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  • Oracle Exadata and Oracle Enterprise

    Manager 12c: Extreme Consolidation in Cloud

    Nilanjay Bhattacharjee

    Assistant Vice President IT

  • About HDFC Bank

    Housing Finance


    Asset Managem

    ent Insurance





    HDFC Ltd. Gruh Finance Ltd.

    HDFC Bank

    HDFC Asset Management HDFC Standard Life Insurance HDFC Ergo General Insurance

    HDFC Securities Ltd

    HDB Financial Services Ltd. Credila Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • About HDFC Bank

    71 93 121 158 207

    289 408













    2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Indian GAAP figures. Fiscal year ended 31st March

    •10 year Compounded Annual Growth Rate

    • Figures in Million USD



  • Dreaming of Cloud

  • • IT Strategy 2015

    • Role of Cloud in HDFC IT

    • Consolidation Planning

    • Cloud Initiatives in Bank

    • Database-as-a-Service on Exadata

    • Schema-as-a-Service Implementation

    • Secure Subset Self-Service Provisioning

    • Extending to Middleware and Apps-as-a-Service

    • Taking Private Cloud to next level

    • Summary/Q&A


  • • CapEx & OpEx Reduction

    • Best in class customer services

    • Maximize business opportunities

    • Joint targets with business

    • Process Improvement

    IT Strategy 2015

  • Why Cloud

    • Average 3 days to provision UAT Database for lending segment

    • Silo’ed IT environment with Average 30% utilization

    • Compliance requirement consume testing resources

    • SI expenses for provisioning databases manually

    • Overhead in managing configuration drift between production and test


    • Rollout impact/delay on new business initiatives

    • Challenges in managing exponential growth of data

  • Consolidation Options


    consolidation Database

    consolidation Schema

    consolidation PDB


    Implementation Easy Easy Difficult Easy

    Application suitability Some All Some Some

    ROI Low high extremely high highest

    Time to market long long short short

    Isolation highest high limited high

    Availability High highest highest highest

    Scalability limited excellent excellent excellent

    Consolidation density low high highest highest

  • Application Classification

    System classification Application Classification

    Tier 1 Top 15 in terms of systemic risk Customer facing mission critical systems

    Tier 2 Top end & middle tier High visibility & enterprise wide usage

    Tier 3 Bottom end of middle tier

    Smaller user base but critical business


    Tier 4 Low tier

    Surround Systems - Satellite system build

    around core system

    Classify application based on system availability requirement/criticality

  • Consolidation Advisory

    • Applications with different workload profiles

    • Multiple resources need to be analyzed

    – CPU

    – Memory

    – Storage

    – Network

    Automatic Mapping of Source Servers onto Target Servers

    Manual Mapping can be used if existing servers are part of the

    consolidation exercise

    Helps administrator determines candidates for consolidation

    Maximizes server density

    Helps maintain performance commitment

    Satisfies business, compliance, and technical constraints

  • Database Consolidation on Exadata

    Primary Database

    LMS – 4

    LOS – 2

    WebCollection – 2

    UAT Database

    LMS UAT – 6

    LOS UAT – 6

    WC UAT – 4

    LMS/LOS Archive – 2

    LMS/LOS Bunker – 2

    BCP Database

    LMS – 4

    LOS – 2

    WebCollection – 2

  • Applications for DB Consolidation

    Target consumer for Exadata UAT cloud

    • Test system for Application already on Exadata.

    • Application which need to certify or benchmark application on Exadata

    Target consumer for AIX UAT cloud

    • Application planning to migrate to 11g version from 10g

    • Application for Load testing with near production load without need to

    buy large test system

    Application profile

    • LMS - Loan Management System batch intensive DB size ~2.5 TB

    • LOS - Loan Origination System pure OLTP DB size ~250 GB

    • Webcollection - Web Collection module for Loan DB size ~250 GB

  • Enterprise Archival System using SCaaS

    Business Challenges

    • Long term Data availability requirement to meet regulatory compliance

    • Data Availability requirement by forensic and analytics teams

    • Read-only databases

    • Applications lacking purging policy or budget for separate archival system

    • Sunset applications which are on older hardware and version

    • Applications where archival system have grown to unmanageable size

  • Enterprise Archival System using SCaaS

    Solution: Schema As A Service

    • Self Service Schema Provisioning/Schema-as-a-Service(SCAAS)

    • Schema is allocated out of a large database which eliminated need to

    creating and managing multiple database instances

    • Separate Schema ensures isolation and security across multiple schema

    objects and required isolation

    • Utilize Advanced Compression and Exadata/ZFS Hybrid Columnar

    Compression(HCC) capabilities as core building blocks for Archival Use

    case in Cloud

    • Used for Historical Reporting/Forensic/Archiving purpose

  • • Review database character set during migration

    • Under score parameter set on current database should be reviewed

    • Compatibility and optimizer parameter revision will impact migration

    • SQL plan if fixed for any specific query need to be retained

    • Keep schema name unique to avoid conflict issues

    • Keep redo log on a faster file system

    • Size undo retention to avoid snapshot too old errors

    SCaaS - Pre-migration Check List

  • • No direct access to database server OS to avoid configuration change by Apps


    • Bulk loading and maintenance if any should be done during low workload


    • Access to database sys/system user should be controlled

    • Full backup need to be retained by application team during initial migration of


    • Each schema credentials are with schema owner

    • NO OS dependent operation to be scheduled on schema host

    • Set session timeout to weed out inactive sessions eating DB resources

    • Ensure use of private synonyms and avoid public synonyms

    • Enforce security policy and control the access of OS / Database sys user

    SCaaS - Operational Controls

  • • Number of concurrent users accessing the schema

    • Size database server memory appropriately keeping headroom for growth

    • Size storage for the required IOPS as consolidation will bring concurrency

    and performance bottleneck

    • Schema with high workload should be controlled by profile and set

    appropriate quota

    • Size of indexes should be included while considering database sizing

    • Check usage of parallelisms on tables

    • Check existing system usage to gauge workload for compute requirement

    • Co-host database of same flavor together

    • Check benefit of compression for sizing storage

    • Test compression with advisory to get actual benefits DBMS_COMP_ADVISOR


    SCaaS – Schema Cloud Sizing Tips

  • SCaaS – Challenges/Solution

    • Challenges

    • SCaaS creates Tablespace for each schema with single datafile

    • Location of datafile can not be configured in EM12c

    • Auto selects File system for existing dbf files

    • Single listener for all schemas hosed on particular database

    • Ignores tablespace level definition from source to destination

    • Workarounds/Solution

    • Use ASM for I/O rebalancing even for non RAC environments

    • After schema is provisioned change the tablespace attributes as required

    • Alter table definition for compression in staging database

  • DBaaS Solution Architecture

  • DBaaS Building blocks

    • Hardware for UAT and Archival system zones

    • Exadata X2-2 Half rack High capacity

    • Sun X3 -2B with ZFS for HCC on smaller system

    • AIX hardware with storage and Oracle software pre-inst


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