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December Newsletter


<ul><li><p>Womens Center Newsletter Issue One, December 2013 </p><p>6500 Excelsior Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN 55426 1 </p><p>Tis the Season to be grateful! Sharing the story of the Park Nicollets Womens Center and Womens Services Model. </p><p>1</p><p>Our dedicated Steering Committee team with support from the staff at the Park Nicollet Foundation set out to increase awareness of our plans for a new facility. The innovative programming and facility plans had been on the drawing board for eight years, and now we are less than 6 months from making that dream a reality. We are excited to share with you the accomplishments to date, and our ongoing plans, as we prepare for next springs grand opening. Sharing the vision Over 600 Park Nicollet staff and community members toured the fifth floor of the Heart and </p><p>2</p><p>Vascular Center on the Methodist Hospital Campus to see the future of the Park Nicollet Womens Center. The Center will bring together 19 preventive and specialty services in one location designed to support women. </p><p> Seeking connection with our community These same tour attendees provided over 100 ideas of current community programs and services where the Womens Center could collaborate to better reach women in need. </p><p>Continued on page 2 </p><p>David Abelson, MDPresident of Park Nicollet </p><p>HealthPartners Care Group</p><p>Mary BrainerdPresident and CEO of HealthPartners</p><p>Andrea WinterSenior Director of Womens Services</p><p>Kathryn Babich, MDMedical Director of Womens Services</p><p>Janette Strathy, MDSteering Team Co-Chair</p><p>Gregg Strathy, MDSteering Team Co-Chair</p><p>Park Nicollet Womens Services </p><p>When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately: families are healthier; they are better fed; and their income, savings and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is true of communities and, eventually, of whole countries. -Kofi Annan </p><p> Former UN Secretary-General </p><p>A Message from the Steering Team Co-Chairs: </p><p>For women in all stages of life, Park Nicollet offers comprehensive, integrated care and an exceptional patient experience. </p><p>Mark Your Calendars </p><p>Watch for more information about a </p><p>Grand Opening event in </p><p>May 2014 </p></li><li><p>Womens Services Newsletter Issue One, December 2013 </p><p>2 </p><p>We are dedicated to providing an exceptional </p><p>patient experience through four key areas that make it easier for </p><p>women to take charge of their health. </p><p>1</p><p>(Continued from page 1) Showing local support Support for the Womens Center was included as part of Park Nicollet Foundations Annual Campaign. One hundred percent of the clinicians and staff from the St. Louis Park OBGYN site participated in support via donations or payroll deduction pledges. HealthPartners provided a dollar for dollar match! Finding philanthropic support from corporate partners Our vision of providing necessary health services to women in need has really touched the hearts of corporations who have a history of giving back. Target and UnitedHealth Foundation led the way with an incredible campaign; For You. For Them. That promoted the importance of screening mammograms to employees and also provided support to women in need through our Mammo A Go Go Community Outreach Fund and for a research project to investigate barriers to mammograms in insured populations. Partnering with the health plans We are meeting with our key partners from insurance companies to show how our plans for a health care navigator and care </p><p>2</p><p>coordinators can improve their members health and thus decrease the overall cost of care. We seek their investment in these important positions. Planning for the future What we dont accomplish in 2013 will give us goals for 2014. All great projects and worthy efforts require continuous nurturing along the way. That is a strength we have at Park Nicollet! The women we care for in our clinics and communities will benefit. And as we all know from our favorite quote from Kofi Annan, that benefit extends to their families and communities as well. </p><p>To those of you who have so generously given in support of this project, WE THANK YOU! As of this date, we have over $1.2 million dollars in donations and pledges! To those of you still considering if this project fits with your giving goals, we welcome any support that will fill your heart with joy. We count as one of our greatest blessings the opportunity to work at Park Nicollet and support this program through the Park Nicollet Foundation. </p><p>With gratitude, </p><p>Drs. Jan and Gregg Strathy </p><p>Donor Story: </p><p>The Womens Center will provide care for women of varying ages and cultural backgrounds access to exceptional care. The </p><p>ability the Center will have to promote health care specifically for women at one convenient location opens up a whole new concept of care. Community outreach services such as Mammo A-Go-Go, education scholarships and support groups will offer the women of our community a wide variety of services to choose from. I believe care specifically for women has been lacking in the health care system. The Womens Center will provide access to all women, in all stages of their lives. I am grateful to have an opportunity to contribute to such a needed endeavor. I would like to thank the many individuals from Park Nicollet that made the Womens Center a reality. </p><p>Barb Degnan </p><p>Care: The Womens Center will offer comprehensive services women want and need through a central facility with strong linkages and ease of passage to services across the entire Park Nicollet system. </p><p>Comfort: The patient experience is designed for your comfort with integrative services such as aromatherapy and massage to enhance wellness and reduce stress; complimentary beverages; and iPads and iPods for use during visits. </p><p>Convenience: The Womens Center will offer healthcare designed for womens busy lives with 19 preventive and specialty care services in one convenient location. Our comprehensive 4-in-1 visits will offer multiple preventive services in one coordinated appointment. </p><p>Community: The Womens Center will be dedicated to outreach and advocacy for all women, no matter their ability to pay. </p></li><li><p>Womens Center Newsletter Issue One, December 2013 </p><p>6500 Excelsior Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN 55426 3 </p><p>The month of October was filled with amazing pink activity. Our annual Be Pink campaign encourages women to be empowered in the fight against cancer by promoting the importance of early detection and raising funds to provide mammograms, co pay assistance and diagnostic services to women in need. Thank you to all the women who have shared their stories and journeys with breast cancer thank you for being courageous and inspiring. More than $70,000 has been raised through Be Pink activities to support our patient programs and Mammo A-Go-Go Community Outreach Fund. Contributions enable us to serve women in need in their own communities through mobile mammography, eliminating transportation barriers and access to care. </p><p>Thank you to our Pink People! Hundreds of people in our local communities supported Be Pink this year by contributing, sharing their stories and encouraging others to get screened we are grateful for you all! </p><p>Thank you to our Pink Partners who promoted Be Pink 2013! They decorated and lit their businesses pink, helped build awareness about screening mammograms, held events and provided financial and in-kind support to help women in need. </p><p>1</p><p> BuzNs Girls with Guitars benefit concert featuring Sheryl Crow, Kellie Pickler, Gloriana, Maggie Rose and Ashley Monroe </p><p> Be Pink Glam Event Be Pink Wayzata fundraising </p><p>breakfast and Be Pink Wayzata Table Hosts </p><p> Bloom Time Floral BMO Harris Bank BMW of Minnetonka Caribou Coffee Chicos of Wayzata Christmas Dcor City of Wayzata Country Financial Edina High School Volleyball </p><p>Club Flaunt Accessories Fuzzy Duck Designs HealthSource Chiropractic of </p><p>Minnetonka </p><p>2</p><p> Lilia Flower Boutique McCormicks Pub and </p><p>Restaurant Motorwerks BMW New Reflections Salon Spa Park Center Pirates Volleyball </p><p>Boosters Park Nicollet Shorewood Clinic Revive Salon &amp; Spa Sakana Sushi Schuler Shoes Sheels Eden Prairie Side Door of Wayzata Sushi Fix Wayzata Venture Photography WCCO Walser Automotive Wayzata Country Club Wayzata Bar and Grill Wayzata Wine and Spirits Wine Merchants Girly Girl </p><p>Wines </p></li><li><p>Womens Services Newsletter Issue One, December 2013 </p><p>4 </p><p>1</p><p>Anonymous Maria Aagesen-Reznecheck, MD Nancy Adickes Regina and Gary Aiken Cynthia M. Ahlberg Amy Alexander Beth Almquist Jack and Cheryl Amdal Deborah Ammentorp Barb Anderson Isabel H. Anderson, MD JoAnne Anderson Nancy Anson Kristen Arends Gretchen Arne Beth Aschinger Barb Augustinack Kathryn Babich, MD Tara Baillet Leslie Baken, MD and Mike Schock Andrea Baldwin Miki Banavige Laurence and Matthew Banfield, MD Chad Bartley Sherrie Bartolotto Lee A. Bastyr-Ching Robin D. Baumgartner Patricia A. Becker Barbara Bedell Teri Behling Maureen S. Bellows Jessica Benney Steve Berchow John and Nancy Berg Virginia Berg Richard Bergenstal, MD and Carol Bergenstal Rachelle and Alan Bergquist Patricia A. Betlach Phyllis and David Bishop Max A. Boller, MD and Jane Boller Kathleen Bonnesen Edwina N. Boone Jennifer L. Bourgoine Sally Bowman Ed and Dawn Boyle Amy Brandl, CNM Donald and Jane Brattain Victoria Brink Brian Brinker Diane Brower-Johnson David W. Brown, MD Lori A. Brown Walter M. Brynteson Ann and Charles Bryz-Gornia, MD Ruth Buelow Ashley Bull Leah Bungener Patricia Burdick Katherine Butler Jason R. Bysina Daniel Caldwell Diane Callahan Dan Carlsen and Susan Gerstner David and Kathleen Carlsen Samuel and Barbara Carlson </p><p>2</p><p>Barbara A. Carmouche Marcia Caron, MD Leslie Carpenter Tyler Carroll Sue Casson Leland P. Cheng, MD and Sheila J. Jenkins, MD Linda Cherne Gloria A. Chesney Margeaux Chihak Nicole Chivers Catherine Christiansen Gerri Clements Alan and Paula Cole Lori J. Connelly Robyn L. Cook Richard and Judith Corson Theresa Covert, MD and Charles Covert James L. Craig, MD and Roberta Craig Dawn Dahlgren-Roemmich, MD Nancy Darnall Belle Davenport Alicia Davis Jeffrey O. Davis Elisabeth J. Dayton Nicole Dean, MD and Aaron Dean </p><p>John and Barbara Degnan Arch and Belinda DeMery Kate DeVIlliers Sandra G. Dignen Martin Doering Stan D. Donnelley Annie E. Doughty Kim G. Drasher Deb Drew David A. Druckman, MD Sue Dubbs Dave Dudinsky Maureen Dunn Kathy P. Duxbury Jolene Elvine Cari Erickson, CNM Sarah M. Essen Jennifer Estes Sandee Fellinger Sandy Fisher Angela G. Fjerstad Catherine Flaherty Jeanne Flavin Sheila M. Fleming Callie Flolid Debbie Foss Cathryn L. Fossing Pamela Foster Elizabeth Frankman, MD David and Laura Frazier JoAnne Funch Cindy Furda Kelly S. Furda, MD Laura Furda </p><p>3</p><p>Katherine E. Gabler Jacki Gallagher Natalie Gansop Rachel K. Garant Kate Garlock Linda S. Gasch M. Lillian Gavitt Charity S. Gendason Jeanne Gengerke, MD and Todd Gengerke Chris and Christa Getchell Jodi Glaser Nora Gondack Laura Good William and Kathryn Gordon Nancy Gossard, WHCNP Mary E. Greenbush Shirene Greene William R. Grierson Lynn Groll Tammy Gustafson-Ochs Eva Gutmann Patricia and Robbie Gutzke Caroline P. Haakenson, MD Thomas P. Haas, MD and Catherine Haas </p><p>Wendy Haas Karen and Michael Haehn Jacqueline W. Hagen Julie A. Halverson, WHCNP Dana Hamilton-Bloyer Lori Hansen Rosemary and Timm Hansen Susan Lee Hansen Lisa and Gareth Harcombe-Minson Barbara Harmdierks Patricia L. Haroldson, CNM Patricia Hart-Fuller, MD and Randy Hart-Fuller Kathryn V. Hary Krista K. Haslach Dan Haugen Angela Haugh Anita L. Hawks Lisa Hayes Mary M. Hearne Kim Heenie Rebecca J. Heflin David and Brenda Heim Sue Hemmeke Donna J. Henry Kathleen Henson Ev Hess Sheryl Hill Norma J. Hocking Cynthia M. Hoffman James and Laura Holasek Nancy E. Holden Gina Holman Gary and Mary Holmes </p><p>4</p><p>Lysa Holmstrom John and Judith Holscher Pamela J. Horner Katie Howeys Rita Howeys LaDonna Hoy Lisa Hunegs Karlene Hutson Khristina F. Irwin Elrie Iverson Katie Jackelen Margaret Jagodzinski-Wood Chelsea Janke Nadia M. Janson Brenda A. Jauer Dawn M. Jenkins MD Jennifer Jensen Roger and Lynn Johns Sarah Johnsen Debbie Johnson Deborah F. Johnson Janna L Johnson JoAnne Johnson Kaisa Johnson, CNM Kathleen Johnson Sarah Johnson Carol Marie and Steve Johnson Steve Johnson Linda Joiner Gerri H. Juntilla Nancy and Stanley Jurgensen Jeff and Faye Kamrath Donna and Owen Kane Patricia M. Kane, WHNP Sarah Kaplan, MD Penny Kastner Sheila M. Kaupa Jane and Gene Kay Bridget Keller, MD and David Keller Mary W. Kelly Maureen M. Kenney Vida S. Kent, CNM James and Janice Kjellberg Amy Knox, CNM and Mark Edstrom Ann Knuti Lynette Kobilka Amy Koch Jill Kohler Jennifer Kohorst Dawn Kontzelmann Janice L. Korstange Kelly M. Koss, DO Mary Kotchen Janet Krasowski Carrie Kremer, MD Shelley R. Kutschied Linda Lang Ginny Laporte Ann Larson Colleen Larson James Larson Mary Lastovich Theresa Lastovich Leslie A. Laub Herbert and Lydia Laube Jan Laudenbach </p><p>Supporting the Vision </p></li><li><p>Womens Center Newsletter Issue One, December 2013 </p><p>6500 Excelsior Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN 55426 5 </p><p>Community Partners </p><p>5</p><p>Deena Laugen Kim Lawrence Kristin Lear Louise Lehner Anna Levine, CNM Connie L. Lewis Mary and Mike Lilja Elizabeth Lincoln and Bradley Fuller Alyssa Linn Jeff Litt Jean L. Lofgren Kari Logan Andrea and Christian Loger Stephanie Ludewig Mark D. Lund Lynda Macaulay, CNP Kelly Maciej Wynelle Mack Gina Macleod Steve Maeger Lois Magnuson Lou and Barbara Mahigel Judy Mangum Shannon Martinson Maureen McConnell and Craig Lommel Molly McInnis Mary McKasy Thomas McNanley, MD and Anna McNanley, MD Cara McNulty Montreena Medlock Penny Meier Caroline Melberg Steven Melberg Stan Meyers Sandra Miessen Marilyn Mileusnic Wendy Jo and Gregory Miller Heather Miller William P. Miller Anne Miner Pearson Michelle Mirau, MD Rene A. Moen Jane M. Mohr Christine Monnens Steph Montgomery Andrew and Kristin Mullin Fran Mullin James and Fran Mullin Heidi Mullins William and Gail Munsell Hugh Neeson, MD and Andrea Messina, MD Heidi A. Nelson Larissa L. Nelson, MD and Jeannie Thomas, MD Timothy and Michele Nelson Kimbra Ness Brenda Neubauer Anne Noonan Amy G. Novogratz Alissa Nudi Jenna Obler Debbie Odden Laura O'Donnell Elizabeth A. Ogren </p><p>6</p><p>Kathleen O'Laughlin Julie Oleson Chad Olson Cynthia K. Olson Jan Olson Jodi Olson Michele Olson Michelle and Kyle Olson Miriam C. Olson Mark and Sharon O'Phaeley Jean M. Opheim Bernadette and Rob Osman Kathleen A. Ostroot Kellee Ott, MD Heather Page Jennifer Paidosh Deborah Paine Kari Palmer Jennifer Paquin Amy Parnell Ashley Patterson Jessica and Lee Patterson Linda S. Patterson Casey Paulsen Lisa C. Pearson Karyn Penn Sara Peterson Emily Peterson-Boone Suzanne Pettinari Richard A. Pfohl, MD and Margaret Pfohl Jerri Phyle Cheryl Pieper Becky Pierson Erin E. Porter Leslie Pratt, MD William and Mary Prechel Paige E. Prestholdt...</p></li></ul>