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  • 1.PERVASIVE COMPUTING PERVASIVE COMPUTING Farhan Habib Mohd Faizan Zakir Hussain College of Engineering And Technology

2. INTRODUCTION Pervasive computing is the growing trend towards embedding microprocessors. The words pervasive mean "existing everywhere". Other terms for pervasive computing are Ubiquitous Computing, Proactive Computing, Ambient Intelligence. The aim of Pervasive Computing is for computing available wherever it's needed. It spreads intelligence and connectivity to more or less everything. 3. EVOLUTION DSTRBUTED SYSTEMS Resource Sharing Concurrency Scalability Security MOBLE COMPUTNG Mobile Networking Adaptive- Support Location- Sensitivity 4. Whats More ? SMART SPACES INVISIBILITY LOCAL SCALABILITY CONDITIONING 5. Physical integration: integration between computing nodes and the physical world, e.g., a whiteboard that records whats on. Instantaneous Interoperation: devices interoperate spontaneously in changing environments, e.g., a device changes its partners as it moves or as the context changes. Characteristics of pervasive computing: 6. REAL TIME APPLICATIONS INTELLIGENT CARS Sense darkness and automatically switch on the light. Sense rain and automatically starts wipers. Fetch and read aloud e-mails while driving. 7. REAL TIME APPLICATIONS INTERACTIVE FLEX POSTERS Flexes that communicate with the person automatically in a building and then provide him the information about his office and the venue of his meeting that his held. 8. SCENERIO Automatic suggestion of bandwidth availability where number of users is small. Automatic transfer of presentation from the handheld device to the projector. How it feels to be in a pervasive computing environment ? 9. CHALLANGES DEVICES SOFTWARE COMPONENTS USERS USER INTERFACES 10. CONCLUSION Anytime/ Anywhere Any Device Any Network Any Data Pervasive Computing: Pervasive Computing - the next era of computer science. 11. REFERENCES Pervasive computing. By Erich Fromm, The Sane Society Infrastructure for pervasive computing By J. Indulska, The University of Queensland 28th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN). Pervasive Computing: Vision and Challenges By M.Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Mellon University 12. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Your questions are welcome!


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