ODC 2018 Team Cook Off Package - cdn1. ??1pm: Ribs 2pm: Brisket 4pm ... BBQ plate sale ... comprised of ODC sponsors and supporters who are not cook-off competition participants. Head Cooks are

Download ODC 2018 Team Cook Off Package - cdn1.  ??1pm: Ribs 2pm: Brisket 4pm ... BBQ plate sale ... comprised of ODC sponsors and supporters who are not cook-off competition participants. Head Cooks are

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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p>EVENT SCHEDULE </p><p> LOCATION </p><p> Oaks Dads Club (ODC) located at 3410 E. TC Jester. The cook-off site is located on Field 2 (softball field), which is our first field directly to the left upon entering. </p><p>Friday 1/26 </p><p>2pm: Early Bird Check-in </p><p>(For teams registered by 1/20) </p><p>3pm: Team Check in/Setup </p><p>6pm: Gates open to public </p><p>7pm: Team Captain Meeting </p><p>(Team Representation is </p><p>mandatory) </p><p>Competition turn-in times </p><p>8pm: Beverage 9pm: Ron Rovnozky Chef Choice </p><p>Saturday 1/27 </p><p>Competition turn-in times </p><p>9am: Breakfast </p><p>10am: Beans </p><p>11am: Chili </p><p>12pm: Chicken </p><p>12:30pm: Kids Choice </p><p>1pm: Ribs </p><p>2pm: Brisket </p><p>4pm: Awards </p><p>11:00am-1:30pm: BBQ plate sale </p><p>6:30pm Sites must be cleaned </p><p>and vacated </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>TEAM INFO/INSTRUCTIONS </p><p>1. PRIZES Prizes for all cooking categories will include a trophy for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. </p><p>2. REGISTRATION DATES Early bird registration open until 1/20 and regular registration open until 1/26.DO you </p><p>want to put a time cut-off on 1/26? All teams are required to pay entry fees at time of registration. </p><p>3. SPACE - Each team will be responsible for the cook space assigned by ODC with your teams needs in mind. All </p><p>equipment (and tents) must be contained within this area. The size of a cook space is 20x 20. SPOT ASSIGNMENTS - </p><p>Spots will be assigned by ODC on a first come, first served basis. </p><p>A cook team shall consist of one (1) head cook and four (4) assistant cooks. </p><p>Props, trailers, motor homes, tents, covering or any other part of contestants or team's equipment must not exceed </p><p>the boundaries of the assigned space. </p><p>One cooking pit &amp; one vehicle will be allowed per space. </p><p>Teams may not extend, under any circumstances, into any utility alleys created between, behind or beside team </p><p>spaces. All power alleys and easements must be left clear and open at all times, including during move-in </p><p>A team representative must be present while a tent is being erected to ensure the tent is placed correctly in the </p><p>space. If a tent is set up outside a team's allocated space, the team bears all responsibility to ensure correction of tent </p><p>placement. </p><p>Personal pop up tents are preferred. Stakes to secure these type of tents must not exceed 8 inches long to avoid </p><p>potential water and/or electrical line damage. </p><p>If a tent company is being used to setup tent, the ODC BBQ Committee must be made aware by 1/10. </p><p>4. TEAMS &amp; ARRIVAL Contestants may check in at the ODC Clubhouse beginning at 3pm on 1/26 (2pm for Early </p><p>Bird Reg.) but MUST be in place by 6:00 PM on 1/26. As of 6:00 PM on 1/26 until 5:00 PM on 1/27 all vehicles on your </p><p>site must remain parked and must be contained in the perimeter of your lot. We do not allow RVs or campers. No </p><p>vehicles will be allowed in or out after 6pm on 1/26. NEW THIS YEAR- ODC shall assign team spots at its </p><p>sole discretion as teams arrive. Teams must arrive no later than 5pm on Friday 1/26. </p><p>5. CLEAN UP- All contestants will be responsible for cleaning up following event. These items include but are not </p><p>limited to returning trash cans, picking up food remains, disposing of grease, etc. All grease drippings are to be </p><p>properly disposed of in grease barrels provided by ODC. </p><p>6. COOKED ON SITE All meats will be prepped and cooked on-site, without pre-cooking or marinating. </p><p>7. SANITATION Cooks are to prepare and cook in as sanitary a manner as possible. Cooking conditions are subject </p><p>to inspection by the ODC BBQ Committee. </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>8. BBQ PITS/FIRES Fires must be charcoal, wood or wood substance for brisket, chicken, and rib categories. </p><p>Contestants must take all precautions necessary to prevent fire hazards. All fires must be contained in a suitable </p><p>manner. Contestants may be disqualified if precautionary measures are not followed or unsafe conditions exist. </p><p>Teams must have a working fire extinguisher at their cook site. Holes or dug pits are not permitted. Any equipment or </p><p>device that may cause damage to the field/area of the contest site in any way is prohibited and is subject to approval </p><p>by the ODC BBQ Committee. </p><p>9. SELLING-Teams may not sell any BBQ and no to-go plates will be allowed. </p><p>10. CATEGORIES </p><p> Beverage </p><p> Ron Roznovzky Chef Choice </p><p> Breakfast </p><p> Beans </p><p> Chili </p><p> Kids 12U </p><p> Chicken - Each team will turn in 1 half chicken for judging. </p><p> Ribs - Each team will turn in 8 ribs for judging. NO BABY BACK RIBS. </p><p> Brisket - Each team will turn in 8 slices of brisket for judging </p><p>Judging criteria- entries are judged on the following categories; flavor, smell, appearance, and texture. </p><p>11. JUDGES A minimum of five (5) judges per table will be utilized during initial judging. Subsequent levels of </p><p>judging should utilize a minimum of seven (7) or a maximum of nine (9) judges per table. Judging panels are </p><p>comprised of ODC sponsors and supporters who are not cook-off competition participants. Head Cooks are </p><p>prohibited to participate as judges. </p><p>12. JUDGING CONTAINERS AND CONTENTS Approved containers will be provided during team captain meeting </p><p>on 1/26 by ODC BBQ committee and are the only containers entries will be submitted in. The Head Judge will let you </p><p>know the exact quantities and cuts of meat that will be placed in judging container. This will normally be </p><p>accomplished at the team captain meeting. The Head Judge or designated representative will inspect all containers at </p><p>the time of turn-in in order to assure compliance with the turn-in criteria. No condiment, sauce, foil or garnishes are </p><p>permitted for brisket, chicken, and ribs, as they do not reflect true quality of the cooked meats. Meats may be cooked </p><p>with sauces, but once cooking is complete, sauces cannot be added before the meat is placed in the judging </p><p>container. </p><p>13. TURN-IN TIME Turn-in times (on page 1) for each category shall be pre-set but may be changed at the BBQ </p><p>committees discretion. Once this time is set and/or announced no changes will be made. A turn-in window of five (5) </p><p>minutes before and after the set turn-in time will be recognized. Judging trays received after that time will not be </p><p>accepted for judging. </p><p>14. WATER AND ELECTRIC HOOK UPS ODC does not provide a water hook up for each teams space. </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>Teams can bring generators to supply the power needed for their individual cook spaces. Only whisper generators </p><p>will be allowed. All generators must be placed within the 10 aisle at the back of each cook space. Sharing a larger </p><p>generator with your neighboring cook spaces is strongly encouraged. </p><p>15. SOUND Music and/or sound equipment within your team area is allowed. However, excessive loud music and/or </p><p>sounds that interfere with announcements, scheduled live bands and entertainment on stage, or which intrude upon </p><p>or interfere with the comfort of fellow contestants will not be allowed or tolerated. Offenders will receive no more </p><p>than 3 warnings from the contest organizers and non-compliance will be grounds for disqualification from the Cook-</p><p>Off. </p><p>16. CONDUCT </p><p>Each Team Captain will be responsible for the conduct and actions of their team and invited guests. Violators will be </p><p>subject to disqualification and removal at the discretion of the ODC Corporate Board. </p><p>CAUSES FOR DISQUALIFICATION: </p><p>a) Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages </p><p>b) Distribution of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 </p><p>c) Use of controlled substances </p><p>d) Foul, abusive, or unacceptable language </p><p>e) Excessive noise generated from speakers or public address systems </p><p>f) Excessive or continued complaints from teams about any of the above rule infractions </p><p>g) Disrespect of ODC volunteers and/or security personnel </p><p>h) Any behavior or actions that ODC believes disrupts the event </p><p>Other General Club Standing Rules: </p><p> Glass bottles are not permitted </p><p> Oaks Dads Club will not be responsible for theft of damage </p><p> NO PETS </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>TEAM REGISTRATION FORM </p><p>Team Name:_________________________________ </p><p>Team Captain:_______________________________ </p><p>E-mail:____________________________________Phone:________________ </p><p>Divisions Entering: </p><p>Individual Meats ($55 each or $150 for all three) </p><p>Chicken ____ Ribs ____ Brisket ____ </p><p>*Additional Categories $10 each </p><p>Beverage ____ Ron Roznovsky Chef Choice____ </p><p>Breakfast ____ Beans ____ Chili ____ Kids 12u ___ </p><p>Standard space is approx. 20X20. </p><p>20X40 space available for additional $50 ________ </p><p>Entry Fee Total $______________ </p><p>Your signature means you accept these rules and agree to abide by them or be subject </p><p>to disqualification. </p><p>Team Captain Signature:________________________________Date:_______________________ </p><p>Registration and payment can be submitted online OR </p><p>Drop off completed form in envelope with check or money order at MytiBurger or </p><p>e-mail to Team Captain Lead/Shawn Salyers shawn.d.salyers@gmail.com </p><p>Questions? 713-444-4454 </p>mailto:shawn.d.salyers@gmail.com</li></ul>