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    Welcome Back! Take a seat wherever you like (except the

    back wall) and have a pen or pencil handy.


    Fire Drill route North Wing Parking Lot Parking spot #20

    Your phone stays in the room

  • QUICK STUFF Who am I? What are we doing today?


    What is Photography? The Syllabus

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN to use the camera as an art tool to capture great

    photographs, not just snapshots

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN think about what you

    see and design strong photographic compositions

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN learn about famous photographers and careers

    in photography

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN reflect on your own photography and the work

    of your classmates

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN learn and use Adobe Photoshop to create and

    manipulate digital images

  • IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN spend a substantial amount of time shooting

    images for various assignments

  • ASSIGNMENTS Weekly contact sheet of 40 images Top 2 images from each weekly contact sheet

  • ASSESSMENTWeekly Contact Sheet and Images:

    Given weekly grades for contact sheets and top 2 images

    Worth 40% of overall grade 100 possible points See weekly rubric for expectations and


  • ASSIGNMENTS Sketchbook assignments related to each

    individual project

  • ASSESSMENTSketchbooks:

    Required to complete sketchbook assignments related to each unit project

    Worth 20% of overall grade 10 and 60 possible points

  • ASSIGNMENTS One 3-5 minute PowerPoint presentation on a

    famous photographer One research worksheet on a career in


  • ASSIGNMENTS Several large scale photo unit projects

  • ASSESSMENTProjects:

    Rubrics provided at the beginning of all projects (including the presentation and research worksheet)

    Worth 40% of overall grade 100 possible points


  • MATERIALS Sketchbook you will make one in class today

    and must bring it to every class Folder bring it to every class Pen/Pencil bring one to every class OPTIONAL: digital camera with memory card OPTIONAL: USB Flash Drive, 1GB minimum

  • MAKE A SKETCHBOOK1. One piece of construction paper, folded in

    half2. 15 (or so) pieces of printer paper, put inside

    fold3. Staple 2-3 times along folded edge4. Decorate cover in a way that will help me

    learn more about you. Include: your FULL name and class block

    5. Glue Student and Parent Reference Sheet to inside coverput one in your agenda too!

  • CAMERAS USING YOUR OWN it is expected that you will bring your own

    batteries and USB cable to connect your camera to the computers

  • CAMERAS BORROWING ONE Must sign it out and return it by next class Borrowing for extended amount of time must

    have prior approval Limited number available on first come, first

    served basis plan accordingly You are responsible for returning cameras on

    time failure to do so will result in a 5-point deduction from your weekly grade

  • LATE WORK Due date given at the start of each assignment Expected that you will work both in class and outside

    of class Five points deducted on weekly contact sheets and

    projects that are one day late One point deducted for every subsequent day late No late work accepted on presentations and research

    worksheets One point deducted on sketchbook assignments for

    every day they are late

  • LATE WORKBehind on a project?

    Sign-up to finish it during Advisory, Academic Study or Activity Period

    Plan ahead - this room is not always open to students Wont complete assignment on time?

    Your responsibility to communicate with me in advance of the due date with a valid explanation of why you need more time

    If you have not worked to your fullest potential or made full use of class time you will not be allowed extra time to complete the assignment

  • EXTRA CREDIT For students in good standing

    + No missing work+ Good behavior+ Complete all projects on time

    Extra credit projects given for extra points on 10 week average

    Variety of projects to choose from If you are in class and have no work to

    complete, see me for one of these fun projects


  • OVERALL EXPECTATIONS Victor Central Schools Code of Conduct applies in all

    of my classes+ See Agendas for full rules and expectations

    My class rule: RESPECT

  • DAILY EXPECTATIONS When the bell rings to START class:

    + In seats, quiet and ready to begin class When the bell rings to END class:

    + In seats, cleaned up, ready to tuck chairs in and leave Lateness

    + Unexcused and repeated will result in contact home Absences

    + Must be excused and legitimate+ Attendance lists are checked daily+ You are responsible for making up class work and

    reviewing materials discussed in class+ Students found skipping are given a 0 for weekly grade

  • DAILY EXPECTATIONS Cell phones can only be used at designated times as

    specified by the teacher

    When you get to class check the daily agenda to see where your phone should be:

    + Flipped phone

    + Phone holder

    Inability to follow phone expectations will result in a 5-week phone suspension

    + teacher will collect your phone every class for 5 weeks


    Flipped Phone Phone Holder


  • CLEAN UP & MAINTENANCE Clean up own workspace 2-3 minutes prior to the end of the block

    Pick up papers, pencils, and scraps Log off computers Return tablet, mouse to correct location Return stylus to me Lower and tuck in chairs Return cameras, cords and card readers

    Clean up early = stay extra time to assist in additional clean up tasks

  • MAINTENANCE No food or drink is to be

    consumed in the art room at any time during the day

    This rule is for the safety of our equipment. There are exceptions to every rule, please see me if there is a need for food/drink during class.

  • COMPUTERS Please turn on computer button on back,

    lower left side of monitor Log-in using your VCS user name and

    password, let me know if you forgot it Locate Applications folder, Shared Files

    folder, and your Student folder Explore programs/applications and

    familiarize yourself with the machine while you wait for everyone to be ready

  • COMPUTERS In the Dock on the right side of the

    screen, locate Shared Files Follow the path below to create a folder

    in my Drop BoxShared Files High School DuckworthS Drop Box Photo 3AC now make a new folder and title it with just your last name

    Click the gear icon at top of window, choose New Folder

  • COMPUTER RULES No food or drink at any computer, any time,

    under any circumstances! Keep your area clean Lower and push in chairs at the end of EVERY

    CLASS Return the styluses to teacher Do not save to the desktop, always save to your

    server space Save often to avoid losing your work

  • COMPUTER RULES Do NOT touch the screens Treat these machines as if they are your own If something breaks, is missing or damaged, let

    a teacher know as soon as possible!!! These computers are for art applications,

    research, and resourcesnot games, social networking, etc.

    = Points off Time & Effort Grade

  • COMPUTER PATHSAll projects & assignments are posted on Shared Files, my website and Google Drive

    Pathway to Course Files: Shared Files High School DuckworthS

    Photography Current Project Name

    Web: PASSWORD = Victor (capital V)

  • COMPUTER PATHSEverything completed in class saved to your student server spaceNOT THE DESKTOP!

    Pathway to Drop Box for Submitting Projects: Shared Files High School DuckworthS

    Drop Box Your Block Class Your Last Name



    PASSWORD = Victor (capital V) Phone:

    924-3252 x5003


  • WHAT NOW? Lets have some fun

    1. Open an internet browser and look up famous portrait photographs. Note the subjects expression, pose, surroundings, etc.

    2. Locate Photo Booth in the Applications folder and open it.

    3. Take a portrait of yourself and then save it to the desktop.

    4. Open a program you feel comfortable with, such as, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc. and bring the picture into it.

    5. Now add text (your name and a short thought or quote) to the image. Be as creative as possible.

    6. Save the file and call me to check it before printing

    7. Print it to HS002-CLJ5550n, then attach it to the inside cover of your sketchbook.

  • HOMEWORK: ASSIGNMENT 1 Bring home syllabus to review with

    parent/guardian see this presentation on web Cut out Student and Parent Reference Sheet and

    give to your parents to put in appropriate place for reference

    Get parent/guardians name, phone number and email address on Contact Information s