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    Howzit Midlands! Well we have surpassed the 80th day of lockdown and I hope everyone is still managing to remain sane, we have moved to Alert Level 3 and I am sure that everyone has managed to replenish the stocks of their favourite tipple and no longer need to produce or drink their pineapple beer, homemade Vodka or moonshine wine, I believe that yeast is freely available again.

    Those of you who watched President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the Nation on the evening of 17 June, may have noticed that in amongst the

    numerous changes to the lockdown level 3 regulations “Commercially licensed accommodation” activity, with strict health protocols in place, will be allowed – not sure if or how this affects caravan parks but I am sure we will get more clarity in the days to come. Who knows, we might be able to rally sooner than we thought!!

    As mentioned last month, the end of the caravanning year, 30 June, is almost upon us and everyone should have by now received their membership renewal invoices, please pay your subs as soon as possible. I also wish to reiterate that please don’tdon’tdon’tdon’t let your membership lapse, if you have any difficulty in making payment, contact either myself or any other

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    committee member so that we can make a plan to accommodate you.

    In light of the abovementioned changes to the lockdown regulations, our AGM is still scheduled for the Saturday morning at the rally over the weekend of 14th to 16th August at Queensburgh Caravan Resort, we might even be in level 1 by then. National Council have also advised that Regions may hold their AGM’s up until 30 September, if this is not possible, we will be informed of the way forward prior to that date.

    The CCSA Annual Convention which was scheduled for 23rd October has also been postponed till next year, possibly in March sometime.

    Included with this newsletter is a nomination form for Regional Committee Members, there are 3 committee members coming to the end of their term and we require 4 new committee members to fill 4 vacancies to bring us back to a full complement of 8 committee members. Please guys and girls step up to the plate and put your names in the hat.

    Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will be able to report that “Our next rally will take place over the weekend of ?? to ?? ??? ???? at such and such caravan park”.

    “Either take the chance and make achieving your dreams a possibility or don’t,

    and make living with regret a certainty”

    ~Kevin Ngo~~Kevin Ngo~~Kevin Ngo~~Kevin Ngo~

    Cheers for now, keep safe, keep well, keep sane and God willing I will see you at a rally soon.


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    Please try and ensure that you have the correct

    amount at Pay Parade as change is not always


    Hi all Midlands members, well I am sure once all the COVID19 restrictions have been lifted we will be able to rally soon. Keep your fingers crossed. I have really had withdrawal symptoms and feel as though I have lost a limb or two.

    I will keep your posted of when our next rally will take place.

    Subs for the new caravanning year are due, so please remember to pay by 30 June 2020 to continue with your membership. I am sure your invoice has been emailed to you. Subs are R470.00 for the year, less R10.00 for each rally you attended. Should you for any reason have not received your invoice, please contact Billy.

    Please keep safe and hope many of you attend our first rally.

    Yours in caravanning,

    SallySallySallySally Cell 082 372 8093

    Email: [email protected]

    CCSA Midlands Banking Details:

    Bank: Standard Bank

    Account No: 052210952

    Branch code: 057525

    Please always use your surname and rally venue in

    the reference

    COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE 2019/20202019/20202019/20202019/2020 Chairman



    033 345 4101


    082 374 2327

    [email protected] . za Chief Rally


    Sally Riley

    082 372 8093


    [email protected] com





    033 386 7250

    083 382 7671

    [email protected]



    Anita Nefdt

    033 386 4494

    083 403 8957

    [email protected]




    de Wit

    082 820 3238 [email protected]





    082 371 4315

    lindapretorius [email protected]





    033 330 8116

    066 221 4441

    [email protected].co






    033 386 7250

    083 382 7671

    [email protected]

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    Howzit Midlands, hope you are all well and safe and in desperate need to get out and camp!!!!!

    I have been watching “Trip in a van – Road Trip Australia Series” on You Tube. It is about a young couple with three children travelling around Australia in a 4x4 double cab and 4 wheel-off road caravan. Brilliant and stacks of camping tips, whilst the scenery is incredible I still think you have to go a long way to beat South Africa. Check it out.

    Nerine Koekemoer posted a message on Face Book from Mc Nicolls Resort, Bazley Beach who indicated that they are busy getting ready to welcome campers back from 1 July 2020. Best news I have heard in a while. LET’S HOPE IT HAPPENS!!!

    By the way, we sold our trusty 2004 Palma caravan and bought our final (HAHA) caravan, a van that we have been wanting for quite some time. A 2013 Jurgens Classique with all the toys, can’t wait to go camping again!!!

    Cheers and keep safe


    Hi to all Midlands Members

    At the time of writing my report it is the 12th week of “lockdown”. There are a lot of uncertainties, worries, stress and concerns with regards to finances, businesses and the future.

    I believe we must look out for each other, listen when people need to talk and how they feel and that alone, will help them to get it of their chest.

    REMINDERREMINDERREMINDERREMINDER Please do not use the CCSA Midlands Facebook Group to send Please do not use the CCSA Midlands Facebook Group to send Please do not use the CCSA Midlands Facebook Group to send Please do not use the CCSA Midlands Facebook Group to send intentions intentions intentions intentions –––– use either the Whatsapp, Email, use either the Whatsapp, Email, use either the Whatsapp, Email, use either the Whatsapp, Email, SMS options or give me a call. Remember NO INTENTION FORM SMS options or give me a call. Remember NO INTENTION FORM SMS options or give me a call. Remember NO INTENTION FORM SMS options or give me a call. Remember NO INTENTION FORM –––– NO RALLYNO RALLYNO RALLYNO RALLY

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    Llewellyn and Rose van Wyk’s son, Darren who is in the UK had a very bad cycle accident. He had to have pins in his leg. A few days later he underwent a 6 hour operation on his hip to replace his hip bone with metal. He had 3 operations all together. I have had an update from Rose that Darren is healing slowly but taking strain. His memory is bad and he is still in a wheel chair, but in his flat he is trying to move around. Luckily he has his girlfriend and his sister Claire, to help him. Llew and Rose have been going through a lot of heartache not being able to fly to Darren as a result of the lockdown. Please keep them and Darren in your prayers. We wish Darren a speedy and complete recovery and strength for Llew & Rose during this difficult time.


    Albert Fryer is doing well and doesn’t need his hip brace any longer and no more pain. Hope you get stronger and stronger every day.

    Quintus had his check-up visit with the Cardiologist. He is very happy with his heart. Quintus has started to cycle but has been told to take it easy and to not overdo anything. Luckily his body tells him very quickly to slow down.

    Trusting all the fathers had an enjoyable Father’s Day. I hope this time all the women spoiled their husbands. It is very strange to have all these special days under lockdown.

    The Grade 7’s and 12’s went back to school on the 8th June 2020, with the majority of schools well prepared. Our Robyn is a Grade 5 teacher at Pelham Senior Primary School. She has to teach Grade 7’s for now as each of the classes has been halved. It’s been a very stres