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  • Animal EncyclopediaAndy6A10/17/11

  • Table of ContentsEmperor PenguinGiant StingrayMexican AxolotiProtostega Gigas LynxEastern Diamond RattlesnakeGiant PandaBlue Marlin

    Nile CrocodileRavenOspreyBox Jellyfish

  • Emperor PenguinEmperor penguins can live for 15-20 years Largest penguin on earthThey weigh 88 lbs.

    Table of Contents

  • Giant StingrayThey are carnivoresThey are the largest animal in freshwaterTheir length is about 5 metersTable of Contents

  • Mexican AxolotlIt is a carnivoreIt can live for about 10-15 yearsIts length is 30 cm.It has a rare trait of retainingTable of Contents

  • Protostega GigasIt is an omnivore They can grow to be 10 feetThey are extinctThey were the largest turtle The Protostega Gigas are extinctTable of Contents

  • LynxLynx haunt the Northern part of America and Europe on the most remote of forests.Sadly lynx are threatened of extinction.Theyre diet is carnivore

    Table of Contents

  • Eastern Diamondback RattlesnakeThe rattlesnake is a carnivore and part of the reptile familyIt is the largest venomous snake in North AmericaIt can live for 10-20 yearsTable of Contents

  • Giant PandaIt can live for 20 yearsThe Giant Panda has an appetite for bambooIts weight can be about 300 poundsTable of Contents

  • Blue MartinIt can weigh 1,985 lbs.Its one of the most beautiful sea creatures Its the sea creature that fought the old man in the Old Man and the Sea. Table of Contents

  • Nile CrocodileIt can live for about 45 yearsIts the largest crocodile in AfricaSome of them were mummified and were buried in tombsTable of Contents

  • RavenThey can live for about 13 yearsIts an omnivoreThere is a legend that if the ravens leave the Tower of London the fortress will fall and so will the British kingdom Table of Contents

  • OsperyIt can live for about 30 yearsThey can be found on every continent except AntarcticaThey have gripping pads on there feet to catch fish from the oceanTable of Contents

  • Box JellyfishIts an invertebrateThe box jellyfishes stings are not affected to sea turtlesIt can weigh up to 4.4 poundsTable of Contents


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