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  • 1. BYAitor,Gerard,Carlos and Elias.

2. PHOTOS OF EL PLAThis is the church of El Pla. It is very old. 3. THE ONE STREETThis is one street. It is the oldest street in El Pla. 4. ThTHE YOUNG SCHOOLThis is our school. There are 245 students. 5. THE OLD SCHOOLThis school is the oldest school of El Pla. It is next to the our school. We use it as mediateca(library). 6. THE FOOTBALL SCHOOLThis is the field football. We play in this field. A 7. THE WATERPOOLThis is the our pool. It is O very deep and big. 8. EL PLA FROM THE AIR 9. THANKS FOR WATCHING.