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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Page 9 Luh Nov 11 Nfg Heap Ad</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Pagina 9 . Local ClassifiedNoviembre, 2011 La Ultima Hora</p><p>HR66712_Fuel_HEAPAdBW / 6w x 11h</p><p>2011 Buffalo Urban League Gala set forSaturday, Nov. 19</p><p>BUFFALO, N.Y. The Buffalo Urban LeagueInc., one of Erie Countysleading economic development and human services organizations, will</p><p>celebrate its annual Gala onSaturday, Nov. 19 at the newly renovated</p><p>Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. The theme of this years event pays</p><p>homage to the positive impact the Urban League has on the lives of</p><p>individuals and families throughout Western New York.</p><p>2011 Buffalo Urban League Gala Honorees Include: Robert G. Wilmers, Chairman/CEO, M&amp;T Bank will receive the Buffalo</p><p>Urban Leagues highest award to an individual-the William L. Evans &amp;Whitney M. Young, Jr. Humanitarian Award;</p><p> Imam Fajri and Dr. LaVonne Ansari and Van and Trudy Mollenberg will</p><p>receive the Family Life Awards;</p><p> National Fuel and People, Inc. will receive the Community Service Awards;</p><p> Yaritza Camacho and Cameron Pritchett will receive the Outstanding Youth</p><p>Awards; and</p><p> James C. Smith will receive the Presidents Exemplary Service Award</p><p>Each of the individuals and organizations being honored at this years</p><p>Gala play an exemplary role in improving lives in our community, said</p><p>Brenda W. McDuffie, President &amp; CEO of the Buffalo Urban League. The</p><p>Buffalo Urban League is extremely proud to recognize each of them for</p><p>their deep commitment, tireless efforts and role in being Part of the</p><p>Solution. Proceeds from the black tie event will support the organizations</p><p>programs and services in the areas of: education, scholarships, employment,</p><p>business development, housing, and family support, including, foster care,</p><p>adoption, youth and senior services.</p><p>Annually, the Buffalo Urban League provides vital services to more than</p><p>15,000 individuals and families in need, said Stephen Bell, Buffalo Urban</p><p>League Board President and Partner, Director of Public Affairs, Eric Mower</p><p>+ Associates. The widely attended Gala allows the Urban League to</p><p>continue to provide those services in a time when the need is at its greatest.</p><p>The 2011 Buffalo Urban League Gala is chaired by Kristine M.Wydro,</p><p>Buffalo Urban League Board of Directors and Director of Human Resources,</p><p>Tops Markets. The 2011 Honorary Chairs include: Paul B. Cronin, EVP &amp;</p><p>Regional President, Commercial Banking, HSBC Bank USA; Robert P.</p><p>Holliday, Vice President and General Manager, AT&amp;T-Upstate New York;</p><p>Michael W. Cropp, M.D., M.B.A, President &amp; CEO, Independent Health;</p><p>David F. Smith, Chairman &amp; Chief Executive Officer, National Fuel; and Bill</p><p>H. Ransom, President &amp; General Manager, WKBW-TV.</p><p>Linda Pellegrino of WKBW-TVs AM Buffalo and Elizabeth M. Lewin will</p><p>preside as Mistresses of Ceremonies. The evening begins at 6:00 p.m. with</p><p>a silent auction and reception with music provided by the Hutchinson</p><p>Central Technical High School Jazz Ensemble and Pappy Martin LoveSupremes Jazz Ensemble; and is followed at 7:30 p.m. with a dinner and</p><p>awards presentation. The evening concludes with dancing to live music</p><p>performed by the New York City Dimensions Band. Sponsorships areavailable. Individual tickets are $100.00 per person. For more information</p><p>please contact Pam Arbogast at (716) 250-2424, or e-mail her .About the Buffalo Urban LeagueSince 1927, the Buffalo Urban League has brought positive change and</p><p>opportunities for a better future to hundreds of thousands of lives here in</p><p>the Buffalo-Niagara region. Our mission is to empower African Americans,</p><p>other minorities and disadvantaged individuals in securing economic self-</p><p>reliance, parity, power and civil rights. Our services are designed to build</p><p>strong and stable families through the provision of family support and</p><p>stabilization services, educational and employment opportunities,</p><p>scholarships, health awareness, financial literacy skills training, business</p><p>development and housing assistance to families and individuals in our</p><p>community. More information about our services is available at</p><p></p></li></ul>