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Building affordable housing with strawbales


<ul><li> 1. Architectural designers Natural building specialists TrainersAffordable Houses for Ordinary Peoplestrawworks@gmai| .com www. strawworks. co. uk</li></ul> <p> 2. Affordable Houses for Ordinary People . ,. _: E= ,House prices rise to average 250,000 in 2014Property values rose by 5.5% in 2013 with price growth beginning to increase strongly acrossparts of the country Office for National Statistics 3. Straw -Affordable Houses for Ordinary People . ,. _; = ,To give the next generation a fighting chance,the government needs to get serious aboutbuilding more affordable homes now Campbell Robb,CEO Shelter Metro 19 February 2014 4. Straw - What does Affordable mean?., . _"= ,= ,Starter homes with options for expansion laterWithin the budget for first time buyersEnabling owners to become mortgage free within a few years at most -Opportunity to self build~Sweat equity and shared ownership schemesOptions for work space or rent a room built inGarden for self-sufficiency in food 5. What does Affordable mean?WmWhat it shouldn't mean: Cheap Poor quality Soul destroying 6. Strawbale council houses North Kesteven,Lincoln V Straw Code for Sustainable Homes level 5t (A J " (LT ' ls , _ . _ *~ { ,1._. ' M J .0. rlVy _ '_, '__f l !, _. V-t l ,v. u-w-.' ~-v - &gt;. __L_: ,,:_: . Ky:. w-. -. _? Q;: , * : ':? .'.V .</p>