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<ul><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 1/14</p><p>2</p><p>A &amp; O Centre of Excellence Term 2 Examination 2013</p><p>Name : Physics Paper 1 Year 10</p><p>ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS [TOTAL 40 MARKS]</p><p>1. Which of this is a unit for a base quantity?</p><p>A. JouleB. MinuteC. NewtonD. Ampere</p><p>2. A technician needs to measure the internal diameter of a water pipe as accurately as</p><p>possible. Which instrument should be used?</p><p>A. Metre ruleB. Measuring tapeC. Vernier callipersD. Micrometer screw gauge</p><p>3. A car accelerates from rest. The graph in Diagram 1 shows how the cars speed</p><p>changes with time.</p><p>Diagram 1</p><p>How far does the car travel before it reaches a steady speed?</p><p>A 100 m</p><p>B 200 m</p><p>C 300 m</p><p>D 400 m</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 2/14</p><p>3</p><p>4. Diagram 2 shows a man falling from a motorcycle.</p><p>Diagram 2</p><p>What property responsible for his fall?</p><p>A Inertia</p><p>B Principle of conservation of energyC Principle of conservation of momentum</p><p>D Principle of impulse</p><p>5 Diagram 3 shows a tug-tag match between team A and Team B. Both teams are pulling in</p><p>opposite direction on a rope.</p><p>Diagram 3</p><p>What is the resultant force acting on the rope?</p><p>A 150 N acting to the left.</p><p>B 150 N acting to the right.</p><p>C 350 N acting to the left.</p><p>D 350 N acting to the right.</p><p>6 A ball of mass 0.5 kg is being kicked by a force of 10 N. If the force is exerted in 0.2 s, what is</p><p>the impulse experienced by the ball ?</p><p>A 0.8 N s</p><p>B 2.0 N s</p><p>C 10.2 N s</p><p>D 30.0 N s</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 3/14</p><p>4</p><p>7 Diagram 4 shows the horizontal forces acting on the motorcycle when it is accelerating.</p><p>Diagram 4</p><p>Which statement is true?</p><p>A A resultant force is equal to zero</p><p>B A resultant force is not equal to zero</p><p>C Forward thrust is equal to resistant forces</p><p>D Forward thrust is less than resistant forces</p><p>8 Which object moves with the largest acceleration?</p><p>A C.</p><p>B D.</p><p>9 Diagram 5 shows two steel ball bearings, P and Q, being dropped near the surface of the earth.</p><p>Diagram 5</p><p>2 kg</p><p>4 N</p><p>3 N</p><p>6 N 11 N2 kg</p><p>3 kg9 N 4 N</p><p>1 kg</p><p>2 N</p><p>1 N</p><p>P Q</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 4/14</p><p>5</p><p>Which are the correct velocity-time graphs for the motion of P and Q?</p><p>A C</p><p>B D</p><p>10. Diagram 6.1 shows a girl standing on a weighing scale with her hands on a table. The reading</p><p>of the scale is W.</p><p>Diagram 6.1 Diagram 6.2</p><p>What would be the reading of the scale if she were to press the table with a force F</p><p>downwards as shown in Diagram 6.2?</p><p>A W</p><p>B F</p><p>C W+ F</p><p>D W- F</p><p>v</p><p>t0</p><p>v</p><p>t0</p><p>v</p><p>t0</p><p>v</p><p>t0</p><p>Q</p><p>P Q</p><p>P</p><p>P</p><p>QQ</p><p>P</p><p>F</p><p>Weighing scale</p><p>Reading = W</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 5/14</p><p>6</p><p>11 Diagram 7 shows a manometer is connected to a gas tank.</p><p>Diagram 7</p><p>Based on the levels of the mercury, which statement is true ?</p><p>A. Pressure in the gas tank = atmospheric pressure.</p><p>B. Pressure in the gas tank &gt; atmospheric pressure.C. Pressure in the gas tank &lt; atmospheric pressure.</p><p>D. Pressure in the gas tank atmospheric pressure</p><p>12. Diagram 8 shows a cylinder containing water.</p><p>Diagram 8</p><p>If the pressure at point P is 12 000 N m-2</p><p>, the height of h is</p><p>[The density of the water = 1000 kg m-3</p><p>]</p><p>A 0.8 m C 1.2 mB 1.0 m D 2.0 m</p><p>13. A leaking rubber suction pump is pressed against a smooth wall as shown in Diagram</p><p>9(a).When released; the suction pump does not stick to the wall, as shown in Diagram 9(b)</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 6/14</p><p>7</p><p>Diagram 9(a) Diagram 9(b)</p><p>The suction pump does not stick to the wall because</p><p>A the atmospheric pressure is equal to the pressure inside the pump</p><p>B the atmospheric pressure is less than the pressure inside the pump</p><p>C the atmospheric pressure is more than the pressure inside the pump</p><p>14. Diagram 10 shows a school bag.</p><p>Diagram 10</p><p>What is the function of x?</p><p>A to increase weight and to increase pressureB to increase surface area and to decrease pressure</p><p>C to decrease weight and to decrease pressure</p><p>D to decrease surface area and to increase weight</p><p>15.Diagram 11 shows an object floating on the surface of water. Which statement is true?</p><p>Diagram 11</p><p>A The density of the object is greater than the density of the water.</p><p>B The volume of water displaced is equal to the volume of the object.</p><p>C The weight of water displaced is equal to the weight of the object.</p><p>D The mass of the object is equal to the buoyant force on the object.</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 7/14</p><p>8</p><p>16.The diagram 12 shows the Fantastic Submarine drifting along from a narrow</p><p>region to a wider region because of</p><p>Diagram 12</p><p>A Equilibrium of forces</p><p>B Bernoullis principle</p><p>C Archimedes principle</p><p>D Conservation of momentum</p><p>17. Diagram 13 shows a water reservoir.</p><p>Diagram 13</p><p>The base of the wall is thicker because</p><p>A it will be more stable.</p><p>B the density of water is high</p><p>C Pressure of the water is highest at the surface</p><p>D Pressure of the water is highest at the base</p><p>18. The diagram 13 shows a measuring cylinder.</p><p>Which unit would be most suitable for its scale?A mm</p><p>2B mm</p><p>3C cm</p><p>2D cm</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 8/14</p><p>9</p><p>19. A piece of cotton is measured between two points on a ruler.</p><p>What is the distance once round the pen?</p><p>A 2.2cm B 2.6cm C 13.2cm D 15.6cm</p><p>20. The diagram shows the speed-time graph for an object moving at constant speed.</p><p>What is the distance travelled by the object in the first 3 s?</p><p>A 1.5m B 2.0m C 3.0m D 6.0m</p><p>21. A small steel ball is dropped from a low balcony.</p><p>Ignoring air resistance, which statement describes its motion?</p><p>A It falls with constant acceleration.</p><p>B It falls with constant speed.</p><p>C It falls with decreasing acceleration.</p><p>D It falls with decreasing speed.</p><p>22. Which statement about the mass of a falling object is correct?</p><p>A It decreases as the object falls.</p><p>B It is equal to the weight of the object.</p><p>C It is measured in new tons.</p><p>D It stays the same as the object falls.</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 9/14</p><p>10</p><p>23. The weights of four objects, 1 to 4, are compared using a balance.</p><p>Which object is the lightest?</p><p>A object 1 B object 2 C object 3 D object 4</p><p>24. Which of the following is a unit of density?</p><p>A cm3/ g B g/cm</p><p>2C g/cm</p><p>3D kg /m</p><p>2</p><p>25. A piece of card has its centre of mass at M.</p><p>Which diagram shows how it hangs when suspended by a thread?</p><p>26. An experiment is carried out to measure the extension of a rubber band for different loads.</p><p>The results are shown below.</p><p>Which figure is missing from the table?</p><p>A 16.5 B 17.3 C 17.4 D 18.3</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 10/14</p><p>11</p><p>27. The diagram shows a man diving into water.</p><p>Which form of energy is increasing as he falls?</p><p>A chemical B gravitational C kinetic D strain</p><p>28. A boy and a girl run up a hill in the same time.</p><p>The boy weighs more than the girl. Which statement is true about the power produced?</p><p>A The boy produces more power.</p><p>B The girl produces more power.</p><p>C They both produce the same power.</p><p>D It is impossible to tell who produces more power.</p><p>29. The diagram shows a simple mercury barometer. The barometer reading is h cm of mercury.</p><p>What is the pressure at S?</p><p>A approximately zero</p><p>B atmospheric pressure</p><p>C atmospheric pressure + hcm of mercury</p><p>D hcm of mercury</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 11/14</p><p>12</p><p>30. Two boys X and Y each have the same total weight and are standing on soft ground.</p><p>Which boy is more likely to sink into the soft ground and why?</p><p>31. A student places his thumb firmly on the outlet of a bicycle pump, to stop the air coming out.</p><p>What happens to the pressure and to the volume of the trapped air as the pump handle is pushed</p><p>in?</p><p>pressure volume</p><p>A decreases decreases</p><p>B decreases remains the same</p><p>C increases decreases</p><p>D increases remains the same</p><p>32. A balloon is inflated in a cold room. When the room becomes much warmer, the balloon</p><p>becomes larger.</p><p>How does the behaviour of the air molecules in the balloon explain this?</p><p>A The molecules become larger.</p><p>B The molecules evaporate.</p><p>C The molecules move more quickly.</p><p>D The molecules repel each other.</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 12/14</p><p>13</p><p>33. Which speed / time graph applies to an object at rest?</p><p>34. A racing car is fitted with an on-board computer. Every time the car passes the starting line, the</p><p>computer records the distance travelled in the next 2 seconds.</p><p>Which set of data shows that the car is increasing in speed during the 2 seconds?</p><p>35. A student carries out an experiment to plot an extension / load graph for a spring. The diagrams</p><p>show the apparatus at the start of the experiment and with a load added.</p><p>What is the extension caused by the load?</p><p>A x B y C y + x D y x</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 13/14</p><p>14</p><p>36. Three horizontal forces act on a car that is moving along a straight, level road.</p><p>Which combination of forces would result in the car moving at constant speed?</p><p>37. A child pushes a toy car along a level floor and then lets it go.</p><p>As the car slows down, what is the main energy change?</p><p>A from chemical to heat</p><p>B from chemical to kinetic</p><p>C from kinetic to gravitational (potential)</p><p>D from kinetic to heat</p><p>38. The diagram shows a cyclist riding along a hilly road.</p><p>At which position does the cyclist have the least gravitational (potential) energy?</p></li><li><p>8/22/2019 Physics Y10 Term 2 Exam Paper1</p><p> 14/14</p><p>15</p><p>39. A pin is squeezed between finger and thumb.</p><p>Which statement is correct?</p><p>A The force of the pin is larger on the finger than on the thumb.</p><p>B The force of the pin is larger on the thumb than on the finger.</p><p>C The pressure of the pin is larger on the finger than on the thumb.</p><p>D The pressure of the pin is larger on the thumb than on the finger.</p><p>40. Liquid X has a density of 1010 kg / m3. Liquid Y has a density of 950 kg / m3.</p><p>The liquids are poured into tubes as shown.</p><p>Which tube has the greatest pressure on its base?</p><p>END OF QUESTION PAPER</p></li></ul>