One Autumn Day Tour to Dukhovnitskoe

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<ul><li><p> - </p><p> , !</p><p>One Autumn Day Tour</p><p>to Dukhovnitskoe</p><p>: </p><p> . .. .. </p><p>: ..</p></li><li><p>Welcome </p><p>to </p><p>Dukhovnitskoe!</p></li><li><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p><p>Every happy person has a place </p><p>in the world, which </p><p>he or she loves most of all. </p><p>As for me</p><p>I love my birthplace </p><p>Dukhovnitskoe </p><p>and I would like to introduce it </p><p>and its people to you. </p></li><li><p>235 km</p><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p><p>Dukhovnitskoe is a small village in the northern part of Saratov region. </p><p>It stands on the left bank of the River Volga. </p><p>The village territory stretches along the river for 7 km.</p></li><li><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p><p>The landscape in this part of </p><p>Saratov region is very </p><p>beautiful the magnificent </p><p>Volga river with sandy banks </p><p>and large forest areas.</p></li><li><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p><p>My native places history began in the second half of the 18th century. </p><p>The village was founded in 1778 by decree of Ekaterina II. </p><p>M.E. Protopopov was one the owners of the village. </p><p>Here you can see his former house. It was M.E. Protopopov</p><p>who founded a two-forms school in the village in 1878.</p></li><li><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p><p>Our school has a long and a rich history. In 1942 Academician Guriy </p><p>Ivanovich Marchuk finished our school. Guriy Ivanovich often visited our </p><p>school and once he said that our school had given the world 10 Doctors of </p><p>Science and 25 Candidates of Science and its a fantastic thing for a village </p><p>school.</p></li><li><p>Nowadays our village is rich in talented people too. The "visiting card" of </p><p>Dukhovnitskoe land, the pride and cultural treasure of our village is the Russian </p><p>and Cossacks Folk Song Ensemble Volzhanochka. The ensemble was founded </p><p>in 1992 and now it is known far off Saratov region. </p><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p></li><li><p>Volzhanochka</p><p>is the winners of different Music Contests. </p><p>But the most important milestone in the ensemble's history was its triumph at the </p><p>All-Russian Competition of Cossack songs "Kazachiy Krug held in Moscow in </p><p>2012. At this competition Volzhanochka became a prizewinner among several </p><p>dozen groups. As a winner the ensemble took part in gala concert on the stage of </p><p>Bolshoi Theatre.</p><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p></li><li><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p><p>The people of our village took part in the Great Patriotic War. </p><p>They displayed heroism and courage. We didnt forget the solders of </p><p>that war. We remember everybody and everything</p></li><li><p>You can see one more monument in our village.</p><p>It is the Monument to Baulin ,the Hero of the Civil War .</p><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p></li><li><p>Welcome to Dukhovnitskoe !</p><p>One of the most important construction</p><p>in our village is the Church of St. Ilya the Blessed.</p><p>The history of the local church dates back to 1857.You can hear the ring of the bells</p></li><li><p>Visit us and we are sure you like </p><p>the beautiful, leafy village of Dukhovnitskoe </p><p>in Autumn. </p><p>Autumn is truly one of the best seasons in </p><p>our home place</p></li><li><p>:</p></li></ul>