western Railroad Bluebell Railway Blue Train Railway Brienz-Rothorn Railway British Columbia Railway British Railways </p><p>Brunig Panoramic Express Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Bush Mill Railway Canadian National Railway Canadian Pacific Railway Carroll Park &amp; Western Railroad Cass Scenic Railroad Ceske Drahy Railway Chestnut Ridge Railway Chicago &amp; North Western Railway Chicago South Shore &amp; South Bend Railroad Cincinnati, New Orleans &amp; Texas Pacific Railway Circus Train Coastal Pacific KiwiRail Conrail CSX Transportation Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Delaware, Lackawanna &amp; Western Railroad Denver &amp; Rio Grande Western Railroad Deutsche Bahn Don River Railway </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 4 </p><p>Durango &amp; Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad East Broad Top Railroad Empresa de Los Ferrocarriles Del Estado Empressa Ferrocarril Nacional de Bolivia Erie Railroad Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Estrada de Ferro Campos do Jordao Ferrocarril Chihuahua Al Pacifico Ferrocarril del Pacifico Ferrocarril Presidente Carlos Antonio Lopez Ferrocarriles del Ecuador Empresa Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ffestiniog Railway General Establishment of Syrian Railways Glenbrook Vintage Railway Gornergrat Railway Great Central Railway Great Southern Rail Green Mountain Railroad Harz Railway Hedjaz Jordan Railway Ida Bay Railway Illinois Central Railroad Indian Pacific Australia Intercity Express Iowa, Chicago &amp; Eastern Railroad Jungfrau Railway Kansas City Southern Railway Keighley &amp; Worth Valley Railway Kiamichi Railroad Kuranda Scenic Railway La Trochita Laona and Northern Railway Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher Railway Mana Ariki Railway Manitou &amp; Pikes Peak Railroad Matternhorn Gotthard Bahn Mid-Continent Railway Middletown &amp; New Jersey Railway </p><p>Midland Railway Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Montreux-Oberland Bernois Railway Morris County Central Morristown &amp; Erie Railway Moscow, Camden &amp; San Augustine Railroad National Railways of Zimbabwe New Hope &amp; Ivyland Railroad New Jersey West Line Railroad New Zealand Railways Norfolk &amp; Western Railway Norfolk Southern Railway Northern Explorer Train Service Paul Mash Railway Pine Creek Railroad Prescott &amp; Northwestern Railroad Puffing Billy Railway Radebeul-Radeburg Railway Ramal Ferro Industrial de Rio Turbio Rhaetian Railway Rhodesia Railways Rio Grande Southern Railroad Riverside &amp; Great Northern Railroad Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway Roscoe, Snyder &amp; Pacific Railway Saint-Bernard Express San Diego &amp; Arizona Eastern Transportation Schynige Platte Railway Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Severn Valley Railway Soo Line Railroad South African Railway South Orient Railroad Southern Pacific Transportation Stephenville North and South Texas Railway Susquehanna &amp; Western Railway Swiss Federal Railways Taieri Gorge Railway Telford Steam Railway Tennessee Central Railway </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 5 </p><p>Texas &amp; Pacific Railway Texas State Railroad Train a Grande Vitesse Trans Alpine Union Pacific Railroad Upper Rhine Railway Company Venice Simplon Orient Express Vereinigte Huttwil-Bahnen Vermont Railway </p><p>Virginia &amp; Truckee Railroad Wanamaker Kempton &amp; Southern Weka Pass Railway West Coast Wilderness Railway Wyntental and Suhrental Railway Ybbs Valley Railway Zambia Railways Zig Zag Railway Zillertal Railway</p><p>Administrative Information Provenance Fred Springer donated his photographs to the Center along with a substantial donation to catalog and preserve in 2012. Processing History The collection was donated in 2012. Processing began in January 2014 and completed in October 2014. The finding aid was completed in December 2014. Additional Notes Selected photographs are publically available on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Copyright Status 2014, Center for Railroad Photography &amp; Art. Access and Restrictions For educational use only, please contact the Center for other usage requests. </p><p>Biographical Note Fred Springer (1928-2012) started making railroad photographs in the 1940s in Colorado and New Mexico. Springer was a native of Washington, D.C., who grew up in Houston, Texas. He graduated in 1949 in engineering from Missouri School of Mines in Rolla, Missouri, and worked for Mobil Oil Corporation and subsidiary companies. As a result my rail photography from the early 1940s until 1963 was largely Texas, the Southwest U.S. including New Mexico, and Colorado. I had three tours of duty in the New York headquarters 1963-67, 1968-1976, and 1983-85 at which time I retired and moved back to Texas. Fred Springer </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 6 </p><p> After retirement he and Dale traveled the world by train, visiting almost every country in South America and Europe plus South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Syria, Australia, and New Zealand. When they lived in Texas he made many trips to Mexico when steam was still alive in the 1960s and 70s. </p><p>Scope and Content Note The Fred M. Springer Collection includes approximately 47,000 35 mm Kodak color slides organized in 58 plastic cartons (each with up to 24 magazine slots) stored in 14 archival boxes. The photographs range from 1950 2006 covering more than 30 countries in 6 continents along with more than 40 states in the USA. The collection has a strong focus domestically in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and West Virginia with the BNSF, Cass Scenic Railroad, Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Denver &amp; Rio Grande Western Railroad, and Rio Grande Southern Railroad. The collection also focuses abroad in Central Europe, Mexico, Middle East, South America, and southern Africa with the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico, Hedjaz Jordan Railway, La Trochita, South African Railways, and Swiss Federal Railway. The photographs draw emphasis on steam locomotives, narrow and standard gauges, scenic railroad companies, and railroad-related buildings such as stations, depots, engine houses, and museums. Correspondents include Ed Fulcomer and George Werner. </p><p>Arrangement of the Collection This collection is arranged by Fred Springers original order. </p><p> Container List Box Carton Contents Box 1 Springer Slides-Australia-NZ </p><p>Carton 1 Springer-Australia-1998 Australia </p><p> 1998, 27 March 1998, 21 April Great Southern Rail, Indian Pacific Australia, </p><p> Kuranda Scenic Railway, Zig Zag Railway </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 7 </p><p>Box Carton Contents Carton 2 Springer-Australia-2003-NZ(2)-2004 </p><p>Australia, New Zealand 2003, 12 April 2004, 26 January </p><p>Mana Ariki Railway, Raurimu Spiral Railway Carton 3 Springer-Australia-UK-1997 </p><p>Australia, United Kingdom 1997, 4 February 1997, 9 April </p><p>Puffing Billy Railway, Keighley &amp; Worth Valley Railway </p><p>Carton 4 Springer-NZ(1)-1994 New Zealand </p><p> 1994, 5 January 1994, 29 January Coastal Pacific KiwiRail, Glenbrook Vintage </p><p> Railway, Mana Ariki Railway, Northern Explorer Train Service, Taieri Gorge Railway, Trans Alpine, Weka Pass Railway </p><p>Box 2 Springer Slides-Austria-Swiss Carton 1 Springer-Austria-Swiss1-1984 Austria, Switzerland 1984, 14 September 1984, 28 September Rhaetian Railway, Schynige Platte Railway Carton 2 Springer-Austria-Swiss2-1986-87 Austria, Switzerland 1986, 28 September 1987, 26 September </p><p>Austrian Federal Railways, Bex-Villars-Bretaye Railway, Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher Railway, Montreux-Oberland Bernois Railway, Rigi Railways </p><p>Carton 3 Springer-Austria-Swiss3-1987-89 Austria, Switzerland 1987, 27 September 1989, March </p><p>Bex-Villars-Bretaye Railway, Montreux-Oberland Bernois Railway </p><p> Carton 4 Springer-Austria-Swiss4-1986-Germany-1985 Austria, Germany, Switzerland 1985, July 1986, September </p><p> Bernese Oberland Railway, Rhaetian Railway, Schynige Platte Railway, Vereinigte Huttwil-Bahnen, Ybbs Valley Railway </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 8 </p><p>Box Carton Contents Box 3 Springer Slides-CO-SOAM </p><p>Carton 1 Springer-CHI-ARG1-1995-97 Argentina, Chile 1995, 24 October 1995, 11 November Ferrocarriles Argentinos, Ferrocarril del Sur, La Trochita Carton 2 Springer-CO-CAL4-1988-90 United States 1988 1990 </p><p>Amtrak, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Durango &amp; Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Roscoe, Snyder &amp; Pacific Railway, Southern Pacific Transportation </p><p>Carton 3 Springer-CO5-1991-93 United States </p><p>1991, 2 May 1993, 8 May Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Durango &amp; Silverton </p><p> Narrow Gauge Railroad, Santa Fe Southern Railway Carton 4 Springer-SOAM1-1990 Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay 1990, 10 July 1990, 23 October </p><p>Empresa de Los Ferrocarriles Del Estado, Ferrocarril Presidente Carlos Antonio Lopez, Ramal Ferro Industrial de Rio Turbio </p><p>Box 4 Springer Slides-East Carton 1 Springer-East1-1958-65 Canada, United States 1958, October 1965, May </p><p>Baltimore &amp; Ohio Railroad, Carroll Park &amp; Western Railroad, CSX Transportation, East Broad Top Railroad, Lehigh &amp; Hudson River Railway, Middletown &amp; New Jersey Railway, Morris County Central, Norfolk Southern </p><p>Railway, Reading Company, South Brooklyn Railway, Susquehanna &amp; Western Railway </p><p>Carton 2 Springer-East2-1965-66 Canada, United Kingdom, United States 1965, October 1966, July </p><p>Agawa Canyon Tour Train, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, Green Mountain Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway, Soo Line Railroad, Vermont Railway, Virginia &amp; Truckee Railroad </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 9 </p><p>Box Carton Contents Carton 3 Springer-East3-1966-69 Canada, United States 1966 1969 </p><p>Black River &amp; Western Railroad, Canadian National Railway, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Conrail, East Broad Top Railroad, Erie Railroad, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, Lehigh &amp; Hudson River Railway, New York, Chicago &amp; St. Louis Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway, Norfolk &amp; Western Railway, Susquehanna &amp; Western Railway, Tennessee Central Railway, Virginia &amp; Truckee Railroad, Wanamaker Kempton &amp; Southern </p><p>Carton 4 Springer-East4-1969-71 Canada, United States 1969, 13 September 1971 Cass Scenic Railroad, Central Railroad of New Jersey, </p><p> Chestnut Ridge Railway, Conrail, East Broad Top Railroad, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, Morristown &amp; Erie Railway, </p><p> New Jersey West Line Railroad, New York, Chicago &amp; St. Louis Railroad, Nickel Plate Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway, Norfolk &amp; Western Railway, Reading Company </p><p>Box 5 Springer Slides-East-IL Carton 1 Springer-East-IL5-1971-74 </p><p>United States 1971 1974 </p><p>Amtrak, Canadian Pacific Railway, Cass Scenic Railroad, Conrail, CSX Transportation, Delaware &amp; Hudson Railroad, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, New Hope &amp; Ivyland Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway, Seaboard Coast Line Railroad </p><p>Carton 2 Springer-East-IL6-1975-77 Canada, United States 1975, February 1977 Black River &amp; Western Railroad, Canadian Pacific Railway, Cass Scenic Railroad, Chicago &amp; North Western Railway, Chicago South Shore &amp; South Bend Railroad, East Broad Top Railroad, Florida East Coast Railway, Lehigh Valley Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway, Riverside &amp; Great Northern Railroad </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 10 </p><p>Box Carton Contents Carton 3 Springer-East7-1978-82 </p><p>United States 1978 1982, 1 August </p><p>Canadian National Railway, Chesapeake &amp; Ohio Railway, CSX Transportation, Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, Illinois Central Railroad, Laona and Northern Railway </p><p>Carton 4 Springer-East-IL8-1984-92 United States 1984 1992, 20 November Burlington Northern Railroad, Chestnut Ridge Railway, </p><p> Chicago, Burlington &amp; Quincey Railroad, Circus Train, Clinchfield Railroad, Conrail, Delaware, Lackawanna &amp; </p><p>Western Railroad, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, Mid- Continent Railway, Norfolk &amp; Western Railway </p><p>Box 6 Springer Slides-EURO Carton 1 Springer-Europe-1993 </p><p>Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland 1993, 20 May 1993, 7 June </p><p>Achensee Railway, Austrian Federal Railways, Radebuel- Radeburg Railway, Zillertal Railway </p><p> Carton 2 Springer-Germany(1)-1985 Germany, Netherlands </p><p> 1985, 6 July 1985, 20 July Achensee Railway, Austrian Federal Railways, Deutsche </p><p> Bahn, Upper Rhine Railway, Zillertal Railway Carton 3 Springer-Germany(2)-1998 </p><p>Germany 1998, 16 February 1998, 24 February </p><p>Radebeul-Radeburg Railway Carton 4 Springer-Swiss(2)-2000 </p><p>France, Switzerland 2000, 20 October 2000, 5 November Brienz-Rothorn Railway, Brunig Panoramic Express, </p><p> Jungfrau Railway, Rhaetian Railway, Saint-Bernard Express </p></li><li><p>Fred M. Springer Collection 11 </p><p>Box Carton Contents Box 7 Springer Slides-EURO-West&amp;South </p><p>Carton 1 Springer-Austria-2001 Austria, Czech Republic, Germany </p><p> 2001, 10 May 2001, 28 May Austrian Federal Railways, Ceske Drahy Railway </p><p>Carton 2 Springer-FRA-SD&amp;AE-C&amp;TS(1)-1999 France, United Kingdom, United States </p><p> 1999, 28 February 1999, 29 May Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Petaluma &amp; Santa </p><p> Rosa Railroad, San Diego &amp; Arizona Eastern Railway Carton 3 Springer- FRA-SD&amp;AE-C&amp;TS(2)-1999 </p><p>United States 1999, 30 May 1999, 3 Novemb...</p></li></ul>


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