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1. OpenContrail Implementations @tcpcloud OpenContrail Meetup 2015 Vancouver 2. Agenda About tcp cloud What we have done since last meetup? References OpenContrail Juno production experience Fixes, recommendations Horizon modifications SaltStack announcements OpenStack formulas OpenContrail formulas OpenContrail modules 3. About tcp cloud ISO Certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001) Certificated experts (cloud, hardware, virtualization, networks, OS, etc) Active in global community (OpenStack, OpenContrail, SaltStack, etc) Own Hi-Tech Datacenter (TIER III, 20kW per rack, hundreds 10Gbps ports, etc) Focused on private open cloud solutions and services (since 2011) Maximum Openness Open source of course But also technology like Hyper-V, VMware, PowerKVM, Thomas-Krenn, IBM, HP, Dell, Juniper, Cisco, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows, 4. What we have done on OpenContrail since last meetup 6 Proof of Concepts, 2 pilots, 4 prod environments VMware integration testing (ESXi driver) Experience with 1.2, 2.0 and 2.1 AVG Technologies, 100 Percentit IT, Czech IT, telco customers world wide 5. OpenStack Juno/OpenContrail Integration We tested Contrail 1.2 with Icehouse KVM ESXi (see blog post) We have used Juno with Contrail 2.0 since January 2015 Reasons for Juno: Heat improvements Cinder backend drivers Live migrations for volume backed instances Horizon improvements It is newer :) 6. Integration issues with 2.0/2.1 and Juno Nova VIF driver compatibility monkey patching nova VIF drivers Neutron API Class instead of nova vif... Cannot attach multiple security groups Except 4 parameters instead of 3 (nova - neutron) nova/network/security_group/ Rebuild instances fails Delete failed, when OS::Nova::FloatingIPAssociation cannot find server 7. Integration issues with 2.0/2.1 and Juno Heat template is invalid Increase python-neutronclient 2.3.6 (default on heat- engine New Django URLs, neutron API client fixes Reflecting Django 1.5 and python-neutronclient changes Dealing with Floating IP associations Horizon does not allow provision floating IPs to networks without router Eventually Contrail pushed Juno version of horizon cca 14 days ago 8. SaltStack based OpenStack deployment SaltStack has about 5% of OS deployment share We use hierarchical database as system data model Proper service (de)composition Integrated monitoring, logging, firewalls similar to Example42 approach in Puppet We are in process of cleaning and opensourcing our formulas About 30 service formulas in a first wave Will eventually become part of Big Tent Please Contribute! 9. Creating new Salt OpenContrail module and state Utilises contrail-vnc python client Declarative peering configuration Declarative vrouter provisioning 10. System model implementation reclass - external node classification tool Hiearchical database similar, but not same as Hiera Basic concepts of hiera Nested, multiple class inheritance Variable interpolation 11. Thank you! Jakub Pavlik @JakubPav Ales Komarek @ales_komarek 12. Backup Slides @tcpcloud OpenContrail Meetup 2015 Vancouver 13. Ideas Fully L3 routing topology with OSPF at vRouter 14. AVG OpenStack Architecture