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<ul><li> 1. Penguin Group USA 2014 Winter Highlights</li></ul> <p> 2. Contact Us: Alan Walker Dominique R. Jenkins Catherine Hayden 3. Penguin Library on Social Media! @PenguinLibrary 4. Penguin and Present: 5. New from Penguin and!Current episode: Pamela Dorman Vice President and Publisher of Pamela Dorman Books/Viking. 6. Penguin is proud to be a sponsor of LibraryReads! 7. Coming Soon: A monthly e-newsletter from Penguin Librarians Den!Sign up here: 8. THE INVENTION OF WINGS Sue Monk Kidd 9780670024780 January 2014PenguinLibraryPenguinLibrary@PenguinLibrarylibrariansden 9. ARCHETYPE M. D. Waters 9780525954231 February 2014 *Penguin First Flights*Look for the sequel: PROTOTYPE Coming Summer 2014PenguinLibraryPenguinLibrary@PenguinLibrarylibrariansden 10. ALENA Rachel Pastan 9781594632471 January 2014NORTH OF BOSTON Elisabeth Elo 9780670015658 January 2014QUEEN SUGAR Natalie Baszile 9780670026135 February 2014 *Penguin First Flights*RULES FOR BECOMING A LEGEND Timothy S. Lane 9780670014880 March 2014 *Penguin First Flights*PenguinLibraryPenguinLibrary@PenguinLibrarylibrariansden 11. MOTH AND SPARK Anne Leonard 9780670015702 February 2014DEEP WINTER Samuel W. Gailey 9780399165962 February 2014 *Penguin First Flights*PenguinLibraryPenguinLibraryCHOP CHOP Simon Wroe 9781594205798 April 2014@PenguinLibrarySOLSBURY HILL Susan M. Wyler 9781594632365 April 2014librariansden 12. REDEPLOYMENT Phil Klay 9781594204999 March 2014PenguinLibraryPenguinLibrary@PenguinLibrarylibrariansden 13. I ALWAYS LOVED YOU Robin Oliveira 9780670785797 February 2014PenguinLibrarySAVAGE GIRL Jean Zimmerman 9780670014859 March 2014PenguinLibraryTHE SECRET OF MAGIC Deborah Johnson 9780399157721 January 2014@PenguinLibraryMRS. LINCOLNS RIVAL Jennifer Chiaverini 9780525954286 January 2014librariansden 14. MADAM Cari Lynn and Kellie Martin 9780142180624 March 2014PenguinLibraryBECOMING JOSEPHINE Heather Webb 9780142780655 January 2014PenguinLibrary@PenguinLibraryFALLEN BEAUTY Erika Robuck 9780451418906 March 2014librariansden 15. WHILE BEAUTY SLEPT Elizabeth Blackwell 9780399166235 February 2014PenguinLibraryNO BOOK BUT THE WORLD Leah Hager Cohen 9781594486036 January 2014PenguinLibraryON SUCH A FULL SEA Chang-rae Lee 9781594486104 January 2014@PenguinLibraryTHE SWAN GONDOLA Timothy Schaffert 9781594486098 February 2014librariansden 16. CITY OF LOST DREAMS Magnus Flyte 9780143123279 February 2014PenguinLibraryPIONEER GIRL Bich Minh Nguyen 9780670025091 February 2014PenguinLibrarySTEAL THE NORTH Heather Brittain Bergstrom 9780670786183 January 2014@PenguinLibrarylibrariansden 17. THE CRANE WIFE Patrick Ness 9781594205477 January 2014PenguinLibraryTHE FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS Daniel Price 978039916489 February 2014PenguinLibrary@PenguinLibrarylibrariansden 18. THE SECRET HISTORY OF LAS VEGAS Chris Abani 9780143124955 January 2014PenguinLibraryTONY HOGAN BOUGHT ME AN ICE-CREAM FLOAT BEFORE HE STOLE MY MA Kerry Hudson 9780143124641 February 2014PenguinLibrary@PenguinLibraryMY WISH LIST Grgoire Delacourt 9780143124658 April 2014librariansden 19. DANCING THROUGH IT Jenifer Ringer 9780670026494 August 2013PenguinLibraryTHE OGALLALA ROAD Julene Bair 9780670786046 March 2014PenguinLibraryTHE BOSNIA LIST Kenan Trebinevi 9780143124573 February 2014@PenguinLibraryTHE SECRET ROOMS Catherine Bailey 9780143124733 January 2014librariansden</p>