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Ayurveda recommends effective natural herbal home remedies for oily skin care.


<ul><li> 1. Wash skin withplenty of warmwater (2-3 timesa day) and mildsoap or herbalscrub to preventclogging ofpores.</li></ul> <p> 2. Avoid using harshchemicals toremove oil, assome amountof natural oil isneeded tomaintain thetexture of skin. 3. Avoid too much washing of skin, asit leads to overproduction of oilto compensate the loss.. 4. Always use warm water to washface, as it dissolves clogged oiland also balances Kapha.. 5. Use a moisturizerwhich is free of oil.This type ofmoisturizer doesnot clog pores norallow dust to settleon skin 6. Avoid sticky makeup, which clogs thepores. Cloggedpores always lead topimples and acne.Clogged poreshinder breathing ofskin and expulsion oftoxins. 7. Heavy, fried fatty food.Cheese and sugar rich deserts.Foods which cause constipation .Excessive consumption of softdrinks, alcohol, tea, coffee andchocolates. 8. Consume light, well-spiced food asthey balance kapha.Include ginger, pepper, and longpepper in diet.Take plenty of leafy greenvegetables and fresh fruits.. 9. Exercise regularly.Massage the wholebody with herbal oil.It rejuvenates thebody and skin.Use aurvedic bodycleansers, whichexpel body toxins. 10. Apply half spoon oflemon juice mixedwith half spoon ofcucumber juice toface half an hourbefore taking bath. 11. First rinse face withwarm water. Mixequal parts of lemonjuice and water.Apply this mixture onface and rinse withcold water after 20minutes. 12. .</p>