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  • 1. Migration to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Key Points of SuccessDeniz Seilir Deniz Pazarcolu

2. Introduction Based on Oracle 11g migration scriptsAdditional migration scripts and tips for seamless migrationA guide for any enterpriseTurkcell Teknoloji 3. Agenda Benefits of Fusion Middleware Turkcell SOA Components Hints For Migration Migration Process Q/A 4. Turkcell Group Regional Leader 9 countries 61.7 million subscribers Leadership in the region GermanyNow we are in Germany... 4Segment focus Turkcell content & applications*Subscriber numbers are as of Q1 2011Life : ) - 2008 Belarus1.6 mn sub. UkraineTurkcell Europe-2011KazakhstanLife : ) 2005 Moldova 8.7 mn sub. Moldcell 2000 Geocell 1997 1.0 mn sub. 2.1 mn sub. Georgia Turkcell - 1994 34.1 mn sub.TurkeyTRNC KKTCell - 1999 0.4 mn sub.KCell - 1999 9.7 mn sub.Azerbaijan Azercell 1996 4.1 mn sub. 5. More About Turkcell Creates employment for more than 50.000 people in TurkeyThe first and only Turkish company listed on NYSEComplies with ISO9001, EU and US regulationsMassive tax contribution to the Turkish governmentCorporate social responsibility projects on education, culture and sports 6. Turkcell Technology We are an energetic team having more than 17 years of experience combined with an ongoing commitment to innovation. 7. Key Milestones Turkcell Technology has more than 15 years of development experience with its solutions applied and proven at leading operators in more than 10 countries. From assisting the operation of network resources to improving business oriented intelligence, TTECHs experts provide an expanding portfolio of packaged and custom solutions for telecom network operators. More than 10 years of experience in Turkcell ICT1994 - 2006TTECH Center was put into service HC: 255 engineers Focus: Turkcell Group20072008TTECH company formed with its 44 engineers in TBTAK-MAM Technological Free Zone Focus: Turkcell2009 Focus: Turkcell & Telia Sonera Group HC: 321 engineersFocus: Turkcell & Telia Sonera Group + Regional Sales HC: 410 engineers2010Today 8. Benefits of Fusion Middleware Improved performance with 64 bit architecture Reduced time to market with new development capabilities Centralized Management & Monitoring Decreased operational costs 9. Turkcell SOA Infrastructure Inhouse CRM SystemOrder DecompositionCRM Integration (Synch)Customer Self Care (Internet)Siebel CRMOrder FulfillmentSMSCall CenterMNPBusiness OrchestrationBillingChargingRatingCollectionSiebel SFASubscription LifeCycle ManagementUser ManagementService OrchestrationCampaign ManagementTechnical Product&Offer CatalogBSS OSS GWBSS OSS 10. SOA Maturity Levels Level 1: Service enablement Level 2: Process enablement Level 3: Business Integration and Process Improvement 11. Turkcell SOA Components Maturity Level 1 Maturity Level 2 Maturity Level 3 Service Security Service Security PolicyEnforcement Policy EnforcementBAMMonitoring ManagementBREOrchestrationOptima Monitoring Management Open ViewMessaging Routing BPMJ M SA QBPEL/ESB CONSOLEAdapters Metadata RepositoryApplications/PlatformsService Registry/ Repository 12. Turkcell SOA Programming Model Depends on AIA but does not use AIA as a product Enterprise Business Object (EBO) Enterprise Business Service (EBS) Application Business Connector Service (ABCS) Enterprise Business Flow (EBF) 13. Enterprise Business Objects(EBO) Siebel CRM Order Order Fulfillment Order (Canonical Data Model) 4 Model Driven Architecture Turkcell Standards Based Design SID Complaint Core Common Model Extensibility Model 14. Enterprise Business Service(EBS)Get Customer InformationSiebel Get Customer InfoBSCS Get Customer InfoUDB Get Customer InfoABC ServiceABC ServiceABC ServiceSiebel CRMBSCSUDB 15. Application Business Connector Service(ABCS)ABCS 1SIEBELValidat eEnrichTransformEnterprise Business ServiceABCS 2UCCSCOMETApplication Business Connector Service ABCS 3UDB 16. Enterprise Business Flow (EBF) 17. Migration Process Pre Migration Steps Migration & Deployment Post Migration Steps 18. Pre Migration Steps Partitions Importing DataSources Preparing 10G ESB processes for seamless migration 19. Upgrade Process 20. Creating Partitions 21. Importing Data Sources Custom Java Application using Embedded WLST Migrating 10g datasources to 11g Configuring deployment plan for datasources 22. Checklist for ESBS Ensure that projects are migrated in order of dependency. Add soap service to routing rules if they dont have one Always check the Invocable from an external web service 23. Migration & Deployment FilesTaskscomponents.xmlList of BPEL & ESB Servicesupdate.xmlCustom migration script, containing the tasks belowant-sca-upgrade.xmlFor upgrading the Soa 10G projectsant-sca-compile.xmlFor compiling Soa 11G projectsant-sca-package.xmlFor packaging projectsant-sca-deploy.xmlFor deploying 11G projects and artifacts 24. Post Migration Steps MDS Troubleshooting on Migrated Processes AQ , Fault Policy, Sensor Issues 25. MDS : Artifact Migration 26. MDS : DVM Deployment Automatic Process Export dvm files from 10G environment $ESB_HOME/bin/export.sh dvm10G.zip Generate a SOA archive file ant -f ant-sca-upgrade.xml upgrade-xrefdvm -Dsource=location_of_the_zip_file -Dtarget=location_of_the_soa_archive Check the jar file contents, if youre not using ISO-8859-1 Deploy the sca_XrefDvmFiles10g_rev1.0.jar 27. MDS : DVM Deployment Manuel Process Navigate through your WebDav DVM address http://yourserver/esb/slide/dvm Get dvm files from webdav Rename *.xml files to *.dvm for f in *.xml; do mv "$f" ${f//xml/dvm}; done Check the jar file contents, if youre not using ISO-8859-1 Replace all dvm tags 10G Ver: 11G Ver: find . -type f -exec sed -i "s %isNew="true"%xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/dvm"%" {} ; Deploy the sca_XrefDvmFiles10g_rev1.0.jar 28. BPEL Preferences in 10G In bpel.xml MyCurrentValueIn Process.bpel 29. BPEL Preferences in 11G In composite.xml MyCurrentValueIn Process.bpel 30. BPEL Preferences in 11G Changing Value 31. BPEL Preferences in 11G Changing Value 32. BPEL Preferences in 11G Changing Value 33. Custom Xpath Funcions Implement xpath function logic. Create ext-bpel-xpath-functions-config.xml configuration file Package as a jar file Copy the jar file to $DOMAIN_HOME/lib 34. Some Remainders on Migration Process Review ESB Xpath header functions ESB XPath FunctionMediator Xpath Functionehdr:setOutboundHeadermhdr:setPropertyehdr:getRequestHeadermhdr:getProperty Review Usage of getDomainId() 35. AQ Adapter Migration Problem AQ adapter is accessed differently in SOA Suite 11g. Post upgrade step must be taken into account for BPEL and Mediator 36. AQ Adapter Migration Problem for ESB After upgrading to Oracle Mediator, assign the "jca.aq.HeaderDocument" value from inbound to outbound in the .mplan file of the Oracle Mediator file. 37. AQ Adapter Migration Problem for BPEL Define a new variable of type string. In the receive activity, make sure that the jca.aq.HeaderDocument property gets written to the above variable. 38. Upgrading an AQ Outbound Request Reply Scenario for BPEL When upgrading an Oracle SOA Suite 10g application that uses this scenario, the WSDL file that is created during the upgrade does not contain the required binding information. Add the JCA entry to the WSDL file created by the upgrade. Add the binding entry in the composite.xml file: Remove any unused WSDL references from the .bpel file 39. Turkcell BO Framework Custom web application using 10g SOA DB Managing extended fault policy actions & error handling Using more indexes than default value for instance tracking Bulk resubmission for ESB&BPEL instances One by one recovery 40. Turkcell BO Framework 41. Turkcell BO Framework 42. Turkcell BO Framework 43. Turkcell BO Framework 44. Turkcell BO Framework 45. Migrating Fault Policies In 11g,fault policies and fault bindings are stored in the Oracle JDeveloper 11g project The fault policy file (fault-policies.xml) and fault policy bindings file (fault-bindings.xml) in composite xml oramds:/apps/policies/faultpolicies.xmloramds:/apps/policies/faultbindings.xml We migrated our fault policies and bindings by our custom ant script(update.xml) 46. Custom Fault Policy File for All Composites 47. Deployment Plans Deployment and configuration in 10g are not upgraded in Oracle JDeveloper 11g. In Oracle Fusion Middleware11g, you must create the 11g deployment plan manually, after you have migrated the application in Oracle JDeveloper. We migrated deployment plans by our custom ant script (update.xml) 48. Composite Deployment in 11g 49. Composite Deployment in 11g 50. Update.xml Custom reusable file, in order to upgrade BPEL and ESB services. Updates invalid server reference Executes upgrade tasks (upgrade) Adds 11g .jws and .jpr files for importing into new JDeveloper (addfiles) Adds necessary files to support SOA-MDS 51. Using Sensors Variable Sensors Fault Sensors Composite Sensors Activity Sensors 52. Composite Sensors Monitor incoming and outgoing messages at composite level Stored in sensorAction.xml During run time composite sensor data is persisted into database. Composite sensors only support the predefined DBSensorAction. 53. Composite Sensors 54. Composite Sensors 55. Activity Sensors Used to monitor the execution of activities within BPEL bpel_process_name_sensor.xml : Defines the sensor definitions of a BPEL process. bpel_process_name_sensorAction.xml : Defines the sensor action definitions of a BPEL process. Database, JMS Queue, JMS Topic, Custom, JMS Adapter 56. Activity Sensors 57. 10g TO 11g Asynchronous Invocation No need to define a correlation between asynchronous flows both running in 10g. Not able to receive callback


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