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PINBALL MACHINE Derek Barton EKU, Dept. of Computer Science

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Pinball machine. Derek Barton EKU, Dept. of Computer Science. OUTLINE. Motivation Introduction Problem Statement Proposed Solution Results Conclusion Future Work References and Acknowledgements Personal Information. MOTIVATION. I have always wanted a pinball machine. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


CEN/CE Capstone Project @ EKU

Pinball machineDerek BartonEKU, Dept. of Computer Science12OUTLINEMotivationIntroductionProblem StatementProposed SolutionResultsConclusionFuture WorkReferences and AcknowledgementsPersonal Information23MOTIVATIONI have always wanted a pinball machine.I enjoy projects and building stuff.I felt this would be challenging.

34INTRODUCTIONThe earliest pinball style game was made around 1750 to 1770The first real machine was manufactured in 1871 (WIKI)They were very popular in the 1970s.To date, Sterns is now the only pinball manufacturer.4

56PROBLEM STATEMENTPinball machine are a dying breed.There are few in existence for public use and most are in need of maintenance (i.e. the Indiana Jones machine on campus.)

67PROPOSED SOLUTIONTo build my own full sized pinball machine.The initial goal was to use a microcontroller to run the mechanical parts.I needed to build a box to full size (26x52).I needed to order specific parts.7PROPOSED SOLUTIONSoftware for this project was simpleJust a few lines of subroutines was enough to get the needed data out.Circuit design was almost as simple.Playfield design was a difficult task.The playfield is largeThere were many holes that needed drilledThe parts needed to be placed in a specific manner.

8PROPOSED SOLUTIONTesting was a step by step process.A lot of time was spent in checking the parts placements.This involved making sure that all solenoids actuated correctly.Also all parts had to be separated so that the ball could move smoothly









1718RESULTSI did not complete this project to my likings.Dealing with such large object is diffulcult.

Include lots of images & relevant multimedia on (no dancing pink elephants)Well, maybe 1 or 2 goofy images in the presentation are OK1819CONCLUSIONSBuilding such a large device is highly time consuming and it takes up a lot of room.More time was needed to completely make this project work as to my expectations and I just ran out of time.1920FUTURE WORKI would like to add more to this project.Ramps, scoring, gutter lane scoring, and multi-ball are items of interest.I have not decided if I will continue working on it or tear it down.20- Plan for 3-5 audience questions ahead of timeREFERENCESPinball WikipediaRetrieved May 5, 2010 from Wikepedia

2121ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSEarly Pinball Wikipedia


22PERSONAL INFORMATIONPhone(606) - 521 - 2014Permanent [email protected]