oxygen facials breathes ageless beauty to your skin

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  1. 1. Oxygen Facials Breathes Ageless Beauty To Your Skin As you face your day the environment can cause oxidation of skin cells via pollution and othertoxins. This exposure to toxins can wreak havoc on your otherwise youthful complexion, being theonly part of the skin that is constantly exposed. And without a devoted face care regime the signsof aging can begin to set in. The top day spas in NYC and other major cities can help to maintainthe optimal health of your skin with the most advanced holistic facials. Oxygen spa treatments area supreme and luxurious way to prevent cellular degradation for superior ageless beauty.What are the top benefits of Oxygen Facials?When you trust knowledgeable aestheticians at the leading luxury day spas you can expectunsurpassed anti-aging results from oxygen facials. The procedure is non-invasive and the effectsare cumulative, so with each facial the impact is intensified. You can be on the go immediatelyfollowing your treatment because no recovery time is needed.1.Decreased signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles2.Pore size is reduced for smooth even tone3.Purifies expelling impurities for deep cleansing and clear skin4.Diminishes blemishes, discoloration and imperfections5.Deeply hydrates and nourishes for silken complexion6.Redefines contours for sculpted visage7.Improves blood circulation for increased cell regeneration8.Safe and painless natural facelift with immediate results and no side effects.How are oxygen facials done?A precision wand similar to an air brush tool, directs a fine stream of hyperbaric (pressurized) 98%pure oxygen to your face or skin. Because it is directly targeted to the areas with the most need,by the skilled hands of your aesthetician, it is a reliable treatment to restructure and promoteepidermal health. Nourishing skin serums boost the absorption of oxygen and abundant nutrientsfor unrivaled luminous radiance by the end of your facial.
  2. 2. Oxygen is scientifically proven as we breathe it daily to exist and our skin relies on it to retain abright youthful appearance. With regular treatments from your chosen day spa, dull worn skin is athing of the past. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and premier oxygen facials areexclusively available at luxury spas when you make your face care selection. A consultation with askilled aesthetician, like those found at Joanna Vargas Salon NYC, can guide you toward apersonalized regime.Celebrities, business professionals and trendsetters alike have basked in the uncontested healthbenefits of oxygen facials for age-defying skin. And when you are in the boardroom or at a galaevent, all eyes will be on you.Your skin will be warm, with a dewy healthy glow, that can only be gotten at some of the best dayspas in NYC or top spa destinations in the country. You now have skin that breathes easily, skinthat is ageless and proudly yours.For more information see www.joannavargas.comBest Anti Aging Skin CareBest Day Spa NYC