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2. One of the first fonts I likes was Stenstreet.It connotes the revolutionary nature of my magazine through the paintball effect on the letters which also connotes art. I also like the brick outlines on the letters which connote modern urban life but could also be misinterpreted as rap music instead of indie. 3. The next font I thought about using for mymasthead was art post. I really like theunusual letters and how they are disjointedand different which I feel connotes the maintheme of indie; that of uniqueness and pridein being different. The letters are also curvedwhich also connotes how I want this magazineto appeal to a female audience as well asmale. However it doesnt connote revolutionvery effectively. 4. Another font I liked was cocaine sans. I really likethe way all the letters seem to go off on theirown tangents and curl and again dontconform to any set pattern which againconnotes indie. Also the stencil like lettersconnote the army and therefore revolution.However it is quite difficult to read from afarso may not be best for the masthead. 5. Another font I liked as American bravado asagain I liked the curls which made it moreappealing to women. The letters are also alluniform which again connotes the military butis subverted by the messy curls and splodges;just as indie subverts the norm. However thisis even harder to read than the previous fontso may not be appropriate for a masthead. 6. The final font I like is idiot font. I really like thestencil like letters which again connote militaryand revolution which is again subverted by theoddness of having the circles filled in. Thisconnotes indie as it represents the revolutionaryatmosphere in this magazine as well as theuniqueness of indie. This is my chosen font as itrepresents all I want it to as well as allowing meto create logos within my masthead as Implanning on playing around with the coloured inOs and R and maybe putting a fist within in toagain connote revolution.