photosynthesis. light dependent reaction vs. light independent reaction

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  • Photosynthesis
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  • Light Dependent Reaction vs. Light Independent Reaction
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  • Light Dependent Reaction Light, water, NADP+, and ADP enter the thylakoid. Oxygen, ATP, NADPH leave Requires light to occur Stores energy temporarily
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  • Light Independent Reaction Also known as Calvin cycle ATP, NADPH, and CO2 enter ADP,NADP+, and sugar exit Stores energy for long period of time. Does not need light to occur
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  • Which reaction stores energy temporarily? Qu reaccin almacena energa temporalmente? Which stores energy for long periods of time? Cul almacena la energa por perodos del tiempo largos?
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  • Gas Exchange Stomata- Openings in the leafs where gases can enter and leave
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  • Which gas enters through the stomata? Qu gas entra a travs de los estomas? Which gas leaves through the stomata? Qu gas se va a travs de los estomas?
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  • Photosynthesis is affected by Sunlight Water availability CO2 Temperature
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  • How could you test whether light intensity effects photosynthesis? Cmo podra usted probar si la intensidad de luz efecta fotosntesis?
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  • ATP vs. ADP Energy carrier Adenosine Triphosphate vs. Adenosine Diphosphate
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  • NADPH vs. NADP Electron carrier Accepts H+ from Water
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  • What is the electron carrier for the chloroplast? Cul es el portador del electrn para el cloroplasto? What is the energy carrier for the reaction? Cul es el portador de energa para la reaccin?
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  • Parts of the Chloroplast
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  • The light independent reaction takes place in the ___________. La reaccin independiente ligera ocurre en el ___________. The light dependent reaction takes place in the ___________. La reaccin dependiente ligera ocurre en el ___________.
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  • What is a stack of thylakoids called? Qu un apilado de thylakoids se llama? Where does photosynthesis take place? Dnde la fotosntesis ocurre?
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  • Chlorophyll Pigment that traps sunlight Absorbs all colors but green The chloroplast is green because green is reflected