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In this beginners' deck, we talk about branding strategy, brand statements, and ways to help make the brand become apparent to others. This deck may be used for a personal brand or a company brand, the process is very similar. This deck also offers a branding checklist to help you keep on track with the development of your brand.


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Personal Branding

Becky Livingston President & CEO

Royal Apple Marketing September 2012

2012 Royal Apple Marketing

Who am I? Social media advocate, author, trainer,

speaker, and practitioner Big dog lover Small business consultant Daily user of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+,

Pinterest, & Hootsuite Marketing pro and Tech enthusiast



Know my brand?

3 Simple Strategies 1. Know why

a) Why do you do what you do? b) Why you do it the way you do it? c) Why do you get up in the morning? d) Why are you the way you are?

2. Own the differences 3. Find your people



The Pathway

You Goals Audience Channels

Your self-impression = How people perceive you.

Dont let career drive you, let passion drive your life. That may not get you up any ladder, but it will make your trip down a long and winding road more interesting.

Randy Komisar



Brand Statements 1-2 sentences Value + Audience + Unique Selling Point (USP) Memorable, punchy, solution oriented Its not: Job title Personal mission statement Career objectives Life purpose

Our Brand Statement We create social and digital marketing opportunities to help business owners increase their RIO, brand exposure, and more so they are free to pursue what they love.



Samples I help businesses and individuals build and promote lasting brands. Ryan Rancatore I help people to clear their head trash and find their mojo. Once they find their mojo, I help them to set it on fire! Alexia Leachman I am a social media trainer and consultant, specializing in LinkedIn, branding, and recruitment. Jorgen Sundberg

Brand Checklist Mission Elevator Pitch Niche Market Competition Profiles (social and


Content Strategy Graphics Brand Personality Tagline



Parting Words Branding is about you. A strong personal brand is not about how long youve been building it, but how well youve been doing it. Like a great pair of shoes, it must: Fit Feel good Make you feel powerful and happy Tell a story

Connect with Royal Apple Marketing @RoyalAppleMkgt / @BMLiving



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