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  1. 1. OATS An Alternative to SOAPUI Anurag Deb HUB4TECHIE.COM
  2. 2. 1 Introduction Here we have quick tutorial abouthow to useOATS as alternativeto SOAP UI. 1.1 Start OpenScript Application Open your directory where you installed open script like(D:OpenScriptopenScriptOpenScript.exe).
  3. 3. 2 Functionaltesting through OATS Tool. 2.1 Creating Script 1. We will nowcreate the web services Go to File -> New -> General -> Web Services 2. Select the samples workspace-> name itand click Finish Treeapi scriptis ready with 3 methods Initialize, Run, Finish treeapi
  4. 4. 3. OpenWSDL Manager and clickadd wsdl file. 4. Selectyourwsdl file. 5. Clicknextandcheck the requests available inyourwsdl fileif youwant.ThenclickFinish
  5. 5. 6. UploadedWsdl file appearsinthe WSDLManager window. 7. Followbelow stepstoAddthe wsdl file tothe scripttreeapiyoucreated. 8. Clickon the Runbuttonto expand. All the requestswill be listed. 1. Click on wsdl file which you added. 2. Right click and Add to script. 3. It will be added under Run method
  6. 6. 9. Clickon anyrequesttoexpandfurther,inthiscase clickingonCreate request. 10. Change yourendpoint. Click here to open Ws Post Navigation Window. Edit the URL(Endpoint)
  7. 7. 11. To viewDetailsClickon View> Details. 12. Clickon XML Postdata to editthe requestlike provisioningthe data. 13. To viewitin readable formatRightclickon DetailsTab and Clickon Format.
  8. 8. 14. Nowif you wantto execute justthe firstrequestthenskipthe remainingrequestsasbelow.Else otherrequestswhichmightnothave beencorrected/provisionedwillalsogetexecuted. This wholeRun method implements Ifloop. Requests which areskippedcomes under if(false) condition. In this examplewe will berunning only getECNTree request.
  9. 9. 15. To Execute we have twooptions. 16. Afterexecutingwe cancheckthe response asbelow 1. Playback 2. Iterate DetailedResponse Also clicking herewillopen theresult
  10. 10. 3 Load Testing For loadwe needbulkinputssowe have options: 1) Csv file 2) Database 3.1 How to Add Databank for bulk execution 1. Clickon endpointandselect GetDatabaseRecord. 2. Which recordyou wantthe tool totake. Recordmeansrow of inputinyour excel(csv)sheet/database. Save your excel incsvformat.
  11. 11. 3. SelectCSV or Database Databank 4. In thisexample we have selectedCSV databank.Now selectyourcsvfile. 5. Afterthat Databankwill be addedtoyour request. Nowwe will substitutevalueswithreal valuesfrom excel. Selectthe value toreplace like here Iwanttosubstitute treenamevalue fromexcel. In thisexample selectingtreename valueandrightclickandselectSubstitutevariableoption. Databank added here. Tree is the name of file 2 represents the no. ofrows present in csv file. Select value ofthe tag
  12. 12. 6. You can create new databankor use the existing(createdinabove steps). 7. Choosinga newdatabank.ClickAddnew Databankoptionas inStep6. Choose CSVFileoption. Create new Databank Existing one which we created in above steps
  13. 13. 8. Selectingcsv file tree.csvandname an alias. 9. ClickingNextbuttonwillgive youthe rowspresentinthe csvfile. ClickFinish . Mapping with the excel
  14. 14. 10. Goingback to Step5(substitute variable) 11. Substitute Variable Dialogue willappear. 12. Original value will be replacedbysubstitutedvalue. Select tag value (site2 in my case) and right click and click Substitute Variable option. Select column containing the value Original value Site2 changed to
  15. 15. For results