Ordinary People Chapter 30

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Ordinary People Chapter 30. BY: Arnulfo Barba Period, 1. T/F Quiz:. Jeannine thinks about the Spring. Conrad sees Suzanne Mosely. Jeannine has a terrific inferiority complex. It is Conrads opinion that he doesnt have a very clear idea of what he does well. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ordinary People Chapter 30

Ordinary PeopleChapter 30BY: Arnulfo BarbaPeriod, 1T/F Quiz:Jeannine thinks about the Spring.Conrad sees Suzanne Mosely.Jeannine has a terrific inferiority complex.It is Conrads opinion that he doesnt have a very clear idea of what he does well.Jeannines ex-boyfriend is called Acron.Quiz Answers:F, she thinks about the Fall. F, Jeannine sees her.F, Suzanne has it.F, its Jeannines opinion.F, his names Akron, with a k.Chapter Summary:Jeannine writes down the music, that Conrad plays. Conrad finds out that jeannine knows he used to write poetry. Jeannine tries to set Conrad up with Suzanne Mosely. Jeanine thinks that before they were together Conrad didn't pay attention to her.They consecrate their relationship. Jeanine tells Conrad about how she isnt a virgin, and her ex-boyfriend Akron. She continues on to tell him about her dark past, and how it was all her that did it. They talk about Conrads scars, and how he feels about them wondering if he will ever heal from them. It comes out that Conrad doesnt believe in god while Jeannine doesQuote:The God QuestionI dont Believe in God.-Conrad The significance of this is, that with such an upstanding family ,that it is assumed Conrads was before the accident ,you would imagine they would have been religious. So in a sense it is a statement by Conrad that he lost his faith since the accident. (one of the many things he lost at the time) The Change:In the chapter it is finally apparent that Conrad is near the end of his recovery. He himself states that he doesn't get the point of why he cut himself in the past. Before he would constantly be on the edge, but in the chapter he lashes onto Jeannine like a lifeline. Which is one of the reasons why he dreads her leaving.Major Conflict:The fact that Jeannine is leaving, making Conrad want to preserve all the time he has left with her.Literary Terms:Imagery:Conrad has Mikes cowboy hat on, pulled low over his eyes.Personification:His heart floats inside his chest.Simile:Fingers as light as bird wings.Repetition: Its inside you, it is you and its all over.Epiphany:Berger is right the body never lies.

Settings:Jeannine's bedroom.Discussion Questions:Would you judge Jeannine?

Is it right for Conrad to put Jeannine as his only hope for salvation?