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  • 1.PERVASIVE COMPUTING N. VIJAYALAKSHMI Department of MCAC. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology

2. INTRODUCTION Pervasive computing (also called ubiquitous computing) is the growingtrend towards embedding microprocessors. The words pervasive and ubiquitous mean "existing everywhere". The aim of Pervasive Computing is for computing available whereverits needed. It spreads intelligence and connnectivity to more or lesseverything. Ships, Aircrafts, Cars, Bridges, Tunnels, Machines, Refrigerators, Door handles, Lighting fixtures, Shoes, Hats, Tools, Homes and even things like our coffee mugs and even the human body embedded with chips Mobile Internet access, Third-generation wireless communication, Handheld devices, and Bluetooth have made pervasive computing a reality. 3. PERVASIVE COMPUTING Pervasive computing means.,i Anytime/anywhere: 7 days x 24 hours, global, ubiquitous access.r Any device: PC, Palm/PDA, cell phone, and so forth.l Any network: Access, Notification, Data Synchronization, Queuedtransactions, Wireless optimization, Security, contentadaptation/reformat, development tools, device and user management.m Any data: E-mail, Personal Information Manager (PIM); Inter-Intranet;Public Services. 4. Contd Characteristics of pervasive Other terms for pervasivecomputing: computing: Physical integration: Ubiquitous computingintegration between Calm technologycomputing nodes and thephysical world, e.g., a Things that thinkwhiteboard that records Everywarewhats on. Instantaneous Pervasive internetInteroperation: devices Ambient intelligenceinteroperate spontaneouslyin changing environments, Proactive computinge.g., a device changes its Augmented realitypartners as it moves or as thecontext changes. 5. PRINCIPLES OF PERVASIVECOMPUTING 6. CLASSIFICATIONINFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMSPERSONAL SYSTEMS Attention, Complexity, Privacy, Security, And Extensibility. 7. EVOLUTION & RELATED FIELDS Two distinct earlier steps in this evolution:DSTRBUTED SYSTEMSMOBLE COMPUTNG 8. RELATED FIELDS 9. Examples of Pervasive Computing Technologies 10. THEMES OF PERVASIVECOMPUTING 11. AUTOMATED CAPTURE Motivation Record-taking is hard LIVE BOARDS Multiple streams of information need to be captured Machines are better at some of these things than we are ExamplesMeeting capture (scribe atXerox PARC), MarkWeiserClassroom 2000 12. CONTEXT-AWARE COMPUTING Computing services sense aspects ofenvironment (location, useremotion,) and tailor providedAugmented Realityservices Walk into conference room, myemail is projected on a big screenthereEXAMPLES Active Badge & PARCTab Shopping assistant Cyberguide Perception system for recognizinguser moods from their facialexpressions House where position is sensed andtemperature adjusted automatically 13. BENEFITS OF PERVASIVECOMPUTING 14. TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS Information access Mobility and networking Text retrieval Device discovery Multimedia document Wireless protocolsretrieval Security Automatic indexing Voice and video over IP Pervasive devices Perceptive interfaces Palm top computers Biometric person ID Smart badges Speech recognition Electronic books Gesture recognition User sensitive devices 15. USES OF PERVASIVECOMPUTING 16. REAL TIME APPLICATIONS SMART CLOTHINGConductive textiles and inksprint electrically active patternsdirectly onto fabrics.Sensors based on fabricmonitor pulse, blood pressure,body temperature.Invisible collar microphonesGame console on thesleeve? 17. REAL TIME APPLICATIONSINTERACTIVE FLEX POSTERS Flexes thatcommunicate with theperson automaticallyin a building and thenprovide him theinformation about hisoffice and the venueof his meeting that hisheld. 18. REAL TIME APPLICATIONSPILL CAM Miniature camera Diagnostic device It can beswallowed Once swallowed itgives the dataabout thefunctioning of thevital organs in ourbody . 19. ONGOING RESEARCH PROJECTS IBM s smarter planet The project is aboutbuilding a smarter planetby including everyday casescenarios like parking thecar in a place bycommunicating withanother car. 20. FUTURE ASPECTS Cell phones will ask the Cars will use the Internet tolandline phone what itsfind an open parking spacetelephone number is and will or the nearest vegetarianforward our calls to it. restaurant inform the owner of the needed service or automatically install theWrist watches will monitor necessary (software) repairour sugar Digi-tickers or implanted heart monitors in heart patients will talk wirelssly to computers, which will be trained to keep an eye open for abnormalities. 21. CONCLUSION Pervasive computing in an increasingly networked worldcontinues to affect more and more of the worlds population.Although this is a global phenomenon, regional and nationalsocial and cultural factors will directly influence thetechnologies and promise of pervasive computing. Pervasive Computing - the next era of computer science. is intended to be a informationand news website. It will cover various new developmentshappening in pervasive computing area - basically mobilecomputing, sensors, networking, security/privacy, ubiquitousaccess to information, and related fields.Lets not throw the first stone, but make the first step! 22. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Your questions are welcome!