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DESCRIPTION | Planning a birthday for your significant other includes deciding how to celebrate, arranging activities, decorating, and writing a card to accompany a gift. Including the June birth flower, the rose, and Junes birthstone, alexandrite, into the celebration adds a special touch and shows how much you care.


Every month has symbols that are unique to that particular time of year. The following slides offer things to keep in mind when planning a birthday for someone born in June as well as how to incorporate the symbolism unique to the month. In planning a birthday for your significant other, youll need to determine how to celebrate. Will it be a series of fun activities or a traditional party? How many people will be invited? Will a venue be needed or is the party space readily available, such as at a home? Arrange Activities If planning a series of fun activities, consider prolonging the celebration by making an entire day special. Think of all the things your significant other loves, like a favorite restaurant, gallery, or place to shop, and stop at each one. Make it even more special by spreading the fun over a weekend, or even the entire month. Add the personal touch of decorations. The basics include colorful streamers and balloons, but you can extend this even further with table decorations. Stick to a color theme, such as your significant others favorite colors. Decorations dont need to be extravagant. A little thought goes a long way. Consider flowers as a decoration, particularly the June birth month flower, the rose. Roses generally symbolize love and appreciation, but different colors have their own meaning. Red symbolizes love and romance, white symbolizes purity, and pink symbolizes perfection. Think about which colors characterize your significant other and place them throughout the house. Everyone looks forward to opening a birthday gift, but the added personalization of a birthday card should not be forgotten. Writing a special message for your significant other really shows how much you care and gives you a chance to express your love and appreciation. Feature a June Birthstone Give your significant other a symbolic gift, such as jewelry featuring a June birthstone. Moonstones encourage connections with emotions and dreams and have energy primed for receptivity, love, and protection. Pearls are symbolic of purity and have energy geared for protection, love, and good luck. Alexandrite is the June Birthstone, and is renowned for its eye-catching ability to change color under different conditions. Its colors are symbolic of vitality, growth, and energy, and the stone symbolizes good luck, fortune, and keeping love in your life. This really makes alexandrite jewelry the perfect birthday gift for your significant other. Alaska Jewelry has served Alaskan customers since 1990 at multiple store locations. Starting in 2000, Alaska Jewelry became available to the rest of the USA via while still maintaining the same brand of hometown service and unique jewelry. Expansion of the customer family has continued to include every state in the USA as well as many international customers. Visit us online at or call 1-800-360-5744.