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  2. 2. What is Oracle Fusion? Oracle Fusion Middleware is a preintegrated portfolio of customer-proven software that spans from portals and process managers to application infrastructure, developer tools, and business intelligence. In short it is a complete stack of related middleware technologies.
  3. 3. Components of Fusion There are about 17 different components. In this activity I worked with SOA Suite. SOA suite has the Oracle AS (Application Server), ESB, business rule engine, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Web Service Manager.
  4. 4. Enterprise Computing. Enterprise computing means computing in the GRID environment or where applications run on many servers. Enterprise Computing is made possible by the use of middleware technology. Middleware's such as Oracle Fusion, BEA, IBM MQ and Tibco.
  5. 5. Technologies in Fusion: EJB (Enterprise Java beans). Types of EJB MDB (Message Driven Bean), Entity Bean and Session bean. JMS (Java Messaging Service). Web Service (most import part)
  6. 6. Importance of EJB EJB brings about the asynchronous communication. It automate the transaction management and reduce the code size. Provides security. Provides the remote access using the RMI and CORBA.
  7. 7. Web Services Web Service bring about the application to application interaction. It has a receiver and sender of SOAP messages. SOAP is a platform neutral XML based protocol Web Service send SOAP message that are then used by the applcations.
  8. 8. JMS JMS or Java Messaging Service is a standard messaging system. JMS has 2 messaging models- the queue based model and topic based model. The SOAP messages in the web Service are sent over JMS destinations (queue or topic).
  9. 9. Installation of Fusion SOA suite -Oracle AS, business rules and ESB, BPEL manger and web Service manager. Installation is easy- open the file and run the installer. The environment variables are set automatically.
  10. 10. Environment Variables To check the environment variables all you need to do is try running the SQL plus from the command line and then run a .sql file to execute the SQL script.
  11. 11. Conclusion: Oracle Fusion is Beta tested with the Oracle partners. Supposed to be launched in 2008. The version will be Fusion 11g. JDeveloper make the developing an deploying task very easy. All the standards such as EJB 3.0 (latest) are supported.
  12. 12. Conclusion Other standards such as JSR188 for web Services and JMS for messaging models are supported. Oracle says that there will be no vendor lock in. All this is bound to make Oracle Fusion a big success with existing Oracle Customers.