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<ul><li><p>PAT 3 Guide </p><p>Part 1 The Basics </p></li><li><p>PAT 3 Guide Ensure that you enable macros in your chosen software. The workbook will be compatible with the following software: </p><p> Excel Version </p><p>Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2004 and 2011* </p><p> Lotus Symphony version IBM Lotus Symphony Free Office Software (a guide to downloading this can </p><p>be found at </p><p> If you encounter any macro issues, support documentation is available at: </p><p> * Microsoft excluded Macro support from Excel for Mac 2008 so this is sadly not compatible with PAT 3 </p></li><li><p> Do not use cut and paste, as this can cause the workbook to fail </p><p> Cells which can be completed are shaded green </p><p>PAT 3 Guide Things to remember </p><p> Some information will not appear in its respective sheets unless the data is entered into the Details tab. For example, the years will not appear in your summaries until they are selected on the Details tab </p></li><li><p>PAT 3 Guide Where a column appears to show #### instead of numbers, you can widen the column by double clicking the rows at the top of the workbook. Simply move the cursor on screen to where the red arrow below is pointing in the example below and when you see this icon double click with the left mouse button. </p><p>Before After </p></li><li><p>PAT 3 Guide If you use the Excel version of the workbook, you may see the message below when you attempt to save. This can be ignored by clicking Continue. To ensure this does not appear each time you save, untick the box circled in the example below before clicking Continue. </p></li></ul>