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PowerTools for Business are the advice we hear a million times and never put into action. Now's the time to transform your business. From a speech I gave in Anchorage, Alaska for Alaska Department of Transportation Civil Rights Office.


  • 1. PowerTools forYour Business:Building Your ToolkitAliza Sherman@alizasherman

2. Speaking aboutPowerTools for Business 3. waiata (why-ahrt-ah)song, chant, psalmtautoko (tow-tor-kor)to support, prop up, verify,advocate, accept 4. Lets ExploreThe Power of Storytelling.Making Your Mission.Leveraging Technology.Nurturing Your Network.Being and Finding a Mentor.Giving Back. 5. Tell Your Stories.@alizasherman 6. How I started my business.@alizasherman 7. Once youve lookeddown the barrel ofa 9mm gun, starting abusiness isnt scary.--Aliza Sherman@alizasherman 8. @alizasherman 9. Who should know your story? Your Customers Your Prospects Your Employees The Media 10. Who should know your story? 11. Telling your stories and sharingyour experiences is a gift.@alizasherman 12. Make Your Mission.@alizasherman 13. Triple Bottom Line (TBL) 14. What fills your spirit?Do more of that.@alizasherman 15. I wanted to be writer@alizasherman 16. My Mission: Empower PeopleThrough Technology@alizasherman 17. Leverage technology.@alizasherman 18. Do what you do betterwith the right tools.@alizasherman 19. Some of my favorite tools.@alizasherman 20. Manage projects, tasks, people.@alizasherman 21. Schedule meetings with others.@alizasherman 22. Share and archive big files.@alizasherman 23. Expense reports made easy.@alizasherman 24. Save and remember things.@alizasherman 25. Save articles for later.@alizasherman 26. Schedule online messages.@alizasherman 27. Make apps work together.@alizasherman 28. Better manage your time.@alizasherman 29. Pay attention with music.@alizasherman 30. Pay attention with sounds.@alizasherman 31. Find time to stay fit.@alizasherman 32. Stick to your goals.@alizasherman 33. Practice gratitude.@alizasherman 34. Practice mindfulness.@alizasherman 35. Nurture Your Network.@alizasherman 36. Seed, water, weed.@alizasherman 37. Manage your contacts.@alizasherman 38. Network smarter.@alizasherman 39. Dont approach networkingas What can they do for me?Instead, think What can I dofor them. The rest will follow.--Aliza Sherman@alizasherman 40. Be and Find a mentor.@alizasherman 41. @alizashermanJerry Colonna12345Samir AroraCharlie JacksonPatrice TanakaTerry Wheatley 42. You never know whereyoull find a mentor. Start withbeing a mentor to others.Youll be surprised howmuch you learn.--Aliza Sherman@alizasherman 43. Give Back. 44. @alizasherman 45. Nobody on their deathbedever said, I wish I hadspent more time workingon my business.--Paul Tsongas@alizasherman 46. It's not the things we doin life that we regreton our deathbed. It isthe things we do not.--Randy Pausch@alizasherman 47. Whatever road you take,make it a good journey.@alizasherman 48. Tell Your StoryMake Your Mission.Leverage Technology.Nurture Your Network.Be and Find a Mentor.Give Back. 49. Aliza Shermanaliza@mediaegg.comalizasherman.com