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Ontario driving licence test - G1


  • , "~'O'-This book is designed to help newdrtver's pass their knowledge & RoadTestswith ease..,>\3J.:Sample multiple choice questions are found Inside, along with things to look out for to ensurij1 you pass your G1G2Roadtest successfully!

    Budget Publishing Co.A

    What you will learn:

    Driver's /HandbookStudy GuideKnowledge and Road test

    200 Samples Questions on Traffic Signs andRules of the Road

    How to prepare and pass your Knowledge Test,Gl &G2 Road Tests the first time

    Learn proper driving techniques Tips on becoming a better driver With Bonus Section: Things Every Driver

    Should Know

  • I BN 0-929061-09-8 All Rights Reserved

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    All rights reserved. No port of this pubtlcation may be produced in any form. or by any means. etectronic ormechanic at. inCluding photacopying. record1l19 or any information storage and retrievat system. without writtenpermiSsion trom the publisher.

    "Part 01 the information contained herein is trom the Ontario Ministry of Transpotlation and Driver's Handbook.Reprinted with permission from the Ministryof Transportation."

    PART I : Knowledge TestA) Traffic SignsB) Rules of the Road

    PART II : Road Test (Gl and G2 Tests)

    PART III: Things Every Driver Should Know (Bonus Section)

    This book is divided into three parts to make it even easier for you.Each part will include essential information you will need to pass eachtest, including:

    Congratulations! You've either just turned sixteen or you have nowdecided to attain an Ontario driver's licence. An Ontario driver's licenceis your proof of your privilege to drive. As you will see, we've created thisguide to give new drivers the basic information they will need to know todrive safely in Ontario.


    7 Points Failing to remain at the scene of a collision6 Points Careless driving Racing

    Exceeding the speed limit by 50 Failing to stop for a school buskm/h or more5 Points Driver of bus failing to stop at unprotected railway crossing4 Points Exceeding the speed limit by 30 Following toO closely


    3 Points Exceeding the speed limit by 16 Improper driving where road isto 29km/h divided into lanes Driving through, around or Crowding the driver's seatunder a railway crossing barrier Going the wrong way on a one-

    Failing to yield the right-of-way way street Failing to obey a stop sign, Driving or operating a vehicletraffic light or railway crossing on a closed roadsignal Crossing a divided road where

    Failing to obey the directions of no proper crossing is provideda police officer Improper passing

    Driving the wrong way on a Improper use of high occupancydivided road vehicle lane

    Failing to report a colIisionwith over $1000 in damages orcausing injury to a police officer

    2 Points Failing to lower headlight beam Driver failing to wear a seat belt Improper opening of a vehicle Driver failing to ensure that adoor passenger weighing less than 23

    Prohibited turns kg is buckled into a seat belt or Towing people-on toboggans, child safery searbicycles, skis, for example Driver failing to ensure

    Failing to obey signs passenger under 16 years Failing to stop at a pedestrian wearing seat beltcrossing Failing to lower headlight beam Failing to share the road Backing on a highway

    Improper right turn Driver failing to ensure infant/ Improper left turn child passenger is properlyFailing to signal secured in an appropriate childUnnecessary slow driving restraint system or booster seatReversing on a divided high-speed road

    Table of the Demerit Point System

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