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Childrens Program

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Childrens Program


The ICAN Children and Youth program can provide services to children in their homes to ensure safety and well being, as well as a comfortable environment for the child to learn.3

We provide opportunities and adventures in the community that many of the children we serve would not be able to experience otherwise.4

It is a good way to see how other people live, work, and play. Wouldnt it be fun to feed some chickens?5

It is important for all children to learn skills necessary for living and thriving. We offer opportunities like learning how to cook simple meals or prepare snacks, both healthy and even some that are just good!6

What do you like to do? We can provide a variety of different activities so each child can decide for themselves what they like to do. Painting, games, reading and a number of different activities are tried each day so children see the community and things that they may want to do as they continue to grow.7

When there are fun things going on, we like to see them. We like going to concerts, fairs, art shows, and car shows. Children like to get out and see things and experience what the community has to offer, and we like to make that happen for our kids.8

Part of the services that we provide is that of helping each child in building relationships. Having friends, mentors, and people to count on and have fun with is one of the most important things in a childs life. It is important in all of our lives, and this is something that we like to help facilitate.9

The children we serve love doing things like swimming, watching movies, playing games, and even participating in little league, football, and softball. 10

When the community helps to support the ICAN Children and Youth program, they are helping to support the building of lasting relationships of the children of this community to local businesses as well as bringing joy to many, many children. 11

All of our children love being able to actively participate in community life. They love building relationships and having fun. They love to learn by getting out and doing.12

We learned from our recent KIDS CAMP week, that the children love to learn by doing and experiencing. 13

We hope you enjoyed seeing a little portion of what we do and see what we are able to accomplish in our homes, in our community, and in our program. Thank you.14marketMarkettingCopyright 1998, The Microsoft CorporationStan LePard-Panther Modernmarket.midchordsbassTrack 1Track 1 #2percussionchords #2Track 1 #3Track 1 #4

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