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  • 1. TECHNOLOGY IN SCHOOLS: VERY BENEFICIAL Amanda Henry School Board Meeting, November 08, 2010

2. Table of Contents:

  • Welcome
  • Student Achievement on Standardized Tests
  • Higher Level Thinking and Creativity
  • Becoming Self Learners
  • Staff Development

Home 3. Welcome! Home 4. Student Achievement on Standardized Tests

    • Students placed 14% higher on achievement tests
    • Learn more in less time.
    • Positive attitudes.
    • Positive effects of achievement in all major subject areas
    • Increase in achievement preschool through higher education.
    • Attitude improved.
  • Kuliks Meta-Analysis Study:500 individual research studies of computer based instruction.
  • Sivin-Kachalas Review of the Research:219 studies to asses the effect of technology throughout all ages.

Educational Technology provides tools that foster learning and enhance education. It has positively impacted student achievement.Home 5.

  • Students in technology rich environments are able to apply their content knowledge in a variety of ways to deepen understanding of content domains.

Higher Level Thinking & Creativity http://tech4azeducators.wikispaces.com 6. Higher Level Thinking & Creativity Home 7. Becoming Self Learners

  • When students are excited, engaged and
  • supported, they become confident in their
  • learning ability and will become self motivated
  • learners.
  • Harvey-Woodall Article - The best way to enhance student achievement is through educational technology.It is most powerful when focused on specific, educational objectives.

8. Becoming Self Learners9 Proven Instructional Strategies Technology that supports these strategies: Home 9. Staff Development

  • Staff Development is one of the most essential elements in ensuring that education technology is integrated into the classroom in an effective manner.
  • In order to have successful staff development, staff, administrators and stakeholders need to be on board.

10. Staff Development Meaningful sessions that are an integral part of the district and school technology plan. With the support of all stakeholders a successful plan will be implemented to raise student achievement and teaching. Home 11. IN CONCLUSION, EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY HAS HAD A POSITIVE IMPACT ON EDUCATION . IT RAISES STUDENTS ACHIEVEMENT IN TEST SCORES, PROMOTES HIGHER-LEVEL THINKING AND CREATIVITY, AS WELL AS, CREATES EFFECTIVE SELF LEARNERS AND STAFF DEVELOPMENT.WITH TECHNOLOGY, TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS CAN PROVIDE A HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATION THAT WILL PAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR STUDENTS LIVES. Thank you! Any Questions? Home


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