odc 2018 team cook off package - cdn1. ??1pm: ribs 2pm: brisket 4pm ... bbq plate sale ... comprised...

Download ODC 2018 Team Cook Off Package - cdn1. ??1pm: Ribs 2pm: Brisket 4pm ... BBQ plate sale ... comprised of ODC sponsors and supporters who are not cook-off competition participants. Head

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    Oaks Dads Club (ODC) located at 3410 E. TC Jester. The cook-off site is located on Field 2 (softball field), which is our first field directly to the left upon entering.

    Friday 1/26

    2pm: Early Bird Check-in

    (For teams registered by 1/20)

    3pm: Team Check in/Setup

    6pm: Gates open to public

    7pm: Team Captain Meeting

    (Team Representation is


    Competition turn-in times

    8pm: Beverage 9pm: Ron Rovnozky Chef Choice

    Saturday 1/27

    Competition turn-in times

    9am: Breakfast

    10am: Beans

    11am: Chili

    12pm: Chicken

    12:30pm: Kids Choice

    1pm: Ribs

    2pm: Brisket

    4pm: Awards

    11:00am-1:30pm: BBQ plate sale

    6:30pm Sites must be cleaned

    and vacated

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    1. PRIZES Prizes for all cooking categories will include a trophy for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

    2. REGISTRATION DATES Early bird registration open until 1/20 and regular registration open until 1/26.DO you

    want to put a time cut-off on 1/26? All teams are required to pay entry fees at time of registration.

    3. SPACE - Each team will be responsible for the cook space assigned by ODC with your teams needs in mind. All

    equipment (and tents) must be contained within this area. The size of a cook space is 20x 20. SPOT ASSIGNMENTS -

    Spots will be assigned by ODC on a first come, first served basis.

    A cook team shall consist of one (1) head cook and four (4) assistant cooks.

    Props, trailers, motor homes, tents, covering or any other part of contestants or team's equipment must not exceed

    the boundaries of the assigned space.

    One cooking pit & one vehicle will be allowed per space.

    Teams may not extend, under any circumstances, into any utility alleys created between, behind or beside team

    spaces. All power alleys and easements must be left clear and open at all times, including during move-in

    A team representative must be present while a tent is being erected to ensure the tent is placed correctly in the

    space. If a tent is set up outside a team's allocated space, the team bears all responsibility to ensure correction of tent


    Personal pop up tents are preferred. Stakes to secure these type of tents must not exceed 8 inches long to avoid

    potential water and/or electrical line damage.

    If a tent company is being used to setup tent, the ODC BBQ Committee must be made aware by 1/10.

    4. TEAMS & ARRIVAL Contestants may check in at the ODC Clubhouse beginning at 3pm on 1/26 (2pm for Early

    Bird Reg.) but MUST be in place by 6:00 PM on 1/26. As of 6:00 PM on 1/26 until 5:00 PM on 1/27 all vehicles on your

    site must remain parked and must be contained in the perimeter of your lot. We do not allow RVs or campers. No

    vehicles will be allowed in or out after 6pm on 1/26. NEW THIS YEAR- ODC shall assign team spots at its

    sole discretion as teams arrive. Teams must arrive no later than 5pm on Friday 1/26.

    5. CLEAN UP- All contestants will be responsible for cleaning up following event. These items include but are not

    limited to returning trash cans, picking up food remains, disposing of grease, etc. All grease drippings are to be

    properly disposed of in grease barrels provided by ODC.

    6. COOKED ON SITE All meats will be prepped and cooked on-site, without pre-cooking or marinating.

    7. SANITATION Cooks are to prepare and cook in as sanitary a manner as possible. Cooking conditions are subject

    to inspection by the ODC BBQ Committee.

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    8. BBQ PITS/FIRES Fires must be charcoal, wood or wood substance for brisket, chicken, and rib categories.

    Contestants must take all precautions necessary to prevent fire hazards. All fires must be contained in a suitable

    manner. Contestants may be disqualified if precautionary measures are not followed or unsafe conditions exist.

    Teams must have a working fire extinguisher at their cook site. Holes or dug pits are not permitted. Any equipment or

    device that may cause damage to the field/area of the contest site in any way is prohibited and is subject to approval

    by the ODC BBQ Committee.

    9. SELLING-Teams may not sell any BBQ and no to-go plates will be allowed.



    Ron Roznovzky Chef Choice




    Kids 12U

    Chicken - Each team will turn in 1 half chicken for judging.

    Ribs - Each team will turn in 8 ribs for judging. NO BABY BACK RIBS.

    Brisket - Each team will turn in 8 slices of brisket for judging

    Judging criteria- entries are judged on the following categories; flavor, smell, appearance, and texture.

    11. JUDGES A minimum of five (5) judges per table will be utilized during initial judging. Subsequent levels of

    judging should utilize a minimum of seven (7) or a maximum of nine (9) judges per table. Judging panels are

    comprised of ODC sponsors and supporters who are not cook-off competition participants. Head Cooks are

    prohibited to participate as judges.

    12. JUDGING CONTAINERS AND CONTENTS Approved containers will be provided during team captain meeting

    on 1/26 by ODC BBQ committee and are the only containers entries will be submitted in. The Head Judge will let you

    know the exact quantities and cuts of meat that will be placed in judging container. This will normally be

    accomplished at the team captain meeting. The Head Judge or designated representative will inspect all containers at

    the time of turn-in in order to assure compliance with the turn-in criteria. No condiment, sauce, foil or garnishes are

    permitted for brisket, chicken, and ribs, as they do not reflect true quality of the cooked meats. Meats may be cooked

    with sauces, but once cooking is complete, sauces cannot be added before the meat is placed in the judging


    13. TURN-IN TIME Turn-in times (on page 1) for each category shall be pre-set but may be changed at the BBQ

    committees discretion. Once this time is set and/or announced no changes will be made. A turn-in window of five (5)

    minutes before and after the set turn-in time will be recognized. Judging trays received after that time will not be

    accepted for judging.

    14. WATER AND ELECTRIC HOOK UPS ODC does not provide a water hook up for each teams space.

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    Teams can bring generators to supply the power needed for their individual cook spaces. Only whisper generators

    will be allowed. All generators must be placed within the 10 aisle at the back of each cook space. Sharing a larger

    generator with your neighboring cook spaces is strongly encouraged.

    15. SOUND Music and/or sound equipment within your team area is allowed. However, excessive loud music and/or

    sounds that interfere with announcements, scheduled live bands and entertainment on stage, or which intrude upon

    or interfere with the comfort of fellow contestants will not be allowed or tolerated. Offenders will receive no more

    than 3 warnings from the contest organizers and non-compliance will be grounds for disqualification from the Cook-


    16. CONDUCT

    Each Team Captain will be responsible for the conduct and actions of their team and invited guests. Violators will be

    subject to disqualification and removal at the discretion of the ODC Corporate Board.


    a) Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

    b) Distribution of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21

    c) Use of controlled substances

    d) Foul, abusive, or unacceptable language

    e) Excessive noise generated from speakers or public address systems

    f) Excessive or continued complaints from teams about any of the above rule infractions

    g) Disrespect of ODC volunteers and/or security personnel

    h) Any behavior or actions that ODC believes disrupts the event

    Other General Club Standing Rules:

    Glass bottles are not permitted

    Oaks Dads Club will not be responsible for theft of damage


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    Team Name:_________________________________

    Team Captain:_______________________________


    Divisions Entering:

    Individual Meats ($55 each or $150 for all three)

    Chicken ____ Ribs ____ Brisket ____

    *Additional Categories $10 each

    Beverage ____ Ron Roznovsky Chef Choice____

    Breakfast ____ Beans ____ Chili ____ Kids 12u ___

    Standard space is approx. 20X20.

    20X40 space available for additional $50 ________

    Entry Fee Total $______________

    Your signature means you accept these rules and agree to abide by them or be subject

    to disqualification.

    Team Captain Signature:________________________________Date:_______________________

    Registration and payment can be submitted online OR

    Drop off completed form in envelope with check or money order at MytiBurger or

    e-mail to Team Captain Lead/Shawn Salyers shawn.d.salyers@gmail.com

    Questions? 713-444-4454