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<p>PITTSGROVE TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE </p> <p>MEETING MINUTES </p> <p>FEBRUARY 8, 2017 </p> <p>At 7:30pm The Pittsgrove Township Committee was called to order by Dr. Fiore J. Copare, Mayor. </p> <p>It was advertised in the Daily Journal on January 7, 2017, in accordance with Public Law 1975, </p> <p>Chapter 231. The flag salute was led by Mayor Copare. </p> <p>ROLL CALL Present: Craver, Hickson, Ridgway, Spinelli, Copare </p> <p>Absent: </p> <p>Solicitor Carr and Municipal Clerk Marlor were also in attendance. </p> <p>PRESENTATION: EDMUNDS AND ASSOCIATES </p> <p>Jeffrey Stout, Marketing Director for Edmunds and Associates reviewed the presentation packet </p> <p>that was distributed to all the Committee members and gave a brief overview of products including </p> <p>items such as payroll services, module for tax payments on line, and permits and code enforcement </p> <p>package. He asked for questions. </p> <p>Committeeman Ridgway asked if they would handle pension reporting? Mr. Stout reiterated that </p> <p>once they were up and running with these new services they could handle the pension reporting </p> <p>and match the services provided by Casa. </p> <p>Committeewoman Spinelli asked for clarification regarding the time keeping piece. </p> <p>Mr. Stout clarified that every employee (and he chose Clerk Marlor as an example) is responsible </p> <p>for entering their own information. Ms. Marlors hours would be set at the beginning for the entire </p> <p>year. If there was a change with her weekly schedule system, as it is not a clock in/clock out </p> <p>system, she be entering those changes herself. There would; however, still be departmental </p> <p>approval prior to receiving a check. Youd still need a time clock if you want to have actuals for </p> <p>each attendance clock in /clock out hour. </p> <p>Discussion ensued and upon conclusion Mr. Stout thanked the Committee. </p> <p>APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES January 25,2017 </p> <p> On a motion by Craver and seconded by Spinelli, the minutes from January 25, 2017 were </p> <p>approved as submitted. </p> <p> Vote: All in favor </p> <p>APPROVAL OF THE ANNUAL TAX COLLECTOR REPORT </p> <p>On a motion by Ridgway and seconded by Hickson, the annual Tax Collectors report was </p> <p>approved as submitted. </p> <p>2 </p> <p> Vote: All in favor </p> <p>APPROVAL OF FACILITY USE REQUESTS </p> <p>On a motion by Craver and seconded by Ridgeway, the (5) facility use requests as </p> <p>submitted and reviewed were approved. </p> <p> Vote: All in favor </p> <p>APPROVAL RAC - EASTER EGG EVENT </p> <p>On a motion by Craver and seconded by Spinelli, the Easter Egg Event was approved with </p> <p>the adjustment from $3,000.00 to $2,000.00 </p> <p> Vote: All in favor, except Ridgway who abstained </p> <p>Discussion ensued that they would like to reconsider the event schedule for the RAC 2017 event </p> <p>dates. This was tabled at the last meeting and the proposal was revised and clarified. </p> <p>On a motion by Spinelli and seconded by Ridgway the RAC list of 2017 event dates was </p> <p>approved as submitted </p> <p> Vote: All in favor </p> <p>TOWNSHIP SOLICITORS REPORT </p> <p>Solicitor John G. Carr reviewed his report synopsis that was submitted for distribution and review </p> <p>by the Township Committee. The contents of the report included: </p> <p>Hollywood v. Walker: As you are aware, the Walker Farm/Hollywood matter is ongoing. I </p> <p>have given you information as to the status. This started as a lawsuit against the Township, County </p> <p>and Walker Farm (and others) by Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood. By the time Mike left, the suit had </p> <p>been administratively held while all remedies available under the Right to Farm Act were to be </p> <p>pursued. There is a hearing scheduled in Trenton on February 14, 2017 and Mike had committed </p> <p>to appear. Both sides of the dispute are Township residents and therefore the Township would </p> <p>have interest only in seeking to preserve the interests of all Township property owners. In this </p> <p>light, I did meet with Eileen Kull of the NJDEP, Bureau of Water Compliance and Enforcement, </p> <p>reviewed photographic evidence and video footage which she had on this matter and discussed </p> <p>this matter. She recommended that the Township cover itself by requesting, by way of facilitation </p> <p>of the Township Storm Water Management Plan, that the County prioritize the flooding situation </p> <p>at Porchtown and Harris Roads situate in Pittsgrove Township. I have produced a form of letter </p> <p>such as she is recommending for your review. With agreement from the Committee, I can forward. </p> <p>At this time, it is not my intention to appear to give testimony at the upcoming meeting in Trenton </p> <p>however I have been asked to do so by the resident. I have no personal knowledge and as I had </p> <p>indicated to you previously, I did ask Mike if he was willing to provide testimony on that day and </p> <p>he indicated he was not. I stand ready to discuss this if anyone has any thoughts on the matter. In </p> <p>the meantime, I would look for an indication that no one objects to the form of letter which I would </p> <p>propose to send to the County. </p> <p>3 </p> <p>To be clear, Mrs. Hollywood approached me indicating that Mike had agreed to testify on her </p> <p>behalf. I did reach out to her attorney and await his reply call however I have nothing to testify </p> <p>about and as I have already alerted you, the call with Mike indicated that he had no interest in </p> <p>continuing on an hourly basis to assist in this matter. </p> <p>Sanitary Landfill: I have been in contact with Mimi and Steve Nardelli of Fralinger Engineering </p> <p>in the matter of the Notice of Violation dated 12-2-2016 which I attach. Mr. Nardelli points out </p> <p>that that the complaint is about a condition which has existed since the closure of the landfill many, </p> <p>many years ago. Mr. Nardelli is working on the application in order to facilitate the closure of the </p> <p>Notice of Violation however he did indicate that I most likely will have to reach out to Ms. </p> <p>Summers again of the DEP for purposes of seeking an additional extension in order to provide a </p> <p>corrective action plan. </p> <p>Attendance Policy: I have produced the form of Attendance Policy by way of Ordinance which </p> <p>was discussed in the 2016 year. You are given some limited discretion to make the terms of the </p> <p>policy more strict than the State default provision. This for purposes of discussion and possible </p> <p>action. </p> <p>Grain Mill Site: I did have a short conversation with Lou Joyce (Planner and Economic </p> <p>Development for Salem County) relating to the site and its potentials. Lou expressed his thought </p> <p>that the Township may well have to bite the bullet and complete the cleanup prior to it being </p> <p>marketable in the current climate. He also indicated he would take the extra step of being sure to </p> <p>take that unique site into account when speaking on potential economic development for Salem </p> <p>County. I think this is key given the sites proximity to some strong economic development taking </p> <p>place in Cumberland County. </p> <p>Pittsgrove COAH Requirements: Under the Mt. Laurel doctrine, many Townships in the State </p> <p>have been embroiled in litigation. Pittsgrove Township took the extra step of seeking to keep its </p> <p>plan in compliance and seek certification which was most recently acted on in the 2016 year. </p> <p>Thereafter, Pittsgrove Township acted on its Spending Plan which makes up a part of its </p> <p>Affordable Housing Plan. This needs to be presented to the Court in order to adequately defend </p> <p>the Certification benefiting the Township and protecting it from builders remedy suits. Based on </p> <p>the most recent Supreme Court action indicating in its 6-0 decision, that GAP period calculations </p> <p>must be met (that period of time between 1999 and 2015 where those wishing to comply with State </p> <p>law awaited direction) it seems that the affordable housing advocates are now emboldened. As </p> <p>such, I took the step of forwarding to Jeff Surenians firm (our affordable housing counsel) the </p> <p>Spending Plan approved in 2016 for purposes of updating Court approval of the Spending Plan </p> <p>and thus further protecting Pittsgrove Township. </p> <p>Food Sales at Recreation Facilities: At the last meeting, I was asked to reach out to Township </p> <p>Insurance Risk Manager for purposes of confirming that coverage existed for liabilities related to </p> <p>food sales. A copy of my e-mail is annexed. </p> <p>Solicitor Carr asked if there were any questions? </p> <p>4 </p> <p>Committeeman Craver asked if the reference to the Garrison landfill was, in fact, the property </p> <p>behind the convenience center at Porchtown and Garden. </p> <p>Solicitor Carr stated he thought that was the location but he would confirm with the DEP. Solicitor </p> <p>Carr Concluded his report. </p> <p>TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE REPORTS </p> <p>Mayor Copare moved on to Committee reports. Mayor Copare called on each committee member </p> <p>as follows: </p> <p>Committeewoman Spinelli stated that she attended the Recreation Advisory Committee meeting </p> <p>on the evening of 2/6/2017. She asked that Kevin Yeagle and Dave Heyle, members of the </p> <p>Committee, who are in attendance, speak to the Committee with an updated report from the </p> <p>meeting, </p> <p>Kevin Yeagle, stated that the RAC Committee was looking to improve attendance at Pittsgrove </p> <p>Day between 5-9pm. They are suggesting that food trucks be allowed between 5-9 pm. </p> <p>Dave Heyel, 291 Lawrence Corner Road, of Pittsgrove and the Chairman of RAC spoke to the </p> <p>overall list of events. He clarified that the Food Festival is anticipated to be a food truck festival </p> <p>with a beer garden. It is their hope to look into a third-party marketing vendor to run the event. He </p> <p>noted they would like to have one of these marketing companies make a presentation to the </p> <p>Township Committee at an upcoming meeting. He shared they will have proper police coverage </p> <p>and will have thought about snow fencing for parking and the possible use of wristbands for </p> <p>entrance. He thanked the Committee for listening and stated he hoped they would support such an </p> <p>event. He also asked that they reconsider allowing RAC members to have individual email address </p> <p>through the Pittsgrovetownship.com address. Discussion ensued and a motion was made at the </p> <p>conclusion of the discussion. </p> <p>On a motion by Craver and seconded by Spinelli, Committeeman Craver asked that the </p> <p>Township allow any committee member from any of the Pittsgrove Township committees be given </p> <p>an email address, if requested. </p> <p> Vote: All in favor </p> <p>Committeewoman Spinelli continued her report. She asked Clerk Marlor to give an update </p> <p>regarding the new website. Clerk Marlor explained they were in transition from old to new and </p> <p>were in the final review of the new pages. She stated the link to the new site would be shared with </p> <p>the Committee this weekend for review and comments before going live sometime before the end </p> <p>of the month. Committeewoman thanked the Clerk and concluded her report. </p> <p>Committeeman Craver stated that the Planning Board meeting on 2/7/2017 was cancelled and he </p> <p>noted the Ag Advisory reorganization meeting has been rescheduled and is on the calendar for </p> <p>next week. He concluded his report. </p> <p>5 </p> <p>Committeeman Hickson stated he too had attended the RAC meeting on the 6th. He noted that there </p> <p>is an upcoming negotiation meeting in February. He concluded his report. </p> <p>Committeeman Ridgway stated that the Annual Financial Statement was filed today. He also noted </p> <p>that in review of the 2015 Audit he believed there could be an issue with the Bond anticipation </p> <p>notes and their scheduled useful life. He asked if he could speak to the Bond Council regarding </p> <p>the issue. The Mayor stated that he certainly could speak to Council and either John Carr or Clerk </p> <p>Marlor could provide the contact information. He concluded his report. </p> <p>MAYORS REPORT </p> <p>Mayor Copare announced that the Municipal Building would be closed for the upcoming </p> <p>Presidents Day holiday on February 20, 2017. He shared that the Municipality is hosting a free </p> <p>rabies clinic on Saturday February 11th at the Public works garage from 9am-3pm. Mayor Copare </p> <p>stated he had attended the MAPSA meeting on 2/6/2017 and wanted to report that Elmer and </p> <p>Pittsgrove are merging their MAPSA groups. He concluded his report. </p> <p>PUBLIC SESSION - AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION </p> <p>Mayor Copare announced that anyone wishing to speak should please stand, approach the </p> <p>microphone, state their name and the municipality in which you live for the record, and in five (5) </p> <p>minutes or less briefly state your comments to the Township Committee. </p> <p> On a motion by Ridgway and seconded by Spinelli, the meeting was opened to the Public. </p> <p> Vote: All in favor </p> <p>Tom Hayes, Pittsgrove, NJ, stated that he was in attendance at the monthly County OEM meeting </p> <p>and would like to present certificates of completion to Committeeman Hickson and Committeeman </p> <p>Ridgway for the FEMA ICS402 class. </p> <p>Mayor Copare seeing no one else wishing to speak asked for a motion to close the Public Session. </p> <p> On a motion by Ridgway and seconded by Hickson, the meeting was closed to the Public. </p> <p> Vote: All in favor </p> <p>RESOLUTIONS/CONSENT AGENDA </p> <p>Mayor Copare stated that all matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine </p> <p>in nature, and having been reviewed by the Township Committee, will be enacted by one motion. </p> <p>Any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda at the request of any Committee Member </p> <p>and if so removed, will be treated as a separate matter. Any items requiring expenditure are </p> <p>supported by a Certification of Availability of Funds. </p> <p>54-2017 Payment of Bills (manual bill list attached) </p> <p>55-2017 Amended Appointments to Environmental Commission </p> <p>6 </p> <p>56-2017 Approval to Accept a Small Cities CDBG 2017 Grant Award and Execute a Grant </p> <p>Agreement with the Department of Community Affairs for the Demolition of the </p> <p>Grain Mill Phase II </p> <p>57-2017 Governors Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Pittsgrove/Elmer Municipal </p> <p>Alliance entered into Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:65-1 Fiscal Grant Cycle July 2014- </p> <p>June 2019 </p> <p>Mayor Copare asked if anyone wished to pull any resolution or have any questions. </p> <p> Committeeman Craver motioned and Committeewoman Spinelli seconded to vote by </p> <p>Consent Agenda on Resolutions 54-2017 through 57-2017 </p> <p>Roll Call: Craver - yes, Hickson yes, Ridgway -yes, Spinelli yes, Copare yes; motion carried </p> <p> Committeeman Craver motioned and Committeewoman Spinelli seconded to adopt by </p> <p>Consent Agenda on Resolutions 54-2017 through 57-2017 </p> <p>Roll Call: Craver - yes, Hickson yes, Ridgway -yes, Spinelli yes, Copare yes; motion carried </p> <p>ORDINANCES </p> <p>01-2017 An Ordinance Approving Property Tax Agreement Between the Township of </p> <p>Pittsgrove and Mark I. Fisher of B &amp; B Poultry for Block 2402, Lots 24 and 25 </p> <p>Introduction/No Public Input/Published in The Daily Journal 2/11/2017 </p>...