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  • ALTERNATIVE NEWS The site in Jebel Irhoud,Morocco. When the site

    was occupied by earlyhumans, it would havebeen a cave; the cover-

    ing rock and much sedi-ment was removed by

    work in the 1960s.

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    New archaeological discoveries are threat-ening, once again, to overturn the ortho-dox timeline for human development.

    In Morocco scientists have found Homosapiens fossils dating to 315,000 years ago,pushing back the official dawn of our speciesby 100,000 years. The details reported in theprestigious peer-reviewed journal Nature inJune, could throw a monkey wrench, so tospeak, into the African Genesis scenario reli-giously adhered to by most paleontologists.It now seems clear that the East Africanhuman episode, cited by mainstream scholars,was, if anything, a later development and notthe seminal event it has been portrayed tobe. Researchers at Jebal Irhoud inMorocco have concluded that hu-mans developed at about thesame time all across Africa,many thousands of yearsbefore the East Africanevents once believed torepresent the dawn ofthe human saga.

    According to Jean-Jacques Hublin, authorof the study, and directorof the Max Planck Insti-tute for EvolutionaryAnthropology inLeipzig, Germany,I would say the

    For over a century and a half, the con-ventional Darwinian view of naturalhistorygoing back 200 million years andmorehas been that only petrified fossilsremain to be discovered by people like us.No soft tissue, and no DNA, from thatperiod could possibly have survived untilthe present day. The suggestion promotedby the Jurassic Park movies, that DNAcould have been preserved in amber arti-facts, was dismissed by science as sheercinematic fantasy. New developments,however, may force the establishment toreconsider some of its most cherished be-liefs.

    As physicist Stephen Robbins, Ph.D.,points out in his cover story for this issueJurassic Soft Tissue, recently there havebeen a number of game-changing impos-sible discoveries of dinosaur soft tissue.And, in June of 2017, a piece of amberfound in China contains a completely in-tact but extinct, baby bird which scientistssay dates from the Cretaceous period, astaggering 99 million years ago. The mostcomplete fossil of its kind ever found, thebird has feathers which would have en-abled it to f ly. It is now completely en-cased in a three-inch chunk of Burmeseamber. The bird belonged to an ancientgroup of toothed birds called Enantior-nithes, which went extinct along with thedinosaurs.

    As for the implications of these dis-coveries to the established time line, itcannot be encouraging. According toRobbins, science, may be trying to finesseits way around the issues raised. As youwill see, it all makes for compelling archae-ological drama, if not a new movie.

    Garden of Eden in Africa is probably Africaand its a big, big garden. Maybe even biggerthan professor Hublin suspects.

    According to a study reported in May inthe journal PLOS One, fossils recently foundin Bulgaria and Greece, have convinced an in-ternational team of researchers that creaturesdating to 7.2 Million years ago are the ances-tors of modern humans, making Europe, notAfrica, the cradle of humanity. The discoveryof a creature, dubbed Graecopithecus freybergi,and nicknamed El Graeco by scientists,proves, say the authors, that 200,000 years be-fore the earliest African hominid (not count-

    ing the Jebal Irhoud discoveries) ourancestors were already starting to

    evolve in Europe.One conclusion that

    certainly may be drawnfrom the new research isthat, in the long tale ofhumanity on Earth,there has been plenty oftime for our forebears togo down many historicalrabbit holes and to fol-

    low many timelines,developments, and,yes, even civiliza-tions, to a degree asyet unrealized by or-thodox science.

    Human Timelines Shattered byNew Finds In West Africa & Europe

    10 ATLANTIS RISING Number 125


    Bird Preservedin Amber for ManyMillions of Years?

    Baby Bird in Amber

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    Apowerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP)would be one of the most devastating bi-products of any nuclear explosion, renderinguseless anything electrical belonging to a so-ciety. The specter of such warfare has in-trigued many science fiction fans for years,but the dangers are anything but fictional. InEMP Wars, the cover story for our January/ February, 2017 issue, Atlantis Rising under-scored the subject. Now, new developmentsare making it clear that even without nukes,the EMP threat remains very real.

    The U.S. Air Force, along with defensecontractors Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockheed,

    The legend of Tabbys Star, or KIC8462852, is continuing to grow, even asthe star has strangely begun to dim again.The new dimming was reported in May, andastronomers were expected to be hard at theirtelescopes, trying to come up with a plausibleexplanation. Right now, the suggestion thatwe may have stumbled upon an alien megas-tructure of some kind is as good as any other,and maybe better. No other star has ever beenreported behaving this way.

    As geologist and Atlantis Rising contrib-utor Robert Schoch reported in ourMarch/April, 2017 issue (Mega Engineeringin the Stars), there are those who think thepeculiar, irregular dimming of the star, couldbe caused by a Dyson sphere. Enclosing a starwith an artificial structure like a giant lanternshade, to harness its energy, was proposed byBritish physicist and mathematician FreemanDyson in 1960. If it exists on Tabbys star(named after discoverer Tabetha Boyajian) itwould be clear evidence for the existence ofan extremely advanced engineering technol-ogy by an alien society.

    Elsewhere on the alien-technology front,the notorious Wow signal, reported by as-tronomer Jerry R. Ehman in 1977, is back inthe news. Ehman, a researcher with theSearch for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)spotted an anomalous radio signal thatlooked artificial in nature and wrote Wowon his data printout. Ever since, it has beencalled the Wow signal. It has never been sat-isfactorily explained, but now there is a newattempt.

    Antonio Paris, a professor of astronomy

    at St. Petersburg College in Florida, has de-termined that two comets were passingthrough the area of the sky under observationby Ehmans telescope, and one of them wasaccompanied by a hydrogen cloud. Paris isntsure how, but he thinks the comet may havecaused the Wow signal. He thinks it was anatural phenomenon, but he cant rule outartificial origins.

    Meanwhile, whoever the alien caller was,he didnt leave a call-back number.


    has confirmed that they are pursuing a non-nuclear pulse weapon. Nicknamed theCounter-electronics High-powered MicrowaveAdvanced Missile Project (CHAMP), scien-tists and engineers are trying to make a systemthat could deliver an EMP pulse capable oftargeting and destroying all electrical systemsbut without the death and destruction of anuclear event. According to insiders, theCHAMP system, operating from an aircraft,such as a drone, could knock out buildingsand power grids. The tests in the Utah desert,it is said, have been going well and havedemonstrated the feasibility of the technol-ogy. On just one mission, the weapon wasable to take down several targets. Pentagonplanners appreciate CHAMPs ability to goafter precisely chosen targets, such as anenemys electrical system, their access to theInternet or any other computer networks, andvirtually all of the components of life in thetwenty-first century, but without killing anypeople.

    This technology marks a new era inmodern-day warfare, said Keith Coleman,CHAMP program manager for Boeing Phan-tom Works. In the near future, this technol-ogy may be used to ren


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