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    Irdeto WestTaurus Avenue 1052132 LS HoofddorpP.O. Box 30472130 KA HoofddorpThe Netherlands

    Irdeto EastF3/6, Beijing Sunflower TowerNo. 37 Maizidian StreetChaoyang DistrictBeijing 100125China

    Copyright Irdeto 2010

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    A message from the CEO, Graham Kill 6

    Irdeto Timeline 8

    Determination, Foresight and Risk 10

    Den Toonder in the News 22

    South Africa and the Birth of M-Net 24

    Remembering CEO Jac van der Merwe 34

    The Italian Job 36

    Entering the Digital Age 44

    A profile of former CEO, Martijn Hfelt 64

    Adventures in the Far East 68

    Marketing the Irdeto Brand 82

    A profile of Irdetos CEO, Graham Kill 98

    Irdeto Keeps on Growing 102

    Phil Weber Award 120

    One Irdeto 122

    Irdeto in Motion 126

    Equipped for the Future 132

    Colophon 138

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    Celebrating milestones is an important part of

    life; we mark the passing of each year, entering

    a new phases of our lives, the anniversaries of

    momentous events in our personal or collective

    history. The year 2010 is indeed a momentous

    year for Irdeto; we have defined a new mission

    and vision for the company, realigned our

    corporate structure and opened our brand new

    Western Headquarters in the Netherlands, after

    celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2009. So

    I believe it is important to mark all of these key

    milestones by taking a look back at our history, so

    that all of us as part of Irdeto can appreciate our

    roots, and begin to write our new Irdeto history as

    we move forward together.

    One Irdeto - Looking Back, Moving Forward reflects

    upon the past four decades, and brings the early

    days of our legacy to life. The book tells the story

    of the founding of Irdeto by Pieter den Toonder,

    whose fascination as a youth with radio technology

    was the catalyst for the origins of the company. It

    also details the strong connection we have with our

    South African roots and parent company Naspers,

    and showcases how our unique technologies

    and strategies have enabled everything from the

    worlds first digital satellite pay-TV network to

    the worlds first mobile broadcast TV service

    distinguishing Irdeto on the international stage.

    Irdeto has grown to where we are now by having

    strong, visionary leadership and dedicated,

    innovative employees who were not afraid to

    take a few risks along the way. This history of

    innovation continues today, as we expand our

    solution offerings to meet the demands of the

    ever-changing connected marketplace.

    I know you will enjoy reading One Irdeto - Looking

    Back, Moving Forward as much as I did. I am

    truly honored to lead such a dynamic organization

    and look forward to adding our own chapters and

    success stories to One Irdetos history.


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    1951 TV broadcasts begin in the

    Netherlands, with just 3 hours of programming per week..

    1954- RAI begins the first television

    broadcasts in Italy.

    1969- Irdeto Access B.V. registered

    at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce by Pieter den Toonder.

    - TV is transmitted from the moon. Six hundred million people see

    it live. - Ninety-five percent of U.S.

    households have TV.

    1970 Irdeto founder, Pieter den Toonder

    continues working on antenna technology and establishes fundamental Pay TV technologies.

    1972 Half of the television sets in the

    U.S. are now in color.

    1975 Home Box Office (HBO) opens its doors. One of HBOs first broadcasts is the Thrilla from Manila boxing

    match, between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

    1976 Sony introduces the Betamax

    videocassette recorder. The South African Broadcasting

    Corporation (SABC) introduces South Africas first television service.

    Italys highest court approves local television broadcasts from private companies.

    1977 Pieter den Toonder continues work

    with U.S. based Oak Technologies on Pay TV technology.

    1980 Oak Technologies purchases

    the rights for the Ali vs. Holmes boxing match. The match could be viewed only by paying subscribers.

    1981 Japans Nippon Hoso Kyokai

    (NHK) demonstrates HDTV.

    1983 First commercial use of smart

    cards by Tlcarte in France.

    1984 With the rapid explosion of technology in the 1980s, the information age begins. Irdeto becomes a leading

    innovator in Pay TV technology. The South African government

    starts accepting the countrys first applications for pay television licenses.

    1985 Irdeto is contracted by South Africas first pay television station M-Net.

    1986 M-Net launches South Africas first private subscription television service.

    1987 Half of the U.S. TV households

    (about 55 million) subscribe to basic cable.

    M-Net broadcasts the boxing match between Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard to 90,000 subscribers.

    1989 Irdetos South Africa office is set up and work starts on satellite platforms.

    1990 The Broadcasting Act of 1990

    legalizes private television at the national level in Italy.

    1991 Irdeto begins to develop next

    generation cable products. Irdeto moves to Noordlanden

    building in Hoofddorp and holds its first User Group. Irdeto helps launch Telepi, Italys first pay TV network.

    1992 The first digital-to-cable service is introduced. The new Integrated Business

    System (IBS), is launched and deployed at Lumiere TV in Cyprus.

    1993 The Digital Video Broadcasting

    (DVB) standards are developed in Europe. Irdeto introduces VideoCrypt 2.


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    1994 DirecTV is the first high-powered

    direct satellite TV system in the U.S.

    1995 Irdeto deploys the first digital

    conditional access system in Australia with Galaxy.

    Irdeto launches worlds first MPEG-2/DVB system.

    Irdetos smart card entitlement center opens in Hoofddorp.

    M-Net launches their digital satellite service, DStv in South Africa.

    1996 FCC approves standard for HDTV

    and sets time line for digital-TV transition in the U.S.

    More than 1 billion people worldwide have TVs.

    1997 Irdeto designates Beijing,

    China as its APAC regional headquarters.

    1998 MIH is awarded a contract for

    Chinas Village to Village Project a trial delivery of TV and radio programming to remote areas of China by satellite, using Irdeto technology.

    2000 Entriq is founded to focus on

    emerging broadband markets. The average American watches

    about four hours of TV every day. Lockstream launches the first

    DRM client on a 3G network. The Irdeto smart card v2 is

    released. Irdeto introduces CypherCast to protect IPTV broadcasts.

    2002 Irdeto is the 1st approved

    foreign CA system in China. The Salt Lake City Olympics

    launches the first joint international HDTV production.

    MTV reports that it reaches 250 million homes worldwide.

    Irdeto introduces the PIsys conditional access system.

    2004 Irdeto launches the first IPTV

    deployment in North America. Debut of Irdetos Epsilon Smart

    Card with FlexiFlash.

    2005 Irdeto acquires Lockstream. Irdeto helps Telecom Italia Media

    launch their pre-paid television service CartaPi La7.

    Worlds first mobile Pay TV CA deployed in South Korea by Irdeto.

    Irdeto receives Hamel Trade Award in South Korea.

    2006 Irdeto acquires Philips Cryptoworks.

    2007 Irdeto acquires Cloakware and IDway. Irdeto launches a dual HQ

    strategy: Amsterdam and Beijng and CEO moves to China.

    Sun Direct in India uses Irdeto technology to secure their new Direct-To-Home service.

    Irdeto CEO Graham Kill receives the Phil Weber Award from Naspers.

    2008 Irdeto acquires IBS Interprit and Entriq.

    2009 Irdeto celebrates 40 years in business. Irdeto launches software- based conditional access for broadcasters. Irdeto launches an upgraded,

    best-in-class conditional access system: Irdeto CAS 3

    Irdeto launches SmartStart On Demand, a digital pay-TV

    platform that enables cable operators and content rights owners to nearly unlimited entertainment options through

    a highly customizable interface.

    2010 Irdetos European Headquarters

    moves to a new high-tech and ecological office on Taurus Avenue in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

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    He not only developed breakthrough technologies

    Pieter was also a catalyst for Irdetos spirit and

    personality. The determination, foresight and can

    do attitude Irdeto is known for started with a single

    technology enthusiast in the Netherlands.


    When the Germans invaded the Netherlands, Pieter

    den Toonder was in his early teens. Perhaps it was

    a touch of resistance than inspired him to begin

    tinkering with transistors and old radios at a time

    when owning a radio was strictly verboten! With

    his crude radio sets, Pieter was able to listen to

    signals broadcast from Great Britain, where Queen

    Wilhelmina of the Netherlands lived in exile.

    Then Nazis discovered what this bright kid was

    doing, and Pieter was deported to a German

    work camp. He was only released at the end of

    the war, after spending eight long months under



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