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  • 1. uCoz White Label: B2BWebsite BuilderSolution White label solution: uCoz Website Builder

2. one million active users 3. experienced team 4. absolute leader in Eastern Europe 5. 5 years on the Internet market 6. Strategic investor Partners Winner of 7. uCozWhite Label 8. uCoz technology Our technical support. Training of your user support. A website builder service + Partner service + Partner label + Partner name + Partner domain Partner web-site: Co-Branding Scheme 9. established projects WHO can be interested? White label solution: uCoz Website Builder startups 10. White label solution: uCoz Website Builder Why not giv e theseusers a website builder? 11. T hey w illbe happy to use it! 12. revenue share modelextra income 13. additional users loyalty 14. webtop Webtop: Virtual desktop 15. We already have 2 pilot projects 16. We arelooking fornew partners! 17. Thank youfor you attention!CEO Evgeny Kurt [email_address] eugany Project Manager Irina Cherepanova [email_address] meddych


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