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  • Palm Pilot Basics VNS
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  • Palm Basics Palm Basics Part 1 Palm Basics Part 2 Software
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  • Palm Basics Part 1 Entering Text Memo Pad To Do List
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  • Desktop On-screen keyboard. Graffiti . Entering text Portable Keyboard
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  • Open a keyboard
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  • Text Numbers International Tap box to switch views. Keyboard views
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  • Activity: Keyboard Open Emulator Open Memo >> New Type in: Ideas for Palm Use Replace Calendar Use Reminders Done Home
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  • Write inside this box Graffiti Graffiti Tip: Write your letters as big as you can
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  • numbers on the right. Letters on the left Graffiti
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  • Everything else on either side Graffiti
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  • Activity: Graffiti Memo >> New Write the letters of the alphabet Write the numbers 0 through 9
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  • Memo Pad A place to take notes Add a memo Delete a memo
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  • To Do List Adding tasks Details Show
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  • Activity: To Do List Add Task Due: April 27, 2001 Add a Note Set the Priority
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  • Review/ Q & A 4 ways to enter text into the PDA? How do you open the Keyboard? What side do you write Graffiti text on? How do you delete a memo? How do you set the priority of a task?
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  • Palm Basics Part 2 Address Book Date Book Preferences
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  • Address Book Adding names and addresses Details Note
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  • Activity: Address Book Add your name and other information to address book
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  • Date Book Views Changing days Adding appointments
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  • Activities: Date Book Set an appointment August 28, 2015, 3pm Alarm 1 hour before Include a note Recurring Friday lunch appt: noon
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  • Preferences Set time and date Auto off Stay on in cradle Sounds Beam
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  • Review/ Q & A How do you add a name to the address book? How do you delete an address? How do you change the day in your date book? How do you add an appointment? How do you beam your address?
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  • General Software Finding Applications Medical Applications Installing Applications Unzip Sync Palm Communities
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  • Finding Apps
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  • Medical Apps Epocrates/QID (free) 5 Minute Clinical Consult ($65) tm Code Doc ($300 YR or Demo:You will be limited to nine entries in the master log and the program will not save code data)
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  • More Medical Apps Patient Keeper ($35 or free 21 day demo) Think DB ($40 or free 15 day demo) Med Calc (free)
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  • Installing Apps Download app to a known location If compressed, decompress (see 9 Steps to Unzip a File handout) Double click on the *.prc file Click DONE App will be installed next time you sync
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  • Communities
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  • Review / Q&A What is a website where you can find palm applications? Where might you download a file to? How is a palm application installed? How do you delete an application from your palm?
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