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Online Auction Business Model. NeBCC Autumn 2008 SEMC 06 Transferable Skills Carol Shen Jung Pai. Introduction:. Current Research Interests Online auction platforms feasibility in the current and future markets eBays strength and weakness Rival: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Online Auction Business Model

    NeBCC Autumn 2008SEMC 06 Transferable Skills

    Carol Shen Jung Pai

  • Introduction:Current Research InterestsOnline auction platforms feasibility in the current and future marketseBays strength and weaknessRival: Amazon.comRecommend some solutions to solve eBays existing problems and to secure eBays leading position in the action market

  • Online Action EnvironmentThanks to technologyOnline sales estimate: 19.5 billion in 2008Online store (Amazon) vs. Online Auction (eBay)Price-driven competitive marketBuyer: Easier, faster, and more convenientSeller: save on operating and overhead costs, more potential customers

  • eBayThe leader of the online auction marketsFounded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995Auction: matches sellers and buyers needsMillions of products listed and sold everyday

  • eBay Facts

  • Companies Related to eBayPayPal online money transferMiddleware between seller and buyer

    SkypeEase the communication between seller and buyer through chat, phone, and video conferencing

  • eBays Revenue Diversification

  • eBays StrengthCurrent leader in the online auction market fame and popularity309 million registered users39 localized websites with 28 different languagesCooperate with other Skype and PayPalMarketing features - boost up sales

  • eBays WeaknessFraud (
  • Problem 1: Fraud AccountsMost serious problem on eBayRegistered with false personal informationFraudulent sellers: Listed false descriptionsDo not possess the items that listedFake feedback historyCollect money from the buyers and then disappear from eBay or register with another user ID

  • Solutions to Problem 1Limit one account per person (request personal ID: SS# or drivers licensediscourage payments with cash, cheques, bank transfers, and direct debit / credit cardEncourage paying with PayPalEnhance buyer protection policies Categorized feedback system grouping feedbacks by transaction prices

  • Problem 2: Unauthorized Access / Identity TheftHackers try to break in other users accounts for financial rewards or for FUN?Methods of break-inGuess password least technicalUse I forgot my password featuresBreak into eBays member database system most technical

  • Solutions for Problem 2 Guess password and use I forgot my password features can be solved easily changing password frequently, combination of letters and numbers, notify the user through e-mail when password is requestedBreak into eBays database Safer security system block all potential hackersFirewalls physical and software strict accessSecurity software keep undated

  • Problem 3: Quality ControlTo protect the buyersDifficult to regulate: no one will check the products physically if they match the descriptions based on mutual trustsProblems: Law-suits Ex. Louis Vuitton suits eBay for allowing the sellers to sell fake items on eBay

  • Solutions to Problem 3Quality control system (different for each category)Luxury items: source and proof of purchase if necessaryHigh-value listings (properties, automobiles): work with appraisal or credit check companiesSecond-hand products: grading scales to reveal the true condition of the products

  • Problem 4: Database StorageNeeds to store massive database in a secure environment84.5 millions active users112 million listings at any given time worldwideLocalized websites in 39 countries

    Efficiency vs. costs vs. security

  • Solution to Problem 4Currently uses Sun Microsystems Sun Fire T2000, X4100 servers, and Solaris 10.Negotiate a better deal: customized software and date storage system (feasibility & efficiency)US primary marketplace (>50% transactions)Keep stability, security, and speedInvest heavily perhaps supercomputerInternational marketplaceClusters or grids depends on the countryJoint venture with local IT infrastructure companies

  • ConclusionChallenge of the rival ( revenue in 2007 (Amazons revenue 41%)Amazon: warehouse, guaranteed delivery, efficient (fixed low cost no need to wait) Methods to ensure eBays leading positionLaunch e-stores with other warehouses and brands

    Future Market trendeBays online auction market (both US and international) - slow growth rateRevenue growth mostly from:Communication transaction SkypePayment transaction PayPalInvest in the Fast growth markets instead of slow growing ones

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