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  • 1. Interchange 2 Unit 15

2. I would haveI would have called him right away.called him right away.We use I would haveWe use I would haveto give an opinion aboutto give an opinion aboutan action in the action in the past. 3. You should haveYou should have cleaned it immediately.cleaned it immediately.We use you shouldWe use you shouldhave to to make ahave to to make asuggestion about asuggestion about apast event.past event. 4. What would you have done?What would you have done?Wh-Wh-wouldwouldpronounpronounhavehavepast participlepast participle 5. I would have sent him a nice birthday present.I would have sent him a nice birthday present.subjectsubjectwould havewould havepast participlepast participlerestrest 6. What should I have done?What should I have done?Wh-Wh-shouldshouldpronounpronounhavehavepast participlepast participle 7. You should have told them about it.You should have told them about it.subjectsubjectshould haveshould havepast participlepast participlerestrest 8. This powerpoint was kindly donated towww.worldofteaching.comhttp://www.worldofteaching.comIs home to well over a thousand powerpointssubmitted by teachers. This a free site. Please visitand I hope it will help in your teaching