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  1. 1. Malena CaballeroFerrero 4B
  2. 2. But now Isee the newlaws, theyare abouttheprohibitionof abortion
  3. 3. I alwaysthought that Inever live thecrisis
  4. 4. But I never see poor andhungry people eating in thetrash contenders
  5. 5. If I could help thatpeople andredistribute thegovernment
  6. 6. I would end the crisis,end the corruption andhelp the victims; thepeople
  7. 7. But I might think thepositive part,Is it there?
  8. 8. I can't turn all right, Icant bring Spain justiceand money
  9. 9. But I can go out andshout my ideas andcomplaints
  10. 10. I won't ever be this way,its insane
  11. 11. But I might waitand take breath