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  • PETERSON BLOWER TRUCKS AND TRAILERStake pneumatic material delivery to a new level!


    A Tines: Work in upward stroking fashion to continuously break down material.

    B Augers: Moves material to the center, directly over the feeder box.

    C Devil Tails: Found above the feeder box they continuously agitate material to prevent any bridging from occurring.

    Force Feed vs. Gravity FeedForce feed is a mechanism where the Augers and Tines grab the material and push it through the system. Too much material being forced into the system can cause the system to get clogged, which results in costly downtime to fix the issue.

    Petersons gravity feed system lets gravity do most of the work, with augers and tines breaking up the material and metering it into the feeder allowing for consistent feed into the blower.

    Bearings and chains The bearings and chains are kept separate from the feed material to ensure long life with limited maintenance.

    FeederPetersons blower truck feeders have a larger opening than their competitors and a dual drive system that helps with cutting of difficult materials. This prevents clogs and ensures a smooth delivery of feed materials into the Air Stream.



    Peterson Pacific Corp. (Peterson) is a Eugene, Oregon based manufacturer of horizontal grinders, disc and drum chippers, wood debarkers, blower trucks, screens, and stacking conveyors that are sold worldwide. Our company has 110,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space with a capable and innovative engineering group. Peterson machines are sold and supported through a worldwide network of distributors and direct sales and service representatives. Since 1981 Peterson has built equipment that turn low-grade organic materials into high value products.

    Peterson is a subsidiary of Astec Industries, Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Americas leading manufacturer of equipment for asphalt road building, aggregate processing, oil, gas and water well drilling, and wood processing.

    Power. Pride. Productivity.Thats a Peterson.

    29408 Airport RoadEugene, OR 97402

    Phone: 541.689.6520Fax: 541.689.0804



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  • IQAN CONTROL SYSTEM Easily obtain information about operations and diagnostics from the control screen. Allows for fine tune adjustments lead- ing to maximum productivity and efficiency.

    INTERIOR MOUNTED STORAGE REEL Accessible through a conveniently located access hatch, the interior mounted storage reel makes for easy set-up, service and clean up, allowing you to efficiently move from one job to the next.

    PRECISE MATERIAL METERING Unlike the competition, our gravity-fed system is highly efficient. Bearings are protected from materials to save you in annual maintenance costs.

    Single or double Seeder optional

    BTR 45, 70, AND 90 Blower TrailersBT60C Blower Truck

    PETERSON IS EXPANDING THE PERFORMANCE OF BLOWER TRUCKS. The best choice for longer distances and for high volume deliveries.

    GRAVITY FEED SYSTEMAugers and Tines meter the ma-terial into the feeder and prevent bridging, ensuring a consistent flow of material into the air stream.

    HOSE REELPetersons external hose reel design with optional power take up, allow your operators to unreel and retract the hose quickly and efficiently. The generous reel can hold up to 320 feet (98 meters) of hose.

    LIVE FLOORMoves material toward feeder and prevents bridging from occurring. The floor enables the repositioning of loads between deliveries. This allows for more material to be transported.

    SINGLE OR DOUBLE SEEDER (OPTIONAL)Seeder option evenly distributes seeds or fertilizer into the material mix, resulting in a greener, fuller lawn. Add a tackifier for efficient erosion control applications.

    A. Controls The control panel is protected from the elements and other hazards. The user friendly design requires minimal operator training. Petersons remote con-trol comes standard in all blower trucks and trailers.

    B. Hose ConnectorPeterson exclusive hose connector is an external design, resulting in no internal restriction to material flow. The full inside diameter of the hose is available for air/product flow, which means your hose is less likely to plug.

    C. Operate BT40C and BT60C RemotelyFully-functional remote control operates the entire system, enabling a single-person operation. Pause and resume with a push of a button!

    D. BlowerOur high capacity Tri-Lobe blower provides increased airflow and production. Larger five and six-inch diameter hoses can now be used to blow materials that could plug smaller hoses.

    Expand your existing services by offering pneumatic delivery profit-making materials and applications:

    Landscape bark and chips Compost Erosion control and filter berms Soil preparation and additives Construction site mud control

    using a filter sock Turf topdressing Animal bedding Playground impact surfaces Seed installation

    Multiple Applications Increase Profits

    CONKLE VALVERegulates PSi to prevent a backup in air pressure and can decrease air flow if pressure is too high.


    RETRACTABLE ELECTRIC TARP SYSTEMRetractable cover provides access for easy loading. The motor keeps the cover pulled tight over the material.

    THE TRI-LOBE BLOWERProvides a robust and reliable system to equipment owners that want to run day in and day out.

    WATER TANK200 gal (757 L) Stainless Steel water tank for dust suppression.

    BT40C Blower Truck

    Class 8 chassis 400+ HP preferred

    Hydraulic Tank: 95 gal (360 L)

    Class 8 chassis 400+ HP preferred

    Hydraulic Tank: 95 gal (360 L)

    Caterpillar C-7.1 Tier IV Final 225 HP @ 2100 RPM

    Hydraulic Tank: 85 gal (322 L)

    Stand alone power with 45, 70, and 90 yard capabilities


    D C

    Petersons exclusive, patented live floor with TopSeal moves a wide variety of materials to-ward the feeder more efficient-ly than a conveyor. There are many benefits to this system. Bridging that can

    occur with a V-shaped hop-per is eliminated. Our system doesnt leak like a conveyor, reducing clean-up time at the job, which allows you to com-plete installation of materials in less time.


    Many kinds of materials in the same day?

    Use the Power Sweep system to easily clean the trucks floor.

    BLOWER TRUCKS AND TRAILERSPeterson can tackle a wide range of assignments. The large footprint feeder, combined with the high-capacity Tri-Lobe blower, provides increased airflow for farther and faster delivery.